Thursday, 30 September 2010

Just as Beautiful? Just as patronising

So splashed across the internet today is the big fanfare that there is a new magazine becoming available for "plus size" women called Just As Beautiful. (excuse me while I go vomit in disgust)

If I wanted to be patronised I would go and visit my childrens teachers-or worse, my mother!!!!!!

Just As Beautiful. Even the name sets my teeth on edge.

If this was a Catholic magazine would it be called Just as Religious?  If this was a magazine for women of colour and it was called Just As Beautiful there would be an UPROAR and rightly so.

Of course "plus size" women are just as beautiful as their slimmer sisters, and in some cases just as ugly.
(Trust me I've seen some skinny women that look like they have fallen out of the ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down with their face) This assumes that ALL larger women need CONSTANT validation of their beauty. Surely this is true of MOST of us-not just the big girls

There will be no diet tips in this magazine, no airbrushing and no models smaller than a size 14!!!!!!

Seriously Just As Beautiful, give a fat girl some credit!!!! Do you think that if we see a size 12 model in your magazine we will just reach for cake? (Ha, like we need an excuse)  and anyway aren't you just as bad as the magazines that won't use anyone over a size 10 in their magazines? Hypocritical much? You are as bad as the publications and companies that ANNOUNCE to the world they are using a plus size model (size 12) in their campaign. Why does it have to be such a big thing? Why can't you just use the model and not make a song and dance out of it? Women are different shapes and sizes. A representation of ALL types of women should be shown in the media, NOT just the size 6's in one and 16's in another.

What is it with the segragation? I fail to see why there needs to be this magazine at ALL. It is  demeaning to everyone, not just the "larger lady" Will it be talking about stick thin women and how they look like boys or sneer at size 6's and tell them to eat a burger or two?

The publications that we have ALREADY are the ones that should be using a MIX of models. Be it size, shape, ethnicity-It shouldn't matter. Just As Beautiful are the ones who are playing on larger womens fears here. In a way they are saying that we SHOULD be reading this mag as we are larger women. (I'm not falling for that one)

Just As Beautiful will not be making it on to my coffee table i'm afraid. I don't need the validation

and I certainly don't need to be patronised once again by the media.

I'll stick to reading Blogs. We tell it how it REALLY is

Big Fashionista x x

Wednesday, 29 September 2010

I'm A Grown Up!!! No-one told me!!!

Apparently at age 34, I am a grown up!!! (who knew) This crushing blow was dealt to me by my 10 year old daughter after I had busted some moves to the latest Taio Cruz son in the privacy of my own kitchen!!!!!

"What the hell are you doing?"


"Well don't................... you are a grown up, it's just embarrassing" cue pitying look and sad shake of the head.


Seriously I don't think it had crossed my mind before!!! I still expect people to ask me what I want to be when I grow up (Usual answer, a Tree)

When did this happen? Responsibilities seem to have slipped through my letterbox with the bills while I was out with my friends having a great time and built up until that is it. BANG you're a grown-up.

I don't feel any different from when I was a teen. I still have the body of a 19 year old (avoids the disturbing desire to add, Yeah, buried in the basement) It is just that I buried her in a layer of fat. I still like all the latest songs. (I just get the odd word or two wrong....... there are no lyrics anymore, not like in my day..... oh crap)

And so what if when I was a teen I used to show my friends my latest purchase and shriek, "Look at this, FIFTY QUID this cost me" whereas now I say "Look, look, a FIVER, bargain or what"

I used to like Malibu & Pineapple, now give me a nice glass of wine and i'm happy. Does that HAVE to mean i'm a grown-up?

When does this grown-up thing happen anyway? I remember wishing for it when I was a teenager. It couldn't come quick enough. It was always used as a get-out-clause by parents wasn't it?

"When you are a grown-up, you will understand"

I hated those words, I yearned for that elusive grown-up status. Now, take it away, I didn't order this.

Being a grown up is scary. (Does this mean that I can't go on the swings in the park anymore) I prefer the idea of not labelling anyone a grown up. It sounds so staid and frankly quite boring. I want to carry on waving at strangers out of the car window as I drive past so that they spend the day wondering who that was in the car (juvenile, but so much fun as you watch them crane to see who it is they are waving to) I want to discuss which of the Jonas Bros I would Snog, Marry, Kill. (I will never share that info with anyone other than my diary)

So I will bust some moves to Taio Cruz, I will be found on the swings at the park.

(I have been reliably informed that if I do any of this within 200 ft of my children or anyone that they know, may know or could know in the future-they are calling Childline)

I'm a grown-up?


Tuesday, 28 September 2010

SureSlim UK Diet first week result

Have you ever thought that you may be pregnant and from that moment on all you see is pregnant women, ads for clear blue tests and babies everywhere?

That is what this week has been like for me on my first week of my new healthy eating plan with SureSlim UK. Everywhere I look there is food. Cakes, sweets, chocolate (I even found myself salivating at the thought of marmite chocolate this morning!!!-KILL ME)

But I have persevered and to be totally honest I have found the plan really easy to get on with. Three meals a day, lots of veg, lots of water and making sure I take my vitamins and other essentials needed to really help the diet along.

Don't get me wrong I have suffered, a lifetime of eating what I want and when I want meant that I experienced what I now know to be called "hunger pangs" for the first time EVER!!!!! I threw a huge tantrum on Sunday which I put down to my blood sugar going a bit wobbly and I spent yesterday on the edge of tears for absolutely no reason at all, plus I have had a low grade headache ALL week.

But this isn't a quick fix diet and I am still in the detox stage of what is to me a complete change of lifestyle. It has been great to really take time to prepare a meal, chop up vegetables and weigh things out. It makes eating a meal a lot more pleasurable than just eating something out of the microwave that you just eat on the run.

I have weed like a racehorse this week, I swear for every litre I put in, I pass two. But that has to be good right?

So this morning was the moment of truth, WEIGH-IN. I approached the scales like a murderer going to the gallows.

And then got off and danced around Boots with my friend like a mad woman.


Yes, you read that right!!!!!!

9lb, in ONE week!!!!!

I even told the security guard in Boots, (and I might have told the lady in the post office too)

and then I came home and measured myself which is possibly the most important thing and found I have lost.

2" off my bust

3" off my waist

2" off my hips

7 inches in total!!!!!!!!

I am so bloody happy I admit I got tearful while standing on the scales!!!!

So onwards and downwards as they say.

Here's to next week and more loss.

