Friday, 6 August 2010


Lately I have been CRANKING up my radio (mainly to drown out the sound of whining children-If I hear the word bored once more I may crack) and I have been loving the sounds of Absolute 80's on DAB Radio (Am I showing my age here?)

But it is sparking something deep inside my cold numb heart that I am now aware are called "feelings".

It's feelings of nostalgia. I was born in 197(cough) for me the 80's were fantastic, The 80's remind me of my childhood. Rollerskates, Deely boppers, Spacehoppers and the ULTIMATE 80's accessory. The Sodastream.

Can you remember the song? So get busy with the fizzy, Sodastream, Get busy. My apologies if you now hum that for the rest of the day.

Sodastreams are now BACK.

It's a good thing, in fact its GREAT. But it brings back sad memories of my childhood.

I never owned a Sodastream as a child (All say ahhhhhhhhhhh)For some reason my parents decided that it wasn't something that we needed. So the only time I was able to indulge my desire for Dandelion and Burdock and other wierd and wonderful drinks was at a friends house (seriously it tasted even nicer knowing that it was something I couldn't have at home)

But now i'm a grown up and I am thinking of going Sodastream CRAZEEEEEEEEE (Ok, scratch grown-up and think adult)

I want this,

available from as well as Asda, Robert Dyas and John Lewis.

I want all the flavours available and I am going to drink myself into a fizzy frenzy.

PLUS to show my love while I am doing it I am going to wear this.

Available from

How cool is that? A Sodastream T-shirt to show my appreciation.
So don't bother me for a while people, I'm off to get "busy with the fizzy"

What is your nostalgic item that brings back memories of your childhood?

Big Fashionista x x


  1. Soda Stream!! I had one when I was little, mum bought it and I had about 10 friends over to try it.

    Ahh those were the days. Think mum's still got it in a cupboard somewhere.


  2. I gave a Sodastream to my friend for her eighteenth this year and you would not believe the look of excitement on her mum's face when she unwrapped it!
    Her younger brother got up early the next morning hoping to have a go before school.
    I wasn't around the first time they were big, but they are pretty ingenius!

  3. Did you see the episode of Hestons Feasts where he put a bottle of Blue Nun in a Sodastream? He did a taste test and a lot of people chose the fizzy Blue Nun over champagne!!! Made me want one all over again - my mum decided we didn't need one back in the day too! I always wanted one of those things that made slushy drinks too - was it Mr Freeze or something?

    And I still resent to this day that I wasn't allowed a Cabbage Patch Kid "because they're ugly"!! (I'm making out like I was a deprived child, but I had more Barbies and My Little Ponies than most of my friends, so I ought to stop moaning!)

  4. I am so excited for the return of the Sodastream....brings back fab memories of being at my grandparents' house and getting told off for jushing (no idea how to spell that word?!) it too much! The boyf is the same age as me but has no memory of the wonderous machine though....sheltered childhood!
    Great blog, check out my attempt:


  5. Oh I hear ya! I too was deprived as a child *sob* and was never allowed one so I'm making up for it now and have got myself one! The man in Comet really didn't understand why I was so excited *cough*


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