Thursday, 19 August 2010

Nom or Vom

It's Friday. Which can mean only one thing.

It's Nom or Vom day.

This weeks Nom or Vom was suggested by the lovely @PinkSith If you want to check out her make up and product musings then I suggest you get your fine self over to all pronto like.

Thank you for your nomination lovely lady x

So who do we have for you to sink your teeth into today?
(see what I did there)

Alexander Skarsgard no less.

If you have been hidden under a rock then let me explain to you about Alexander Skarsgard in one word.


Currently starring in True Blood as Eric Northman he has kicked RPattz in his sparkly little behind in the race for Top Vampire Totty for a lot of women.
(ducks to avoid rocks thrown by RPattz fans)

Gratuitous topless shot?

Thought I would throw in a little sumting sumting extra there as well. I am a equal opportunities blogger after all.

(It will be hard to top that pic next week I tell you now)


The long haired look for you rocker lovin ladies out there.

You prefer mean and brooding?


One more?

So what do we think?

Would you take a bite out of Alexander?

Would you want to be HIS nom nom?

Let me know, NOM or VOM

Fangs for reading

(walks away in shame)

Big Fashionista x x


  1. Oh my god, that Rolling stone cover! Anna Paquin will always be that brat from The Piano to me. Disturbed.

  2. Nom nom nom nom

    Like nom the crap out of every inch of his body.

    Wow. I'm a creep.

  3. I love him but not with the long hair. Which is odd for a rock chick I know. I very much appreciate the nufity in that Rolling Stone cover but I don't like the blood, it spoils the view.

  4. I don't like blondes, or effeminate men, so he's VOM for me. Like the grey suit though... of course, would look better on Colin Firth. ;)

  5. I'll just run in and take Stephen Moyer while nobody's looking........


  7. Lol ladies, you are all fabulous in your replies. Sparklzandshine you are welcome to him. He doesn't float my boat at all.

    Charlie, Im more concerned about Anna Paquins Leg spoiling my view :-D

    it's a NOM NOM from me

  8. Yum yum (old fashioned, don't get the 'nom' thing at all)

    I prefer Stephen, it's the hooded eyes...mmmmm.... But how is Alexander effeminate? Don't get THAT :-)! Seems plenty manly to me (though I prefer dark haired men, I am not prejudiced!)

  9. YAY!! LOL. I never thought my little comment on Twitter would lead to this. He's freakin HOT! He's tall and muscular and hot dam he's Swedish. (Not that I care) But Hot Damn he is a good looking man. The picture in the grey suit is my fave!

  10. Super nom! And sorry, but EFFEMINATE? He is anything but!

  11. Hmmm... nom in the last picture, vom in the rest! (especially not liking the long highlighted hair). And also that first photo is X rated!

  12. I don't go for blonds... BUT, with his short hair he's certainly a NOM! I'm rooting for Sookey to leave Bill and take up with him! x

  13. Nom, definitely Nom... I miss my friday dates with True Blood!

  14. Amazing post! Made me giggle and there is no way you will top that pic of the three of them next week, it's awesomeness!

    I love true blood and I have to say I could NOM Eric all day, but I would much rather NomNomNom on Bill.. MmmHmmm :)

    Sophie xxx


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