Monday, 16 August 2010

Who forgot to order a Summer?

Us Brits love nothing more than a good moan about the weather, "It's too hot" (Haven't said that once this year) It's too cold (sounds about right) It's too wet (yep, that one as well)
I think at the moment we are completely justified in our moaning.

It's August people!!!!!!!!

and already my waist has decided to begin it's hibernation process. (I'm laying down fat for the winter)
It has got SO bad that I have decided to stop waxing my legs so that I can have an extra layer of heat!!! (Thats my excuse and I'm sticking to it)

I have wrapped my poor toes in a shield of sheepskin (Uggs) and I expect not to see them until Spring.

I have been browsing wraps and cardigans online and in the back of my head I hear a little voice saying "but it's August" (I just shut that voice up with cake)

So i'm trying to look for the positive in this...

(Nope, can't find any)

Ok, the positive side to not having a summer? More time with the things I love, such as. Boots, Jumpers, Cups of hot chocolate and gloves (I love gloves) Berry lips and darker eye make up, The annual dyeing of my hair red to match the leaves on the trees. Lovely.

Perhaps our seasons are changing and this is just an unpredictable spring?

We will have our Summer in December!

In which case-Christmas Dinner will be turkey salad in the park

And I better go wax my legs NOW.

Big Fashionista x x

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  1. Forgets wraps and cardigans! To be fashion forward get buying yourself a kilt, a cape and lots of high-waisted camel trousers. xxx


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