Friday, 3 September 2010

Bust-ing out

Im a big busty lady (ok, maybe i'm not a lady but I have big boobs-so there) so I was reading with interest yesterday about the new Ultimo bra being released. This bra apparently gives the same results as a breast uplift!!!! (Sigh, Not even The Samaritans can give my breasts the support they need) Sounds great doesn't it? But it is missing one vital thing.

A pocket.

Seriously, I cannot be the only woman out there that uses her bra as a handy carrier can I?

Take a look at this pic.

(Well they do say more than a handful is wasted, I just seem to have a lot of handfuls)

But what you can't tell from this pic is that both women are actually checking that I still have their handbags safely nestled away in my bra. Ok, I exaggerate but I did have in my bra at that point, A door key, mobile phone, cab money and a lighter (The rumour that I was hiding both the Mitchell brothers in my bra was both hurtful and unfounded-LOL)

The first bra manufacturer to create a bra with a handy pocket (no zips please-ouchie) will be sitting on a goldmine. I always carry things in my bra, in fact if I took everything out of my bra I could well be a C cup!!!!!!!!!!!! (Stop sniggering at the back........and front. in fact stop it the lot of you)

So bra companies take note, we need a little handy pocket for our essentials.

and readers, what do you keep in your bras?

Let me know, I do like to keep aBREAST of current topics. (sorry)

Big Fashionista x x


  1. sorry didnt read anything
    was too busy looking at your rack

  2. As a size 8/10 girl with a FF sized bust, I can totally relate :)

    I often carry my bank card in there, and have had many a joke about where to swipe it... maybe we could buy one of those padded bras which has removeable pads in, and use the little pockets for keys etc.
    Oh - that would be if we could them in our sizes!!!

  3. Ahh a fellow big boober!! I keep everything in my bra!! Its easy! And i love the looks i get when i reach into my bra to fetch something out!! Haha :)

  4. Swit swoooo, check out those baps!
    I agree, that is a genius idea. Dragons den off you go!!


  5. OMG! Totally agree with liloo I didn’t read much of it either. You make Jordan’s look like little peas. Definite Kudos on the rack. *Boob high five*

  6. Great Idea! I could not carry that much in my bra :) and I got distracted by the picture too, cannot concentrate! x

  7. Here is a link you may find interesting.


  8. Money. I'm always stashing money in my bra, that way I know where it is at all times.

  9. Woah those are some bazookas!

  10. As a 32G, love, I feel your pain.
    That said, my bongos were excellent for carrying my room card on holiday. Money, my phone is a MAJOR one. It's like a magic trick, always impresses the boys.
    P x

  11. I full heartedly agree with you....we don't need more water and more padding and more lace and more polka dots and blah blah blah...we need POCKETS!!! :) Great post!

    feel free to check out my blog:

  12. I've never thought about carrying anything in my bra. But as a FF, I should start! Just imagining what I could fit in there! Nice boobs!

  13. Your looking so sexy. your boobs size is awesome. i really appreciate it. i think you wear wonderbra ultimate bra ?

  14. Nice rack luv! I usually shove money, my phone and keys down my bra, then forget they're there. It's most alarming as I have 4 keys and a shitload of keyrings, yet my boobs just squidge them in so comfortably it's great.

    Years ago my party trick used to be putting a bottle or can in my cleavage then bending over and tipping the booze into my friend Helen's mouth, who'd be on her knees waiting for it (so to speak!) Funnily enough lots of men used to buy us drinks - I can't imagine why! ;)


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