Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Who boobed?

I love supermodels, (I could definately eat a whole one, low fat content and all that, they are practically diet food) But sometimes these stick thin women should stick to what they are good at and not have an opinion on ANYTHING.

Gisele Bundchen has said that there should be a worldwide law that mothers should breastfeed their babies for six months.

She has one baby and all of a sudden she turns into Dr Spock, (Not that one)

Imagine how loud those supermodels would scream if I demanded that because I had once been on a diet we should outlaw diet drinks and cigarettes as a models major food groups?

I agree that breastfeeding is good for the baby, and I think that every mother should TRY to breastfeed BUT why should some smug modelite make anyone else feel inferior to her? Some women can't breastfeed, I was one of those women, I tried so hard with my first child, In fact longer than I should have because I was scared of what other people would think of me bottle feeding my child. After being diagnosed with mastitis and put on antibiotics I switched to bottle and a happy mummy meant a happy baby, and that my friends is what is important, what makes BOTH of you happy.

Anyway, What sort of sentence would Gisele like the courts to hand down if you were found guilty of bottle feeding your child?

Life imprisonment? (Or perhaps even a huge red letter F sewn to your outfit? F for failure) Gisele, choosing to bottle feed your child is NOT neglect, witholding ALL food to your child is neglect, locking your child in the house alone while you go out drinking with a new boyfriend is neglect, Pick your battles Gisele, pick them wisely.

Gisele should perhaps think before she speaks. (If that is at all possible) she is in a fantastic position to be a role model for new mums, even if she would have said, "It's hard but I persevered, Every women should try it" I would have had more respect for her than I have now.

I'm off to demand a worldwide law on the banning of photoshopping in ad campaigns.
(I have had my photo taken before, surely i'm an a credible expert?)

What do you think of Giseles' comments?

Let me know

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  1. I totally agree and SO glad you wrote about this. It really, really wound me up when I heard her comments. Who does she think she is to come out with sweeping statements like that? It's hard enough to get a law to ban something like meow-meow let alone a law to force people to shove their boob in a baby's mouth.

    Now don't get me wrong, I don't have kids and don't know if I ever will, but a lot of my friends do and I know the pain that's involved - physically and emotionally. I've seen the cracked, bleeding nipples and that's enough to put me off for life.

    What ever happened to the woman's right to choose? Final word from me ---> IDIOT.

  2. I have no kids, but know that I would love to be able to breastfeed. However if I couldn't I wouldn't want to be made to feel a failure by a supermodel (let's face it I'd feel that already by having not sprang back into my size 2 clothes!)

    I hope she has been misquoted, or following stereotype is so dumb someone told her to rant on about this..and she did,

    Nice post!

  3. I'm really pro breastfeeding, it's great if you can do it....not everyone can, why else did they have wet nurses (ok mother mortality may have come into it). If the baby can do it.....Not all babies are physically capable of latching on.

    I count myself blessed to have been able to have bfd my kids. But it's a fight, you have to be increadably determined.

    In my experience the Pro view is only given lipservice in hospitals. Hard pressed night staff will whip your baby off to be bottle fed as quick as that. And try having one in special care. You've just had major surgery (caeserian)you have to fight to get the sterilised equiptment to use on a breast pump, you ask endless questions about transitioning from tube feeding to breastfeeding and still find they've give a bottlefed without permission. Then they send you home when the babies not really ready and you end up back in a childrens ward with the baby suffering from Breast Milk Jaundice. Yep that's right breastmilk can make your prem baby ill...they have to go on fromula for 24 hours to clear the system.

    And all of this can only be achieved because your blessed with parents who drop everything and move in for 5 weeks to look after your other kids.

    (I'm not crying now really)

    If you want to breastfeed great, but for goodness sake don't feel guilty if you can't!

    Here's some extra reasons why

  4. Sorry, to be fair to the neonatal nures the bottlefeed was with my expressed milk, not formula. Any bottle use is still a hinderance if your wanting the baby to take the harder option of suckling though.

    PS we came through that to feed for 18 months:)

  5. Well I think everyone should try breast feeding. I'm unimpressed by the Katie Price school of thought "I don't care what people say - you don't have to breastfeed ... I don't want a baby drinking from me - the thought of it makes me feel really funny." Get over it love, its what they are for, despite your job.

    I think that the VAST majority of women can breastfeed but with lack of support they don't.

    Breast feeding shouldn't hurt, if it does, its usually a latch problem which is fairly easy to remedy, tongue ties can be snipped painlessly in a newborn should that be a problem, most issues can be dealt with, including poor milk supply. However, when breast feeding problems are affecting the mother's wellbeing, mentally or physically and she decides enough is enough and she doesn't want to do it then fair enough!

    Talking of support, in Brazil, they had issues with low numbers of mother breastfeeding, in an effort to tackle the support issue, they decided to train post men and women in breastfeeding issues, based on the theory that in most cases, they visit a house each day and that way, a mother can always count on daily support. Sounds made up doesn't it!

    Whilst I believe every single mother SHOULD try to breast feed, I also believe in freedom of choice and would hate to see laws imposed that would affect this. Not that it would happen of course. The UK generally speaking don't give a monkeys about breast feeding, its low down on the list of priorities.

    Gisele, well I'd bet money that it was a throwaway comment and that what she actually meant was that she felt ALL mothers SHOULD try. Not that they should be hung drawn and quartered if they don't. Nor do I think for one minute she would believe a mother suffering from PND or other issues that make her not able to feed, should be forced to. I think too much of a media hype has blown up around this.