Big Fashionista x x

Dances around doing the happy dance.

Monday, 27 September 2010

Save our Sisterhood

Good morning Ladies how are you? Want to schooch up on that sofa a bit so I can sit down with you all and have a chat? (No cake for me thanks)

This is the situation. This is a mad, sad world that we live in at the moment. There is hunger, death, war and a hell of a lot of people in a situation where they cannot pay their bills. (Depressing huh?)

In the past, say for example during the war, people pulled together. They supported each other and helped each other.

Ladies, this is not always happening anymore.

There are women out there who seem to take great delight in negativity, sniggering at others misfortunes and dare I say it, sometimes orchestrating another womans downfall. (oh I went there)

Where is the "sisterhood" that used to exist?

Even in the blogging world there are people who post anonymous comments that are designed just to pull a person down. Just what is the point of that?

The "sisterhood" in some areas has taken a sinister turn.

Remember back in school you had the group of girls that used to look out for you to call you names, push past you in the corridors and basically try to make you feel small and insignificant? (If you can't, it may be that you were part of one of those groups!!!) Well that's school for you, your school years are basically a huge social experiment with a small percentage of education thrown in for good measure. But then when you leave school and you MATURE. You learn that friends are the best thing in the world, Your girls will be with you through thick and thin.

Some women don't seem to realise that we are not in competition in life. There are grown women out there whose maturity levels just aren't what they should be. Be it they let their friends leave the house in an outfit that is only fit for burning or they take delight in spreading gossip about someone, even sleeping with a friends man!!!! These women are not part of the sisterhood, they are TOXIC.

Before you rush to peoples defence, yes there are some fabulous people out there (I am one of them, of course) But the negativity and lack of sisterly solidarity some women in the world possess is astounding.

There is a new film being released called Made In Dagenham where the group of factory women strike for equal pay........... Does anyone think that this could happen anymore? Or is everyone now just out for themselves?

Has the way that women view their friends changed? Are friends just people that bring something to the table to help you get a leg up?  Have you been on the receiving end of a toxic woman?

Let me know

Big Fashionista x x

Friday, 24 September 2010

Back to what I do best

So how was it for you?

(no not that!!! Beauty week)

I've had some fun this week and I still have some more reviews to come over the next week, Jergens Naturals, No7 products and of course on Tuesday it is my first weigh in!!!!!

But I have to admit I've missed doing my opinion pieces this week. ( possibly why I went slightly doo-lally when I saw another set of jobless wasters bleating about the size of their house) so this week is going to be choc (mmmmmmm choc) full of Big Fashionista tells it how it is. (I can hear wags weeping from here)

In my firing line this week are snoring men, probably a cheating footballer or two, and also I'm going to be taking a pop at the "sisterhood" you know those women out there that love to tear you down when really we should be supporting each other. And possibly I may save some words for the idiot who gulped down a goldfish and then posted the video on YouTube!!! (possibly jealous that the goldfish had more brain cells than him)

So buckle up people. It's going to be a great week.

Big Fashionista x x


Attention please. Apologies for the break in our scheduled programming, this is to bring you a typical Big Fashionista RANT. (I have missed these this week)

If I read about ONE more jobless couple with a house full of children bleating to the papers that they deserve a bigger house well I am afraid I may do something some damage.

Todays nominees for Wasters Of The Year are jobless Wayne & Jenna Sandercock...............

Here is the link to their "story" Chavs need homes too ;-)
They think it is "outrageous" that they can't be given a bigger home as their two bedroom council house is too crowded for them and their SIX children.........................

Deep breathe.

Dear Wayne & Jenna, here is a novel idea for you.................



The six children are all named after soap characters and rappers (words fail me) The new twin girls are called Roni & Roxi from Eastenders and the others are called Shakur!!!! Italy, (Lil) Wayne & Rain. (A small tip from BF, call your offspring what you like, but seriously why be proud that they are named after soap characters and rappers? Why?)

People should be able to have as many children as they want..... If they can afford to keep them, clothe them and put a roof over their heads themselves and not expect people like me and mine to support them.

You want a bigger house Wayne & Jenna? Why not get off your backside and get a job? And don't bleat that there is nothing out there for you. A REAL dad would scrub toilets and sweep roads if he had to to support his family!!!!

£25,000 a year in benefits they get!! Thats why they won't get a job..... It isn't as well paid as sitting on the dole on your arse doing nothing but making more babies.

You think that you are being treated unfairly Wayne & Jenna? You have gone to the media to get support for your housing situation?

I have nothing but contempt for you......... you milk the benefit system, bleeding it dry like leeches Get a job and get some respect.

and while you are there get some contraception too.

Big Fashionista x x x

Apologies to the break in programming. Normal Services will now be resumed

Thursday, 23 September 2010

Nom or Vom

I had been pondering on who to pick for this weeks Nom or Vom all week. Should I pick someone in honour of Fashion Week? Tom Ford maybe? It was even suggested to me that as he is back in the square this weeks nom or vom could be Shane Ritchie (I thought about it)

But then someone asked me if I had done Jason Statham. (cue all sorts of rude answers and dirty little fantasies) and I realised that I hadn't.

Oh the shame.

An all round "geezer" Star of many action films and basically some GRADE A piece of ass (I'm so poetic aren't I)

Mr Jason Statham.

Oh ladies...........


Look at those abs!!!!!!!

And again.......... sigh.

Do you want a gratuitous top on shot?

Although he scrubs up well, if he were mine, ALL clothes would be outlawed.

So what do we think ladies?

Nom or Vom

Big Fashionista

Thanks to @Luanne16 for the suggestion. you can find out more about Luanne at

Big Fashionista x x

Models Own do it again (Car Key Collection)

I am a HUGE fan of Models Own, I love the range of colours (currently rocking with nude beige while my ten yr old daughter goes to school in purple-grey!! Where's the justice)

I love the Models Own stands in Boots.

And I love that Models Own do some of the best dupes around. (Purple-Grey/Paradoxal anyone?)

Did you want to buy the Chanel Khaki range but found that you didn't have the funds?

Worry not poor peeps. Models Own are proud to introduce to you.............

The Car Key Collection.

The name alone is enough to make me laugh, you have to love a dupe, but a cheeky dupe is just up my alley.

Grace Green

Becca's Brown

Purple Ash

Bang on trend and perfect for A/W nails. (Becca's Brown-nom nom)

This range is being released in October and I for one can't wait. I will be purchasing all three of these and be proud to wear them. Not just as dupes but as great colours in their own right.

