Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Men Are Useless

Its actually the name of a brand new website but for some reason I find myself nodding and agreeing with the statement. (I wonder why?)

The website has been set up to help men everywhere who suffer from LACK OF BATHROOM ESSENTIALS.

In a survey Men Are Useless found that over three quarters of men run out of essential bathroom products each month and over 77% admit to stealing their partners products to help see them through. (Back away from my tampons mister)

So the people behind Men Are Useless have decided to help each other out and have set up an ingenious plan.

Each month you can be sent a box of products that FIT THROUGH your letter box and contain everything that you need to save you time, leaving you free to fight spiders or crime or whatever it is you silly men do.

There are currently 2 boxes available.

The "Essentials"

£9,99 a month and you receive in each monthly box

Shampoo/Shower gel

King of Shaves Azor Razor

Spare Cartridge

Shave Gel


"The Works"

£15,99 per month and you receive

Shampoo/Shower gel

King of Shaves Azor Razor

Spare Cartridge

Shave Gel

Plus you can choose 2 more from

Post-shave balm


Face scrub

Face Wash

Face Pack

Hmmmmmmm, it's bloody ingenious. not only from a hygiene point of view but from a lets keep our men looking nice point of view. Which women out there hasn't been out for a meal with their man and found him sporting facial hair that David Bellamy would be proud of and when asked about it, he replies "I've run out of razors"

Could this now become a thing of the past? Can we bamboozle them into looking smart & neat without them even realising?

Take a look at Men Are Useless. and lets begin operation "Look Smart" without them even realising what we are doing. They think CLEAN, we think SMART.

Sssshhhhhhhh it can be our little secret.

Big Fashionista x x x


  1. Possibly one of the finest, most considered and enjoyable articles we have ever read on the internet.

    We say, "Big fashionista for Pope"

  2. Great idea!
    And if blokes are anything at all like us ladies, they'd love getting a parcel through the post. Yay! Presents!!


  3. Kimberley Nanson18 August 2010 at 11:05

    Love it! Will be suscribing my other half to it!

  4. Dear Men are Useless,

    Please to be adding Toilet Paper to your essentials list.


    The Lippies

  5. Great idea! From a mans point of view! :)
    And thanks for not bashing us men too hard in your article. LOL :)


  6. Good idea - although my OH always has lots of his favourite products, he's always running out of deodorent...and nicking mine! x

  7. Genius! I think they should create a Women are fabulous site where husbands and boyfriends pay £9.99 per month and their wife or girlfriend get sent her essentials every month - lipgloss, nice chocalates, Grazia ... The endless possibilities!

  8. I would like to point out that I am already a user of KoS products. Unfortunately my facial hair (like the rest of my body) grows so quickly that it can be as smooth as a baby's behind in the morning, but by evening it's like sandpaper. Learn to live with it.

  9. Cameron - thanks for the idea ... duly stolen!

  10. Men are Uselss - happy for you to steal, fingers crossed that I get a women are fabulous parcel through my letterbox!

  11. Are there really men who are THAT useless?
    If there are then this is a fabulous idea - love the post xxx


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