Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Uggs- A lovers tale

You can mock my hair (trust me, you would if you saw me) you can mock my wardrobe choices (see above) but what I won't take lying down is my love for all things Ugg.

I've heard all the arguments, "They tread down on the outside making you walk like John Wayne" "They make your feet smell like a cheese factory on a summers day"

(Don't I just have the BEST insults thrown at me)

And my reply is always the same. Those girls you see walking like John Wayne in a cheese factory are wearing FAKES!!!

Oh don't act all surprised, you KNOW this really, You just don't want to lose face after being so vocal in your hatred. (Ugg haters are LOUD)

REAL Uggs are possible the most comfortable boots you can possibly ever wear.

I once compared my Uggs to putting my foot into a sheep (My mother was suitably grossed out but I think she understood my point)

People say they are ugly. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

Take a look at these and tell me you dont want at least one pair.

These are Abbie, Embracing the current trend for clogs these have sheepskin in the footbed giving that classic warm toastie feeling and lambskin in the heelbed making them soft and easy to wear.

If you saw them would you say Ugh, Uggs?

I think not.

How about these?

A classic leather boot, I DARE you to find a problem with this boot. you can't. It is a classic equestrian inspired boot.

Uggs aren't JUST about the suede comfy boots that you see, take a look at

if you don't believe me. They have such a wide range of Uggs that you are destined to find a pair that you will fall in love with.

PLUS they have an extremely helpful section on how to avoid fakes.

So, if you see a girl wearing trodden down Uggs and smelling of cheese. Please, feel free to point at her and laugh, as she is doing the rest of us who love our Uggs NO favours.

Big Fashionista x x


  1. My Uggs have never smelt but then again I have the real things and not some crappy knock offs. Besides, why would you be wearing them on a hot summer day, that's just silly!!! I don't think I'd ever buy anything else from their shoe range. The boots and clogs look alright but if their price is anything like the Ugg boots than I'd rather buy cheap clogs etc x

  2. I got my first pair of UGGs at Christmas 2009 and i love them! Would really like some Bailey ones now if Santa would be soo kind!

  3. I lived in my UGGS last them! I've got a pair of the non tradtional style with a thicker rubber sole on them and they handled snow and rain really well!

    Fake UGGS are vom worthy!


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