Loving the cheek Models Own and can't wait for the next collection to come out x x x

Big Fashionista x x

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Rock Face Minerals

This wouldn't have been a beauty week for me without a post about Rock Face Minerals. One of the first companies that I connected with when I first started this blog, I wrote about them in Fashion Insight magazine and raved about the colours and the superb quality of the mineral make-up.

And my opinion of this brand has never wavered.

From the superb range of mineral foundation which is available in 29 different shades to the beautiful eyeshadows which cover all the colours in the rainbow and then some, I am completely hooked on this brand.

Throw in mineral blushers, bronzers and even lipbalms and you have the perfect range for EVERYONE. Whether you have been a fan of mineral make-up forever or are still new to the experience there is a shade and part of the range for you.

Need a beautiful green?

How about Danny Boy?

Need a deep dark brown to accentuate those eyes?

Bog Meadows is the colour for you.

The shadows are extremely light and don't feel gritty on the eyes at ALL. they can be used as subtly or as layered as you wish. I suffer badly with irritated eyes and these have given me no trouble at all.

Take a look at one of the fresh new colours for A/W This purple is called Monaghan Mauve which I have just brushed on my eyes with NO primer so you can see what can be achieved.

I hope you can see the colour just popping through (excuse the eyebrows, threading is tomorrow, oh the shame)

If you aren't already acquainted with Rock Face Minerals then I suggest you go check out the website immediately. All the make up is made purely from crushed minerals and mica!! there are NO nasty irritants involved at RFM.

If you are already a fan of this brand, then let me know your favourite eyeshadow shades from RFM.

Mine is Ruby Murray a lovely sparkly brown red.

Totally gorgeous.

All eyeshadows are £7.00 and foundations are £13.00 and you can even purchase samples of the foundation for just £1 each so that you can be sure of the shade.

I hope they can become as much a favourite of yours as they are as mine.

Big Fashionista x x

MeMeMe Model Competition

Now I know that my followers are beautiful both inside AND out and as it is Beauty Week here at Big Fashionista I thought I should give you the heads up on a fab competition being held by one of my favourite brands.

MeMeMe are searching for their lost spirit. This fabulous brand is currently going through a relaunch and are looking for a model that embodies the MeMeMe spirit.

and if that lost spirit is you then you will become one lucky lucky model. Not only will you take part in a professionally styled photo shoot by Lou Page which will then be featured in Superdrug stores nationwide but you will also be in an exclusive feature in More magazine as well.

and if that isn't enough then you will also get a holiday of a lifetime for you and a friend as well.

So if you have always wanted to get into modelling or think that this would be a fabulous one off competition for you to enter then here is the link.

MeMeMe competition

you have until the 30th of September to enter this modelling competition so get your pictures uploaded to the site and start grabbing the votes.

Let me know if you enter, I may give you my vote.

Good luck everyone x x x

Big Fashionista x x

SureSlim UK (Big Fash, is on a diet)

I'm sure that some of you may have heard me mention in the past that I am a "big girl" Seriously, I'm so fat, wherever you stand in the room.......I'm standing next to you. (Ok, that may be a slight exaggeration, but if you have cake....Trust me, i'm standing next to you)

Well yesterday marked the start of waving goodbye to the fat girl and releasing my inner thin girl (I ate her a couple of years ago)

Initially I was completely confused over which diet to try, I was tempted by the Cambridge diet after hearing about the fabulous results that Lipglossiping has been achieving. But then I came across SureSlim UK.

Take a look at their page--------> HERE

Here is the website blurb for those who are too lazy to click the link. (oh you know who you are)

Lose weight effectively, fast, safely and long term

Individually tailored to your needs and eating preferences

No ‘special’ drinks or weight loss supplements

Supported by medical advice

SureSlim is long established and has a proven record in helping clients lose weight healthily, effectively, long term and safely. We provide individualised dietary plans and general lifestyle advice for weight loss on a one to one basis, following review of our clients details by a independent and experienced clinician with 20+ years expertise in chemical pathology and metabolism in the NHS and private sector. Dietary advice is based on scientific and medical data and advice from our nutrition experts.

The plans take into account your weight, state of health, medical history, food dislikes and the results of a detailed blood screen before and during your weight loss. Blood tests are organised by us to check for cholesterol, thyroid, sugar and other potential disorders that may influence weight and which helps in tailoring each plan correctly. The plans include one to one support for guidance and motivation together with nutritional and medical advice throughout.

Lose 10lbs a month – guaranteed

It makes sense doesn't it?

So I started this yesterday and over the coming months I will be letting you know how I get on each week. I have a lovely consultant Sarah who I spoke to for about an hour yesterday who is going to be with me every step of the way but I would LOVE you guys to be there with me too.

I will not give you my starting weight. Let me just say I currently weigh, 4 large dogs, 1 small cat, 37 tropical fish and half a tortoise (disclaimer, no tortoises were harmed in the making of this new weight)

Do you want to see a fat pic?

God that pic makes me shudder. (although I did have a lovely time with my friends that night)

I don't have a target weight either. I want to be able to slip a pair of size 14 jeans on and be happy.

I will let you know how much weight I lose each Tuesday (weigh in day)
I will tell you how I am feeling, what has happened during the week and basically would love your encouragement and support.
If anyone else has lost weight with SureSlim UK as well I would love to hear from you too. Or if you are in the process of losing weight now maybe we can all be diet buddies.

Monday, 20 September 2010

Lush Gorilla Perfume Range

My mother always told me  "If you can't say anything nice. Don't say anything at all"

But luckily I take after my aunt who is more of the opinion that if you can't be honest and criticise every now and then hell, life just ain't worth living!!!! (would have been a short blog post otherwise)

A while ago I was sent a batch of the new perfumes from the Gorilla Range for Lush. You may remember my previous review of Tuca Tuca (If not, refresh your memory -> HERE )  I liked the smell (but frankly I sneezed so often that I was grateful I had remembered to do my pelvic floor exercises after giving birth) At the end of the review I said I looked forward to the release of more perfumes in the Gorilla range................... (I should be more careful what I wish for)

So here goes.  This is MY opinion of the perfumes sent to me by PR for review.

Imogen Rose

Here is the Blurb from the website

Real rose oil and absolute in amounts that nobody in their right mind would use; a soft, exquisite, powdery amber accord and the dry, woody vetivert notes make this eponymous homage to Simon's young daughter a beautiful, romantic, one-of-a-kind perfume. Shakespeare might have written a sonnet. Simon created this.

