Thursday, 12 August 2010

Nom or Vom

I have to admit that this weeks Nom or Vom is DEFINATELY my favourite so far.

Suggested by the lovely @sparklzandshine on Twitter yesterday although his name has kept popping up over the last couple of weeks, I have resisted so far putting him forward as the first one to say Vom will probably get a visit from my trusty little friend "The Bat" (I have soooooooo much pent up rage I need to express it just ain't funny)

Firstly a thank you to Sparklzandshine for her nomination of this sexy beast. If you don't read her fabulous blog and you LOVE make up then get yourself over there pronto

So meet todays Nom or Vom

Mr Tim Roth.

Now this is a man that is definately getting better with age. Although I liked him in Reservoir Dogs. I LOVE him in Lie To Me (He could Lie ON me ANY day of the week)

Another pic?

I like to think that that lift door he is leaning against leads straight to his bedroom and that come hither look is just for me (back off ladies)

The thing I adore about Mr Roth, is he has that look about him which suggests that all he really wants to do is push you against a wall and rip your knickers off.

(I like that in a man)

The only thing I am disappointed in (Fricking devastated) is that I cannot find a gratuitous topless shot which is hot.

If you can find one, share please.

So I'm off to drown in the eyes of the gorgeous Tim Roth, this weeks Nom or Vom.

A couple more pics to keep you going?

oh Okaaaaaaaaaay.

Sigh if it wasn't for that pesky restraining order i'd......................

So what do we think?

Nom or Vom

Big Fashionista x x


  1. Ohh vom!
    But maybe it's an age thing...because he just reminds me of my dad! With the hair and the baggy eyes!

    Nope nope nope!

    haha I'm liking these posts though.

    Fee x

  2. Grabs bat!!!!!!!!

    Seriously? How can you not find this man attractive?

    that's it, I'm stalking your arse ALL over Twitter.

    Ready or I come ;-)

  3. ewwwwwwwwww VOM titty VOM VOM

    he reminds me of my gramps =0/


  4. I think hes a big pile of shit really.just like you

  5. Vom!! This guy is not my cup of tea in the slightest, soz x

  6. Nom Nom Nom Nom. Nom nom nom. nom nom.

  7. I used to like him in his younger days, but I don't think he's getting better with age. I'm quite disappointed in him in Lie to Me, it's killed my crush! He's still brilliant and he's NOT vom, but I don't think he's got it anymore!!

  8. LOL

    I LOVE how you've all jumped to my defence after I've been called a "pile of shit" in the comments

    my first fan mail.

    I'm wellin up here, so.......emotional...*bites knuckle and waves hand
    in an emotion filled way.

  9. Hmm, I'm somewhere in between, he is neither nom or vom for me. We don't need to jump to your defence coz you're obviously not a pile of shite ;)

  10. Ahh, so very NOM!

    Cal Lightman NOM NOM NOM

    I'll be scrolling up and down this page all day, particularly liking that fag pic mmmm :D

    And thanks for the mention Sweetie xx

  11. I think vom I'm afraid! Not my type xxx

  12. I can't quite believe this but it's a Nom!

    Never would have thought it - you've opened my eyes to his Nom-ness! x

  13. I think I would have to say NOM being of a certain age - but I fear that the reason you can't find a topless shot is that his torso is all caved in and a bit wrinkly with saggy moobs and grey chest hair - so NOM but with clothes on or lights off!

  14. I think Nom and WTF is that nasty anonymous comment all about?

  15. OMG he looks just like a bloke down the pub.... (hush my mouth but not my tasse though quite like the fag and tat pic)

  16. yuccckkkkkkkk......:((....eewwww !!!!


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