Thursday, 5 August 2010

Nom or Vom

Todays Nom or Vom is brought to you by request (begging) of the lovely @TheKarleighShow You can follow her fantastic blog here

The object of her desire is Tom Hardy.

Star of Martina Cole's The Take, currently appearing in Inception and has previously been in Bronson, Layer Cake and RocknRolla.

This sultry lipped hottie has flown under the radar for many of the female species due to him taking on some extremely gritty roles.

So lets start with the first pic.

Do you like what you see so far?

Want to see more?

Unfortunately this is the nearest I've been able to find to the usual obligitory gratuitous topless pic. (But i think it works)

And in case you have any doubts to the calibre of this actors work, one last pic.

So what do we think people?

Nom or Vom?

(Smallprint, Karleigh would like me to point out that in fact Mr Tom Hardy is HERS, and hers alone)

EDIT. More pics added at the insistence of a certain someone who is not sure you fully appreciate HER man. :-)



  1. Nom nom nom nommy nom nom =D

    Also, he is a born and bred Londoner and has the SEXIEST deep voice in the world =)


  2. Karleigh, you're such a tease... how can you tempt us all with this gorgeous looking man and then wrap your arms around him and take him away from our grasp saying "don't touch he's mine"
    :P x

  3. He's my absolute favourite. Made all the more appealling by the fact that you just know he's rough as f**k. Look, you've made me go all coarse.

  4. This guy is gross, defo vom! Sorry!!

  5. Nom Nom. Charlie I totally agree with your comment! x

  6. Nom, definitely (but only from afar, I am sure I would hate him in real life) - a very naughty boy.....

    You need a pic of him in Elizabethan costume though....

  7. oooh you dirty, dirty ladies.

    I have to admit i too have a weekness for the rough, cheeky londoners.

    I think not only is he a nom, he is a fantastic actor. I thought he was excellent in The Take. and unrecognisable in Bronson.

    I think i want to lick him.

  8. Definite NOM!

    Everyone loves a bad boy ;-)

  9. Nom he's amazing!! Especially in inception x

  10. Very very very hot. That is all.


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