Ah Simon, Congrats on the birth of Imogen Rose, (beautiful name by the way) I can honestly say that this is definately a homage to babies because frankly it stinks. (You say rose, I say ammonia) There is a top note of rose oil but once that wears off the smell lingers longer than the smell from a soggy nappy. And like a babys nappy I just can't wait to change it. Sorry Simon, but Shakespeare definately wins this round.

The Smell Of Freedom

Woody and Spicy.As it opens up, Freedom becomes a landscape of complex, woody and spicy notes that portrays a masterpiece of profundity and beauty.

Another of Simons creations, This one inspired by his meeting people who had suffered hardships.
This one is better. Sandalwood, Lemongrass and Ginger are just some of the notes that are blended together to create quite a masculine scent. The lemongrass definately shines through on this one and I'm sure anyone who has suffered hardship in the past will smell this and definitely be transported to a better place. *drips sarcasm allllllll over your computer screen (Luckily you cannot bottle despair and pain, that one would probably not be a bestseller)

Orange Blossom

The warmth of a perfect mediterranean moment

Sun-kissed orange groves, fresh orange blossom and neroli perfume that smells like a distilled Mediterranean moment. Orange blossom fragrances are notoriously difficult, but this one captures the smell of the flowers in bloom perfectly, with honeyed and woody notes as it settles down.

If your idea of a "perfect mediterranean moment" consists of a drunken week in Ibiza with most of your time spent with your head down a toilet, then this is the perfect scent for you. It will remind you of that little block that was down the rim with the artificial orange scent designed to take your mind off the smell of the backed up sewage system. LOVELY.


Simon originally created this floral gourmand fragrance for a bath bomb called Vanilla Fountain, inspired by the extraordinary desserts at Heston Blumenthal's The Fat Duck restaurant. When it became an instant hit, Simon was nagged into submission by colleagues until he produced the fine fragrance version.

Hello again Simon, I feel like you are probably still mad at me for my crack at your "homage" to your daughter. (Did I mention I think it is a beautiful name by the way) Simon, Simon, Simon. I like this perfume. Ok it may be slightly too sweet & sickly for my taste but somewhere out there is a twelve year old girl who this is perfect for. It is creamy, buttery and vanillary (ooooh I get it now) it smells so rich that I think I actually put on 4 lbs just smelling it

(I now have a migraine by the way)

(And I want to chew off my own arms at the shoulders so I don't have to smell them anymore)


Unadulterated, intense jasmine.Mark firmly believes that the problem with jasmine fragrances is the temptation to dress them up in a frock and take away the power. With Lust, he went all the way and created a powerfully sensual, dirty jasmine perfume that stirs a primal yearning.

Hello Mark, we hadn't been introduced, um yes....... It was me who insulted Imogen Rose. Stick around a bit  I need to talk about this "powerfully sensual, "dirty" jasmine perfume" Now are you insinuating that the jasmine is in some way ruined by being dropped into a puddle or a pile of steaming dog turds or are you expecting me to become some sort of sexual siren with the morals of an alley cat while wearing this?

Because frankly neither option is working for me here.

The jasmine is strong, in fact heady and quite overpowering. Yet again i'm smelling sandalwood (was there an offer on at Lidls?)  and in fact the only primal yearning that I felt inside was the urge to throw up after ten minutes.

Other fragrances in the range include Cocktail, Icon, The Smell of Weather Turning, Ladyboy and B Scent.

I'm off to wash and take some migraleve. All perfumes are available in store and online.

What do you think of Lush's perfumes.

Let me know.

Big Fashionista x x


Blinc Mascara Review

Anyone who follows my blog or has seen me on the street lately knows that  I have been suffering from an eye condition called Blepharitis which then got infected leaving me with no choice but to throw away ALL mascaras that I had been using and contemplate taking up a career either as a Gabrielle look-a-like or a pirate. (Eye patches are SO A/W dahhhlings)

Luckily it has now cleared up and I am free & clear to start using mascara again.

My apologies if over the weekend you experienced strong winds which may have blown tiles from your roofs but I was testing out THIS bad boy.

Blinc mascara from

This mascara is perfect for my eyes as it "tubes" the eyelashes with its water-resistant formula rather than just sitting on the top. This means there is no flakage (is that even a word?) no smudgy gunky bits and no running AT ALL.

Now this pic was taken the first time I used the mascara, My application has DEFINITELY improved since then but I use this pic to give you an idea of the length and volume I achieved with it. I do have long lashes anyway but with Blinc mascara on my lashes I felt like I needed to give a disclaimer. NO LASH INSERTS or PERMING used here people.

In your FACE all you mascara companies that feel the need to use inserts, there are none needed here to achieve the look that I have been searching for for years. I felt like Betty Boop and have been fluttering my eyelashes to full effect since then.

The removal of the mascara is also quite fun, especially for someone like me who would quite happily sit there picking at a scab all day (too much information?) 

Here is the instructions for Removal as on the website.


Neither water alone nor pressure will remove Blinc Mascara.

Only the combination of lots of warm water and gentle pressure from a cotton pad, a face cloth or even your finger tips will slide the tiny tubes effortlessly off your lashes.

It is a pickers dream. And it works!!!!! warm water,  a cotton pad and one giggling Fashionista as the little tubes slid off my lashes. (Disclaimer-No eyelashes were harmed in the removal of this mascara either-not ONE)

Blinc is available from Beauty Bay at the price of £15.75 and is available in 3 colours, Black, Dark Brown and Dark Blue. You can also purchase a twin pack of the black for £30.

Have you tried Blinc before?

Or are you tempted to now?

Let me know

Big Fashionista x x x

Beauty Bay

So it is Beauty Week here on Big Fashionista and what better way to start it than with a website that I have been browsing in for so long that I am thinking of making it my default home page.


From Paul & Joe Cat lipsticks to my new and beloved Blinc mascara (review coming this week) Beauty Bay have a HUGE range of hair care, skin care and make up to suit any pocket.

The website is set up to make buying easy. Not only do they stock all favourite ranges such as RMK, Bare Escentuals, Illamasqua and Dr Hauschka  They also have a section on how to get the look of your favourite celeb.

