Friday, 20 August 2010

Rant of the day

I don't mind climbing on my high horse every now and then and having a little rant, and people, today is that day. (The riding boots are just for effect, honest)

Splashed across my timeline on Facebook and Twitter yesterday was an article about the latest childrens web craze Moshi Monsters.

Moshi Monsters Article

Apparently it is a "Paedophile Playground"

Newsflash parents, the WHOLE of the internet is a paedophiles playground, and the sooner YOU play your part in keeping your children safe the better.

If your child has passwords on their computer or a computer in their room, and is completely unaware of what is going on in the world and what could happen, then YOU need to step up and show your child who is in charge (Thats you that is)

Until all paedophiles are removed from society then it is YOUR duty to keep your children safe on the internet. You can't just bury your head in the sand.

All this outrage about Moshi Monsters? Pointless. I saw people saying that they are stopping their child from playing the game altogether as they didn't know that could happen and they thought their child was safe!!

WHY? (and WTF?)

Why the hell did you think your child was safe on an internet site where children can chat to other children? (Hopefully) You signed up your child to the site, you saw how easy it was. Did you not think, Hmmmmmmm, this would be an easy way for someone with bad intentions to speak to my children?

My 10 year old is computer savvy. She has MSN, Moshi Monsters and Facebook (Yes she is too young for these things but trust me she is getting away with NOTHING) She doesn't get to add or accept friends without me knowing who they are, In fact I stand with her as she does it. There are NO passwords on her pages to keep me out, privacy settings are HIGH and she ONLY goes on the computer in the living room where either her father or I can see her at all times, but MOST importantly she knows WHY we do these things, She knows that there are people on the internet who lie about who they are, and that their intentions are not good. (It is sad that we have to explain to them about strangers but its a damn sight better than the alternative)

I think all of this anger towards Moshi Monsters is misplaced. Are you angry at the website? or yourself for not realising that you maybe the one putting your child in danger by not making sure your child is safe.

Do you do ALL that you can to keep your child safe on the internet?

Don't hate the game. Hate the players (or at least make your child aware that they might not be who they say they are)

What do you think?

Big Fashionista x x


  1. Anton too has Moshi Monsters and Im like you. His Laptop and my computer are both in the same room and he only goes on his Laptop when Im in my pc. I sign Anton up to everything, I know everything hes doing all the time, because I am sat right next to him and constantly watch him.

    If I see him typing, Im on it so fast,to see what he is saying and who to.


  2. Singing to the CHOIR here sister.

    The pc is in the living room - they are not allowed one in their room.

    The 8 yr old has a facebook account - that has NO public listing - and she only has family and known friends on it - AND - it goes to one of my email addresses so I can see if ANYONE friend requests her that I do not know.
    They both have moshi accounts - both monitored by us.

    My five year old was playing Little Big Planet on the PS3 the other day when a '13 year old girl' told him she was feeling horny. My husband was on the case so quickly you'd have thought a bomb had gone off.

    We are responsible for our kids.

    My saying is 'If I don't raise my kids - someone else will'.

  3. Thank you ladies for your support in this matter. I was completely shocked at how people were reacting on social media sites yesterday. As if Moshi Monsters was some sort of babysitter that had let them down!!! They were shocked at the thought paedophiles could talk to their children!!!!!

    I was shocked that until it was brought to their attention it hadn't even crossed their minds!!!

  4. Totally with you.... My 11 year old is on Facebook but, like you, he has to ask me when he friends someone and I check in he uses it on my PC. He knows all about paedophiles - all spoken out in rational calm way. It IS up to us.

  5. I hear ya!! Totally agree

  6. You are so right, people will always try and pass the buck and blame society, etc for what happens. Its the same with schools, there are parents out there that once they shut the door and their children is at school they think its just the schools responsibility for what their child gets up to.

    As a parent you have a responsibility to your child not only to teach them the fundamentals but also to love, protect and provide guidance as they mature and find their way in this world. My son is 11 he has facebook and MSN, set up by myself his settings are linked to mine and I also have Family safety which provides me with a report of his activity, any requests come to me not him. I did this because with my job sometimes I have to work away and its fantastic for us that we can see and talk to each other on these occasions. Not many people know this but there are also other options within Facebook settings that allow you to block adult content from applications.

    I don't want my son being subjected to some of the content there and if I didn't have the option to restrict it then he wouldn't use it.

    I also appreciate that he's getting older and is entitled to make some decisions himself, that doesn't mean i'm ready to let him loose on his own but with my help and guidance I can definitely ensure that he's aware of the dangers without being subjected to them.

  7. Wow. Someone actually suggesting that parents actually PARENT their children? What a novel idea! LOL. It astounds me how dim some people can be about such obvious things. I totally agree with your rant!

  8. Too many parents use technology as babysitters. Its a sad fact of life, but its doubtful if the parents who are like you guys above, are the ones who are outraged. You are the ones who are acting responsibly, who are allowing their children a degree of freedom, but are always there to keep them safe.

    My 3 boys are too young for internet yet, but I shall be using your suggestions for when they 3e old enough.

    Sam x

  9. Thank you for this clued-up reality check... my kids are too young yet, but I must admit I gulped hard when my niece started out on FB and suddenly had hundreds of "friends": the Internet is not a harmless place and parents need to get wise and take responsibility.


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