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Slimfast 3 day Diet.

Ok, I see my mistake in the title, it's the word DIET, everyone I know that has successfully lost weight has told me to stop saying the D word and see it more as a healthy way of life. So from now on the only D word I will be saying is Doughnuts. I think thats acceptable don't you? (And I wonder why my bum spans two postcodes!! seriously, wherever you sit in the room, I'm sitting next to you!!!)

So I decided to give myself a kickstart to my healthy lifestyle. One of my friends has been raving about Slimfast and how she has so far lost 10lb in a month and has never been hungry once. (Guess which bit appealed to me? Yes ok, all of it)

Arming myself with all that I needed I decided to do slimfast for 3 days to see if it is the diet for me.

On the Slimfast 3-2-1 Diet you have 3 snacks a day, 2 slimfast shakes and 1 600 calorie BALANCED meal (How tempted was I to blow that on 600 calories of biscuits? VERY-1 biscuit in each hand apparently is NOT a balanced meal!!! Who knew)

I have memories of doing this diet when I was a teen and feeling faint and hungry but now the diet has been revamped and with the added snacks I have to admit at one point I felt like not eating my afternoon snacks as I was not hungry (diet gods everywhere have just hit the ground with a thud)

The shakes that I used were the ready prepared shakes as there is a variety of flavours that are not available in powdered form as well as them being practical for someone constantly on the go. A tip that I will definately share with you is to make these bottles as cold as possible and if possible, add ice as they make them taste nicer. (They aren't vile by any stretch of the imagination, and are perfectly drinkable but lets face it, they are no McDonalds Milkshake, keeping them cold and adding ice just makes them better)

HOWEVER i will be tasting this one in my nightmares for years to come.

Meet Lemon Meringue. I tried various flavours over the 3 days but let me tell you this was not a happy meeting. The only thing shaking was my stomach. I didn't finish it and have no desire to ever try this flavour again. (But saying that I LOVE the Cafe Latte flavour whereas my friend would rather drink blood than that again)

The other flavours in the bottled range are Blissful Banana, Fruits of the forest, Raspberry Crush, Rich Chocolate, Simply Vanilla and Summer Strawberry.

There is definately something there to suit everyones taste.

In the powdered form the flavours are Blissful Banana, Rich Chocolate, Simply Vanilla,Summer Strawberry and Cafe Latte. To these you add skimmed milk and stir.

The snacks in the range were perfect for me.

I am a picker (Ok a muncher) of snacks, I love crisps, chocolate anything that i can just snack on. 3 snacks a day? taking my pick of pretzels, cheddar snacks, Chocolate Nutty nougat bar, Chocolate caramel or a chocolate delight bar? well roll me and mud and call me a piggy coz this is just perfect for me. I felt like I was CHEATING. 3 snacks a day? and I will still lose weight? getouttahere.

As I mentioned before, on saturday afternoon I was still so full up from my shake I nearly couldn't eat my snack (I forced it down in the name of research, how responsible am I?)

On this 3 day trial I NEVER felt hungry. In fact I did feel as if I would end up putting ON weight.

How did I do?

I weighed myself this morning and in 3 days I actually lost 3lb!!!!!!

I am impressed.

Will I keep it up? Yes, I think I will. Not only did I find that it worked for me but it did help me to appreciate the food I was putting in my mouth in the evening. I wouldn't do this as a long term diet but I could have done a lot longer than 3 days.

I am going to try healthy eating for a couple of weeks now and then going to do the slimfast again over a longer period of time.

I do recommend this, from what used to be seen as practically a starvation diet it has come into its own. No hunger pains for me. And what I see as a great loss to help me get motivated.

You can buy slimfast at Boots, Superdrug and all good chemists.

There is also a helpful website here that can help you to plan your diet strategy.

Let me know if you've tried it before or whether I have inspired you to give it a go.

Big Fashionista x x


  1. Woo 3lbs in 3 days! I did SlimFast for 2 days and it wasn't for me! The shakes didn't agree with my tummy but I'm glad it's working for you! Keep us updated on your progress! xxx

  2. Woo, that's great! I might try that soon to kick start a bit of weight loss myself. Thanks for the great post xx

  3. I remember trying this years ago when I was a student and I remember that it actually worked out really expensive. You do lose weight but then you go back to eating normally and then... well, you put on weight! It might work for some as a kickstart though x

  4. Well done you - it's not for me as I have digestive problems, but 3 days sounds like a good kick start

  5. Great weight loss but as I said on twitter, absolutely not for me, I tried about four weeks ago and was starving and bankrupt. Too expensive and not enough food. xxx

  6. Im so doing this! I'll be at asda in the morning, before its even got the shutters up!

    What kind of meals was you eating?


  7. Wow and well done! Guess what diet I'll be starting on Sunday - Well we are having a barbecue Saturday and it wouldn't do to let all those burgers go to waste.

    Well done! And thanks so much for enlightening me xx

  8. I've tried this in the past and have to say, the shakes were a nice start to the morning, but I was too weak willed to NOT have a bar of chocolate by mid morning (rather than a slim fast bar!) Think I will give it another go as a kick start to a pre-holiday diet but stock up on the snacks too. Have to say, anyone worried about the cost of the shakes should buy the tubs of powder, I think it works out cheaper per shake! :)

  9. Well done hun ! thats impressive ! Ive never tired slim fast as i always thought it was expensive - is it?

  10. Achieving and maintaining health is an ongoing process, shaped by both the evolution of health care knowledge and practices as well as personal strategies and organized interventions for staying healthy.


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