You want to look like Kristen Stewart (really?) then Beauty Bay will tell you all you need to achieve her look. (must not crack, must not crack, this is a SERIOUS blog post) If Danni Minogue is your style queen then follow their make up tips to "get the look"

Another section I am really enjoying on the site is the "Classic Beauty Icons" Currently starting with the 1940's it gives handy hints and tips to achieving the look of the era. (Rita Hayworth definately DID give good face)

With Free Delivery or Guaranteed Next Day delivery only £2.45 if you spend over £50 (which is easily achievable once you start looking around at all the gorgeous stocked products Beauty Bay have) This site is definitely one of the best around for catering to all your skin, hair and beauty needs.

Go take a look and let me know what you think.

Big Fashionista x x

Saturday, 18 September 2010

Beauty Week

All Wags, wannabees, celebrities and basically anyone who I have verbally skewered in the past can all take a deep breath and exhale a HUGE sigh of relief as I am giving you the week off.

As of Monday it is Beauty week.

I will be reviewing my "must haves" "must trys" and "must avoid until hell freezes overs"

This is going to be a FUN week isn't it?........... Isn't it?

See you Monday, bright and early. We have a lot to get through.

And you lot all enjoying your week off, I'll be seeing you in a week, don't be misbehaving.

If you think of anything that you think I should be reviewing, let me know x x

Big Fashionista x x

Big Fashionista x x

Thursday, 16 September 2010

Nom or Vom

It has been brought to my attention that not all of my readers like to see sexy hot men who have waved goodbye to their twenties as for some readers they find that the older men remind them of their dads!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Cough up them digits girlies and prepare to call me mumma)

So in an effort to be "down wiv da kids" I have gone all out and researched thoroughly hot men in their twenties (It's a hard job, but someone has to do it) and today I bring you..........

Zac Efron................

The star of Disneys High School Musical franchise and now carving a career as a "serious" actor Mr Efron has been fluttering the hearts of teens and mums for quite a few years now.

But guess what ladies? He can now grow facial hair!!!!!!!! That has to make it ok to Nom Nom over him doesnt it?

Look, there is a beard and everything.

I feel slightly dirty doing this, Gratuitous almost topless shot?

Hang on, I feel better (slightly)

(Maybe I should try a sexy black & white hot & steamy shot to see if that helps?)

Fans self with 17 Again poster.  This seems to be working...................

One more pic just so you can appreciate the full beauty of Zac Efron?

He is 22, he is 22, he is 22, he is 22, he is 22, he is 22, he is 22, he is 22, he is 22, he is 22, he is 22. he is 22, he is 22, he is 22, he is 22.

Ok, the choice is yours. Nom or Vom?

Pregnant Wag? Oh this stuff writes itself.

Bear with me it seems to be open season on WAGS this week and trust me i'm going to go a-huntin.

Ah Ms Clancy, I hear congratulations are in order and you have become with child. It seems like you waited for the 12 week scan before announcing you were up the duff and for that I thank you, there is nothing more trying than a celebrity pregnancy that goes on for years (why yes Natalie Cassidy, I am talking about you)

Now Abby, I fully expect (Nay, DEMAND) you to bring out a baby clothing range, endorse a stretch mark cream, (and not get even one) have a three page spread in Hello (or OK, whatever rocks your world) and then OBVIOUSLY do the obligitory naked "Demi" shoot. Then FOUR weeks after giving birth I expect you in skinny jeans telling the whole world how the weight just fell off you and its all down to breastfeeding or good genes-whatever.

Thats fine, it is in the handbook they give out when becoming a WAG.

But please, whatever you do, The one thing I NEVER want to see you do,  is give an interview saying that you forgave Peter Crouch for his "indiscretion" because of the baby.

Think about it. You are a women that some women look up to (please don't ask me why, thats a WHOLE new high horse I don't care to climb on at this time)

I don't care if aforementioned Peter Crouch-ing Tiger, Hidden Man Slag (ahhh i'm so glad I got to use that one again) has sworn on his unborn baby's life that he will never cheat again.  Chances are that while you are at home with the baby, exhausted after being up all night, wearing vomit splashed clothes and a face that looks as though it needs a damn good wash, let alone make-up, Mr Daddy of the year 2011 will be eyeing up any woman that even looks at him and he will be using the excuse "Abby never has any time for me anymore" He probably has that line all stored up ready to use. And even if he doesn't cheat again in his lifetime. you will FOREVER be wondering if he is and a hormonal exhausted women is anything but rational. (It WILL cross your mind)

That is your bed (and you have chosen to lie in it with your legs in the air)  but if you say that you have forgiven him BECAUSE of the baby there are going to be a LOT of other women who are in a similar situation who may follow your lead. They wear the same jeans as you, have their hair done in the same style, why not put up with their cheating man-whore boyfriends JUST. LIKE. YOU.

I'm not even going to judge you for taking him back (I want to..... Oh how I want to) It's your life. your choice. Even saying that you took him back because you love him (although vomit-inducing) is better than because of the baby. Remember also one day, Baby Crouch may read that article.

Congrats on the news x x x 

I look forward to the baby range x x x

Being a role model's a bitch ain't it x x x

Big Fashionista x x

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Run Away

There is a disease sweeping the nation, it causes sweating, aches, pains and sometimes even blood will seep from your nipples.

"What is this terrible disease" I hear you cry

It is called JOGGING. This is just one of the names the horrible disease goes by. The real Latin name for this disease is Running(dem) (Does adding the word dem on the end make it seem more Latin?)

Running............ One word. WHY?

I do not run. (Hell I'm so lazy even my mascara doesn't run)

I do not run for a bus (There will be another one along in an hour or so)

I do not run if it rains (That is what an umbrella is for)

I probably wouldn't even run if my life depended on it. (let us never put this to the test) 

I just don't get it. maybe it is because I am not built to run, (black eyes are so NOT in for autumn) plus as I run my arms seem to do this crazy disco kind of movement that make me look as though I have had (or need) some kind of treatment.

I see friends walking like they have spent three months in Guantanamo Bay and yet when I ask them whats wrong it is just that they did a 5 mile run the day before!!!! (A self imposed Guantanamo bay maybe)

The best oxymoron I have ever heard has to be FUN RUN.   What kind of sick and twisted individual came up with that idea?  If you want to run for charity. Fantastic, Brilliant. I will sponsor you, come and cheer you on and give you a mars bar at the end because i'm proud of you. But why add the word FUN to it? It's false advertising!!! It may be fun beforehand, waiting with your friends and talking to everyone and supporting everyone and oooh look at the banners. But once you start that bad boy-there is nothing fun about it.

