Monday, 20 September 2010

Blinc Mascara Review

Anyone who follows my blog or has seen me on the street lately knows that  I have been suffering from an eye condition called Blepharitis which then got infected leaving me with no choice but to throw away ALL mascaras that I had been using and contemplate taking up a career either as a Gabrielle look-a-like or a pirate. (Eye patches are SO A/W dahhhlings)

Luckily it has now cleared up and I am free & clear to start using mascara again.

My apologies if over the weekend you experienced strong winds which may have blown tiles from your roofs but I was testing out THIS bad boy.

Blinc mascara from

This mascara is perfect for my eyes as it "tubes" the eyelashes with its water-resistant formula rather than just sitting on the top. This means there is no flakage (is that even a word?) no smudgy gunky bits and no running AT ALL.

Now this pic was taken the first time I used the mascara, My application has DEFINITELY improved since then but I use this pic to give you an idea of the length and volume I achieved with it. I do have long lashes anyway but with Blinc mascara on my lashes I felt like I needed to give a disclaimer. NO LASH INSERTS or PERMING used here people.

In your FACE all you mascara companies that feel the need to use inserts, there are none needed here to achieve the look that I have been searching for for years. I felt like Betty Boop and have been fluttering my eyelashes to full effect since then.

The removal of the mascara is also quite fun, especially for someone like me who would quite happily sit there picking at a scab all day (too much information?) 

Here is the instructions for Removal as on the website.


Neither water alone nor pressure will remove Blinc Mascara.

Only the combination of lots of warm water and gentle pressure from a cotton pad, a face cloth or even your finger tips will slide the tiny tubes effortlessly off your lashes.

It is a pickers dream. And it works!!!!! warm water,  a cotton pad and one giggling Fashionista as the little tubes slid off my lashes. (Disclaimer-No eyelashes were harmed in the removal of this mascara either-not ONE)

Blinc is available from Beauty Bay at the price of £15.75 and is available in 3 colours, Black, Dark Brown and Dark Blue. You can also purchase a twin pack of the black for £30.

Have you tried Blinc before?

Or are you tempted to now?

Let me know

Big Fashionista x x x


  1. SO tempted! It looks fabulous, and if it keeps the dreaded flakage - it's certainly a word I use - away, then I'm in!

    Very glad your eyes are back to normal, and with this we'll all be waving bye bye to the blephy!

    Rach xx

  2. I have heard good things about this- I may just have to purchase and see for myself.
    Cheers for review. x

  3. Never heard of this until now! Thank you! Was wondering what mascara you had gone with... and wow, you picked a good'un there! Very tempted to try myself, I have to say!

  4. Never tried Blinc but am tempted, a good scab is hard to beat! Thanks for the post and pics Jan - your lashes are loooonnngggg.

  5. Highly recommend this mascara ladies. It is definately going to be my go-to mascara.

    If you buy it let me know how you get on

  6. I've tried this and hated it! Did nothing for my eyelashes and the whole not washing off with water thing drove me nuts! Looks fab on your lashes though, so maybe it just didn't suit me. Using Rimmel Lash Accelerator now and I LOVE it!

  7. Suzume, Thats a shame but like you say maybe it just didn't suit you. Everyone is different and likes a different thing from their mascara.

    Life would be boring if we all liked the same thing wouldnt it. x x x

  8. I have only recently found out about this blinc mascara and am curious. For years I have been using the Kanebo 38 degree Silk Finish mascara which has the same tube thing, properly water and smudgeproof, and is removed with warm water and cotton pads. Unfortunately it is only available from Harrods now, which is a nuisance. Does anyone know how it would compare with the blinc?


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