Thursday, 9 September 2010

Big Brother-The Ultimate Housemate

Anyone who knows me at all knows that I am a huge fan of all things Big Brother. I'm not a crazy super fan or anything, I just have always enjoyed watching what started as a huge social experiment and then morphed over the years into a type of a soap opera.

Well now it has almost come to an end FOREVER. (unless C5 pick up the slack, but whatever happens, Big Brother has come to an end as we currently know it)

Before BB11 started, I predicted what type of of contestant would be on the show. Take a look and see how I did. -> HERE

Personally I think I did quite well.

But before we wave goodbye to Big Brother  altogether there is just the small matter of ULTIMATE Big Brother.

We all have our favourite housemates, and i'm here to ask (Nay, TELL) you to VOTE for NICK BATEMAN to win.

Going back into the Big Brother house hasn't always worked for everyone, look at Jade Goody, Even Nadia experienced the love of the Big Brother audience the first time around only to be met with boos this time.

For Nick Bateman the complete opposite is true, he was even denied an eviction the first time around and was thrown out of the house in shame and given the tag "Nasty Nick" just for daring to talk about nominations.

Let's face it, they ALL talk about nominations these days, it is part of the show. Practically expected of them.

All Nick Bateman did was realise that it was a GAMESHOW. When everyone else was bleating about it being a "massive social experiment" Nick Bateman was eying up the opposition and finding ways to avoid being nominated. Which he succeeded in doing by the way.

But this time around things are different, Over the years the viewers have got wise to the rules of the game and realised what Nick did wasn't wrong, in fact he was a clever man who grasped the rules before even the producers of the show. He has shown himself to be a decent, honest NORMAL man.

He didn't come in to UBB as a sad caricature of his former character, pretending to be nasty and playing up to the cameras.

He came in as himself, and the viewers have appreciated that.

Without him Big Brother probably wouldn't even still be around. Nick Bateman put the programme on the map and that in my eyes makes him.


So vote for Nick to win on 09011 323 027


  1. I must say I was glued to the first BB, and when it was headlines (yes those were the days!) that he had cheated, it was unbelievable. But I always felt that he was being a contestent in the true sense of the word, rather than Craig who I always remember as the incredible sleeping man, there was something rather noble about Craig exposing Nick though! Good post, entertaining as always.

  2. All of the above but mostly I just like his Mrs. :)

  3. I am sure your support helped him come 5th in UBB - thank you for doing a whole blog post about him...amazing. Kiss kiss. xxx


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