It is meant to be healthy and good for you as well I hear. But then once upon a time they said the same about cigarettes didn't they? I'm sure at the time when cigarettes were all the rage there was someone shaking his head in fear saying, "this is all going to go terribly wrong for you. cigarettes are terrible, they are bad for you and they will kill you" ................................(he was right you know) 

What happens if in 50 years time they say. Oh my god, Running is so bad for you that no-one should do it again? or they set an age limit on it? No-one OVER the age of 16 is allowed to run. Trainers are only sold with a health warning and on the box there are pictures of a jogger with his little pink lungs on the pavement as he jogged them loose and they fell out. (So tragic)

So I will be that crazy man. "Cease jogging, desist from running" because seriously, as far as I can see. The risks outweigh the rewards.

Now who wants to share this cake with me?

Big Fashionista x x

Monday, 13 September 2010

Wagabee Seminar-For all aspiring WAGS.

Wagabee- A Wannabe Wag, someone who aspires to be "just like them girls on TV"

Hi there. Are you here for the Wannabe Wag seminar?

Fabulous. Coats go to your left, decency goes to your right and if you don't mind dropping your morals in that HUGE pile over there, we shall begin.

So you want to be a WAG?

You dream about it, you plan for it. In fact it has taken over your WHOLE life. You cruise all the hottest nightclubs, squealing like an Alexander McQueen clad micro pig when you hear on the Wagabee grapevine that there is a VIP arriving shortly. You fantasize about how your life will be when you have snared the wallet (I mean, man) of your dreams.

For the small fee you paid at the door. (All of these souls will come in handy one day) Let me show you how you can obtain this.

First Lesson.

Treat your body like a temple. Some women think that their brain is the way forward. A proper wagabee will leave her brain behind with her knickers on a night out and use her body as her weapon. As with any soldier of fortune on a mission you must keep your weapons clean, tidy and on display at all time. You never know when you may be asked to draw your weapons (Put the pencil down, blondie at the back) Your body is your way in, the way you will keep your footballer man and what you will use in Nuts, The News of The World and Zoo magazine after he has dumped you and you choose to sell your story. Don’t forget also that most footballers are colour blind and can only see the colour orange, most WAGs have painted themselves this colour and Wagabees have adopted this approach to make them more noticeable.

Second Lesson

Forget everything you have learnt. Now I can see that this won’t be hard for most of you, but some of you girls look as if you can survive if you run out of pinkies and piggies to count on and you girls are DANGEROUS. No footballer wants to discuss how a Conservative/Lib Dem collaboration will affect the social and economic climate in a ………….You girl, sleeping at the back. You WILL go far…… Go to the top of the class.

Third Lesson

Less is more, clothes, brains, morals. When a footballer is choosing his mate for the evening he is led by one thing and one thing alone. And for that evening you ARE the chosen one. He does not want to know your life story. (chances are he doesn’t even want to know your name) and that’s OK. A true Wagabee never asks questions, NEVER makes any demands and is ALWAYS available. If you are very lucky he will let you meet his friends too. These are the people he expects you to impress. So you may want to carry some extra condoms in your purse in preparation for this happening.

Fourth Lesson

Friends are important in life-EXCEPT if you are a Wagabee, then most of the time they are a hindrance. Unless you have a friend with which you don’t mind getting it on with a bit with. Take her with you whenever you wish to snare a footballer. (Fake lesbianism is soooooo hot to footballers)

Other than friends whose tonsils you can tickle, the best Wagabee works alone. No-one needs competition for that footballer. Friends are not essential anyway are they? Why go out for girlie dinners or nights on the town dancing just for fun when somewhere out there there is a footballer with your name on him. You are a lone wolf, a hot, designer clad, hair-free wolf who is stalking her prey. NEVER forget that.

Fifth Lesson.

Your idols are important. Some women admire Michelle Mone, Karren Brady and JK Rowling. …Pardon? ……Yes, that's right,  the Harry Potter lady. Your idols are Alicia Dowling, Jennifer Thompson and Rebecca Loos. Because sometimes what comes out of their mouths is better paid than what they put in it.

So they didn’t keep their footballers, never mind they got the money and sometimes, well…….thats just as good isn’t it? You would LOVE to be like Victoria Beckham, Cheryl Cole and Coleen Rooney ok maybe not Coleen at the moment. But if YOU were Coleen you’d forgive him wouldn’t you? That is the Wagabee rule.

Final Lesson

The Wagabee isn’t understood by normal women. Most normal women think of you as selfish, deluded and frankly quite slutty. As you search for your footballer boyfriend you develop a thick skin (It’s ok, it’s not noticeable from the outside, no special creams are needed and no, a thick skin will NOT require botox) It is a sad life being a Wagabee, constant rejection, your life suffers as you focus on your hunt for a footballer. You just know that if you had a footballer boyfriend your life would be so so so much better. All that money, that big house, the perfect life, The Wags have it all. Just look at Cheryl Cole, Abigail Clancy, Jamelia, Coleen Rooney, Elen Rivas, Toni Poole………………………………………………………Um…… ….and that concludes our Wagabee Seminar for the day.

If you would care to purchase some souvenirs of your day there are some “My girlfriend went to Mahiki and all she brought me back was this STD” knickers. Or a Swarovski encrusted tub of Vaseline (always handy)

Good luck Wagabees. My god you are going to need it.

Big Fashionista x x

Friday, 10 September 2010

I'll be there for youuuuuuuuuuu

Give me two seconds, I just need to tune my worlds smallest violin that is going to play just for Angelina.

In case you haven't heard and haven't had a chance to stock up on large bars of Galaxy chocolate and tissues yet. Angelina has given an interview in which she says she doesn't have many friends and relies on Brad for support and friendship.

Angelina, (or may I call you Angie) sit down next to me hun, I want to explain something to you.

One, don't expect much sympathy from me. You have one of the hottest bodies in the world and not content with that you also have one of the hottest men too. (But hey I digress)

Friendships are hard. Seriously, they are. If you havent got many friends then hun, I expect you to look deep inside yourself and see if there is anything inside you that is worth being friends with. I discussed before about being a "mans woman" you strike me as one of THOSE women.

Look at your track record, yes you do great things for the UN, but a lot of people cannot get over the fact that you stole Brad from Jennifer. That is going to be a sticking point for many women (although if you fancy a crack at Mr Fashionista feel free, i'm quite happy to have Brad in exchange)

Friendship is a two way street love, you have to work at it. I've travelled hours to one of my friends who just needed a hug. I've lent friends my last fiver and offered my children to every last one of them (please, anyone, take them. In fact Angie, sit closer....we need to talk about you adding to your brood)

You need to look deep into yourself and see if you are worthy of someones friendship, not if they are worthy of yours.