  7. It's a choice, but either way mums have enough to deal with with a new baby and hormones rushing through, there's no need to make them feel bad about their choice.
    I do think though, in my own experience, that the NHS puts way too much emphasis on breastfeeding. I tried to breastfeed my son, for 3 months, and I eventually gave up because I didn't have the let down reflex and when my son would latch on suddenly all the milk would flow down my breast and give me real agony and pain. Some mothers get bad sores. Some dry up or have hungry babies. In the first place, they don't really get explained how breastfeeding works. I had to work it out more or less for myself, and got it wrong because more often than not there was not actually a lot of milk coming through. Then I'd go to visits with the Health Visitor, and she'd make me feel really bad about wanting to quit, making me feel that I was letting down my baby and not giving him the best. (BTW - Health visitor hasn't bothered checking up on my son since the 10 month checkup - he's now 3 and a half!)
    I do think all mums should give it a try though, especially in the first few days, as they say. It helps bonding with the child, getting close to it. But it's not vital, and bonding can be achieved in other ways.
    Whatever a mum decides, it's up to her, and the healthcare system should accept it and help the mother move in that direction.
    And so should people do as well. It's between the mother and the child.

    There's a tiny bit in my mind telling me that Gisele was probably quite happy that breastfeeding helps weight loss ! And for Jordan, I wouldn't be surprised if all the surgeries on her breasts didn't actually affect her breastfeeding capacity, as one boob job probably wouldn't but yoyoing in size and all the scar tissue and manipulations and all that... I don't know, but methinks there are a lot of things coming into consideration with breastfeeding, it's not just a black and white yes/no kind of question !

  8. Now we know why supermodels pose for still photographs and are not often given the opportunity to speak!

    I'm pro choice and anti guilt. We all know what is best for our babies and we all know what we're physically, mentally and emotionally capable of doing. It's just a case of finding the right balance.

    I have tried all options and the main thing was that everyone (baby, mother, husband, siblings, midwife, postman etc etc) was healthy and happy.

  9. I read her dumb ass comment and ranted at the computer screen and my bloke (who stopped listening after about 30 seconds) for a good half an hour!

    I don't have kids yet but I firmly believe that every woman has the right to choose what to do and not be dictated to by some lollipop headed supermodel who has no real grasp on what goes on in the real world!

    Also, how would some kind of fine/punishment help any new mother? Gisele...I invite you to come and live in the real world with a new mum who has real life stresses to deal with!

  10. Great comments as always.

    thank you for all the links as well, I will look at all of them.

    Charlie, POSTMAN!!!! sigh, i can't even get them to deliver my mail properly, let alone give me advice on breastfeeding.

    Ann, Pro choice, Anti guilt. LOVE IT.

    Thank you sparklzandshine, Never apologise for a long comment, it means that what I have wrote has inspired you to reply. I love that x x x

    Martians Delight, tell me about it, i'm not sure my health visitor has seen my youngest since she was last weighed at 6 months old x x

    Kel, I don't think she was misquoted, maybe was just trying to get her point across just a little too heavy handed?

    LondonGirl, agree with your whole comments x x x

  11. Oh where to begin.

    Where oh where to begin.

    Put me in a room with this stupid cow and leave me to it. I beg you.

    If ever I wanted to punch someone in the neck this is that time.

    Firstly, the comment she made saying 'It's called 'labour' for a reason' etc etc..
    If the rest of us mere mortals had more money than God and were married to a man with more money than God - maybe we would have more opportunities to relax, kick back, do some yoga/pilates etc and 'prepare ourselves properly' for the birth. End of.

    Secondly, the breastfeeding comments. *takes deep breath*
    I have had 4 babies - I breastfed them all in varying degrees - the first one for the longest and the last 2 for a few weeks each.
    Whilst it is lovely/wonderful/bonding whatever.. it is also without doubt the most exhausting thing I have ever done in my entire life. And I've lived longer than you Giselle. So shut up and listen.

    Again - if us mere mortals had MMTG (see above) - we too could delight in the wonders of breastfeeding while our nanny/maternity nurse/personal assistant/accountants/housekeepers/drivers/trainers took care of the rest of our lives.
    In the real world - the one where people don't immediately puke after eating - when you are working and looking after 3 other children, it is physically impossible to keep solely feeding child no. 4 for months.

    The fact that our great-grandmothers (well, mine did) chained themselves to the gates of Buckingham Palace and set fire to themselves outside of no.10 to give women rights so that a total arsewipe like you could come along and spew (note choice of word)such utter shite from your skinny little gob is enough to make ME puke.

    It's is about choice.

    Want to breastfeed? Good for you.

    Can't bear the thought of it? Your baby will be fine.

    Want to breastfeed but can't? Don't feel guilty - your baby will love you just the same.

    Please God rid of us these 'celebrities' who insist on trying to make the rest of us feel inadequate because we don't live their fabulous lives. It winds me up - as you have probably gathered by now.

    *slams head on desk, throws papers in the air and picks up the bat*

  12. Great post and interesting comments here - I have 3 children, and tried to BF all of them, with varying degrees of success, 1st child took good 4wks to get established, but I had no other children to distract me, managed for 9mnths. 2nd child was 11lbs 6oz and took to it like duck to water but fed every 2hrs until 1yr, he thrived, I was a wet rag and pregnant with 3rd by the end who was also over 11lbs and I couldn't bf at her all - it is so different for everyone and is dependent on so many variables including support. Keep up the interesting posts, sorry to write an essay!

  13. 1. i don't like kids
    2. i'd never have children and there are enough children who are unloved, bruised and battered by an awful education that i dont want to add to the mass of bad parents
    3. if i had a child, there's no way i would breast feed. bad enough i am dilated all over and feel and look ugly, then i need to disfigure myself and have my boobs under my waist. not for me.


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