I would never announce that I don't have many friends, It would be something I would be ashamed of. Angie, don't put all your eggs in one Brad-shaped (oooh I want one) basket. make some friends.

And if you do have people you consider friends and they just don't invite you over for dinner?

It may have something to do with the huge amount of children you have. Who wants their house filled to the brim with other peoples children when you are trying to stare at another womans husband!!!!!

If you want my digits Angie, you know where to find me.

Thanks for the chat, now tell me, Exactly how big is Brads..........................................................

Big Fashionista x x

Nom or Vom

Todays Nom or Vom is especially for the lovely Lynnette Bateman, Thinking of her today x x x

Ok, so today's Nom or Vom is an internationally renowned artist, a man who immerses himself fully into his roles and is basically an all round HOTTY.

It may be grey and miserable outside but when I look at this man, I feel all warm inside.

Viggo Mortensen, star of The Road, Eastern Promises, Lord Of The Rings and GI Jane.


Chiselled cheekbones, dimpled chin. mmmmmmmmmmmm

One more? One that caters to you long haired lovers out there. one of the few men I have seen that can ROCK facial hair.

Wet & dripping, (that was not a question ladies)

I was COMPLETELY captivated by this man in GI Jane, For me he MADE the film and I have been known to watch this film just for scenes that he is in. Softly spoken and yet made of steel (woof) Master Chief John James Urgayle could court martial me anytime.

Have you seen the film Eastern Promises? Oh you should.

So what do we think ladies?

Nom or Vom

Big Fashionista x x

Thursday, 9 September 2010

Big Brother-The Ultimate Housemate

Anyone who knows me at all knows that I am a huge fan of all things Big Brother. I'm not a crazy super fan or anything, I just have always enjoyed watching what started as a huge social experiment and then morphed over the years into a type of a soap opera.

Well now it has almost come to an end FOREVER. (unless C5 pick up the slack, but whatever happens, Big Brother has come to an end as we currently know it)

Before BB11 started, I predicted what type of of contestant would be on the show. Take a look and see how I did. -> HERE

Personally I think I did quite well.

But before we wave goodbye to Big Brother  altogether there is just the small matter of ULTIMATE Big Brother.

We all have our favourite housemates, and i'm here to ask (Nay, TELL) you to VOTE for NICK BATEMAN to win.

Going back into the Big Brother house hasn't always worked for everyone, look at Jade Goody, Even Nadia experienced the love of the Big Brother audience the first time around only to be met with boos this time.

For Nick Bateman the complete opposite is true, he was even denied an eviction the first time around and was thrown out of the house in shame and given the tag "Nasty Nick" just for daring to talk about nominations.

Let's face it, they ALL talk about nominations these days, it is part of the show. Practically expected of them.

All Nick Bateman did was realise that it was a GAMESHOW. When everyone else was bleating about it being a "massive social experiment" Nick Bateman was eying up the opposition and finding ways to avoid being nominated. Which he succeeded in doing by the way.

But this time around things are different, Over the years the viewers have got wise to the rules of the game and realised what Nick did wasn't wrong, in fact he was a clever man who grasped the rules before even the producers of the show. He has shown himself to be a decent, honest NORMAL man.

He didn't come in to UBB as a sad caricature of his former character, pretending to be nasty and playing up to the cameras.

He came in as himself, and the viewers have appreciated that.

Without him Big Brother probably wouldn't even still be around. Nick Bateman put the programme on the map and that in my eyes makes him.


So vote for Nick to win on 09011 323 027

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

The Man Period

There is a condition out there that until now, no-one dare speak its name. A condition that men have suffered throughout the years in silence (well not quite but more about that later) and misery (oooooh the misery)

It is the Man period.

Similar to the woman's period only obviously MUCH worse, at a certain time of the month the man will start to become moody and irritable for no particular reason, mope around constantly and cause pain and suffering to all of those around him.

Previously this suffering was known as havingabadday-itis. The man walks through the door (slamming it behind him obviously) and when the woman asks him whats wrong he would reply "Just having a bad day"

Well now this has been proved not to be the case. If a man you love says this to you then you know it is time for his MAN PERIOD. (you may want to hide your large bar of galaxy)

As I briefly mentioned, the man period is far far worse than ANY pain and misery that any woman will suffer on her period. and due to the taboo nature of the subject it is impossible for a woman to use this condition against her man. For example, if you argue with a man about a subject his usual reply to try to stop the conversation in its tracks would be "time of the month is it" purely to make you seem as though you are irrational (They never try to make sure they are out of throwing distance as they say it though do they? HA, who's irrational now? huh? huh?)

Men who suffer from this terrible condition have found over the years that lager helps to soothe their symptoms, watching a team game such as football is also prescribed to help overcome the misery (unless you're are a West Ham fan, in which case they are advised at the moment to avoid such gut-wrenching misery and disappointment)

Sounds like fun huh?

I wish that spa trips and shopping days were recognised as cures for PMT. Men have it easy. They have a period, they can wind down in the pub or at home and rest. Women have to carry on regardless.

AND we have more obvious signs of periods than men. (If men bled from orifices during their man periods there would have been a cure found almost immediately trust me)

It's like the menopause. Women get hot sweats, weight gain and misery. Men get a Ferrari, a new haircut and sometimes a younger girlfriend!!  And this is positively encouraged!!!

A man in his 50's buys a RS Cosworth and everyone looks at him in sympathy and says "oh leave him be, he's having a mid life crisis" A woman sweats buckets in Asda and sticks her head in the chest freezer and everyone thinks she is MENTAL. (It wasn't me, I promise)

We can't win ladies. So crack out that bar of Galaxy and the next time your man starts to act all hormonal why not suggest a soppy film you can watch together in the dark (so you can't see his tears)  

And just hope and pray that your periods NEVER synchronise!!!!!!!

Big Fashionista x x

Monday, 6 September 2010

Eye give up.

If you follow me on Twitter then you should by now know about my horrible eye infection that has really been getting me down.

Itchy, sore and yukky (it's like having thrush of the eyelids) yesterday I had to THROW AWAY all of my mascaras!!!! (sob wail sob)

Now coming less than six months after the great March make up disaster. (you can read about that HERE) as I am sure you can imagine I am not a happy (one-eyed) bunny.

From Lancome to Lauder, No7 to Diorshow ALL mascaras have now been filed under B for bin (or b*llocks) and been thrown away.

Do you want to see a pic of my eye?

(you don't really do you? but it's my blog, my rules)  

Gorgeous huh?

So what I am looking for now is your recommendations for mascara, What makes your lashes flutter? What is your go-to mascara? The one which, no matter how many different mascaras you try you always end up going back to?

Give me your recommendations (and sympathy for the poorly eye, because i'm damn well not getting any of that at home) and I will definately let you know what I choose to buy.

Big Fashionista x x


Saturday, 4 September 2010

Competition-coming tomorrow.

I have a special competition coming on Monday morning. This one is for all you happy mums and dads who will tearfully (they are tears of happiness, you are fooling no-one) wave your little angels off at the school gates on Monday morning.

Ahhhhh we love them (when they are at school) but lets face it, they are drains on our resources, they chew into our beauty fund and frankly, they smell.

So I have a competition coming up for you.

Tune in tomorrow morning to find out more.

Big Fashionista x x

Friday, 3 September 2010

Its the weekend

It's the weekend.

I shall be doing this.

Want to come back monday?

Big Fashionista x x

Bust-ing out

Im a big busty lady (ok, maybe i'm not a lady but I have big boobs-so there) so I was reading with interest yesterday about the new Ultimo bra being released. This bra apparently gives the same results as a breast uplift!!!! (Sigh, Not even The Samaritans can give my breasts the support they need) Sounds great doesn't it? But it is missing one vital thing.

A pocket.

Seriously, I cannot be the only woman out there that uses her bra as a handy carrier can I?

Take a look at this pic.

(Well they do say more than a handful is wasted, I just seem to have a lot of handfuls)

But what you can't tell from this pic is that both women are actually checking that I still have their handbags safely nestled away in my bra. Ok, I exaggerate but I did have in my bra at that point, A door key, mobile phone, cab money and a lighter (The rumour that I was hiding both the Mitchell brothers in my bra was both hurtful and unfounded-LOL)

The first bra manufacturer to create a bra with a handy pocket (no zips please-ouchie) will be sitting on a goldmine. I always carry things in my bra, in fact if I took everything out of my bra I could well be a C cup!!!!!!!!!!!! (Stop sniggering at the back........and front. in fact stop it the lot of you)

So bra companies take note, we need a little handy pocket for our essentials.

and readers, what do you keep in your bras?

Let me know, I do like to keep aBREAST of current topics. (sorry)

Big Fashionista x x

Nom or Vom

Anyone else think that Friday has come around FAST!!!!

So it is that time of the week now known as Nom or Vom.

For all of you new followers out there it is basically a chance to ogle half naked men and decide whether you would kick him out of bed for leaving crumbs. Seemples.

Sometimes I pick one out of my own head, sometimes one is recommended. Unfortunately I have the memory of a goldfish and cannot for the life of me remember who recommended this one. Give me a shout if it was you and I will make sure you get the credit that is richly deserved for this whole hunk of love.

So introducing...................................

Ami James.

He looks like a smoother version of Vin Diesel doesn't he? (Perhaps how Vin would look if Henry Higgins got hold of him and gave him a crash course)

Bald head, tattoos (hose me down ladies, i'm in Nom Nom heaven)

Do you like your bit of rough to scrub up well?

A bit like this?

Oh Mr James, you are looking HOT. (fans self)

In case anyone is thinking, "Who is this sexy man?" This is Ami James, star of Miami Ink, a reality show about a tattoo studio based in Miami  (How they come up with these names astounds me sometimes)

Topless shot to show off those tatts?


And the man has modelled for PETA!!!!!!!!!

He's a stud muffin.

One more WITH clothes?

Just because I can.

So what do we think ladies?

Nom or Vom?

It's definately a nom nom nom from me.

Let me know what you think x

Big Fashionista x x

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

A Man's Woman? WHY?

So I'm back. Have you missed me?

Trust me I have a lot of pent up opinions that are going to come flooding out over the next couple of days plus I have some reviews and some fab Nom or Voms planned out just for you guys.

PLUS I came back to 200 followers as well so I will be planning some sort of giveaway shortly too.



Are you sitting comfortably? Let's begin.

Recently I was sitting in a restaurant with some friends when I overheard the most absurd comment ever (Ok, I was with my children. Ok, it was MacDonalds. But please, leave me some illusion of a grown up lifestyle)

I was just tucking into my second course (cheeseburger chaser) when the three people on the next table began to discuss their new work colleague. I must point out that it is EXTREMELY unlike me to eavesdrop (Usually I just try to work myself into the conversation) but what the women said to her two male colleagues just left me slienced with shock. (It happens occasionally-honest)

Woman to male colleagues about new female work colleague.

"To be honest i'm not even going to try to get on with her, I'm more of a "MAN'S WOMAN"

I nearly spat out my cheeseburger (I said NEARLY, waste not, want not)

Seriously luv? You are not even going to try to talk to her because you are a "man's woman"? What the hell does that mean anyway?

Why on earth would you do that? I understand getting on well with men, I have a male friends, we can talk football, the price of We can chat about lots of things (honest) but why would that then stop me from talking to and getting on with women?

Is it just another example of one woman treading over another to get what she wants? (Apparently that happens!!!! I KNOW!!! total SHOCKER)

A bit further on in her conversation she said "She's probably a bitch anyway. Most women are, Its why I get on better with you guys"

Two things, ONE, haven't you just proved yourself to be one of those bitchy women you were just talking about and TWO. BIIIIIIIIIIIIIIITCH.

In fact she was tring so hard to be one of the lads i'm surprised she didn't just call every female server in the place a 'ho and ask them to get their tits out for the lads!!!

Why would anyone in this day and age want to define themselves that way? I'm not a man's woman OR a woman's woman. I get on well with people REGARDLESS of their sex. If we have something in common does it really matter whether they are male or female? It doesn't even factor for me, it had never even crossed my mind to be honest.

Is she sabotaging the "sisterhood" by creating a THEM or US mentality? Was she using her feminine charms to get the men to do her work for them? Does anyone else describe themselves in this way? Or are you more of a woman's woman? And most importantly, Why do MacDonalds only serve breakfast until 10.30am

Ahhhhh it's GREAT to be back

Let me know what you think.

Big Fashionista x x
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