Monday, 6 September 2010

Eye give up.

If you follow me on Twitter then you should by now know about my horrible eye infection that has really been getting me down.

Itchy, sore and yukky (it's like having thrush of the eyelids) yesterday I had to THROW AWAY all of my mascaras!!!! (sob wail sob)

Now coming less than six months after the great March make up disaster. (you can read about that HERE) as I am sure you can imagine I am not a happy (one-eyed) bunny.

From Lancome to Lauder, No7 to Diorshow ALL mascaras have now been filed under B for bin (or b*llocks) and been thrown away.

Do you want to see a pic of my eye?

(you don't really do you? but it's my blog, my rules)  

Gorgeous huh?

So what I am looking for now is your recommendations for mascara, What makes your lashes flutter? What is your go-to mascara? The one which, no matter how many different mascaras you try you always end up going back to?

Give me your recommendations (and sympathy for the poorly eye, because i'm damn well not getting any of that at home) and I will definately let you know what I choose to buy.

Big Fashionista x x



  1. Oh my gosh you poor thing! That looks like way more than a mascara issue. Let me guess the doc's have no clue right?!

    Mascara recs honestly after 10 years of spending $$$ on high end $20-$40 mascara I am almost embarassed to say that my favorite and can't live without mascara is Wet n Wild Volume. I bought it on a whim when they were BOGO and that was this past spring...I'm hooked.

  2. Aw no! Has the doctor given you drops for it? I get an eye infections a lot...infact have just recovered from one! The best drops are Optrex Infected Eyes as they have anitbiotics in them. I'm sure you know that already tho!

    My fave mascaras are all maybelline! xxx

  3. Ouch that looks sore.
    My recommendation is Lancome Hypnose for the flush pocket and the new Rimmel Lash Accelerator. Hope you get rid of the nasty eye infection, did you sob when you had to throw the mascaras away? I would be beside myself with distress!!

  4. Oooo that is a bit messy babe. You poor thing :( Mascara wise, Lancome Hypnose for high end and one of my fave high street ones is Rimmel Sexy Curves. Although I could name a few other high street ones. Been buying mascara like its going out of fashion lately and have found some really good un's.


  5. Bless you, that looks really sore :(

    If there's anything I never leave the house with its my mascara. I have to be really careful what I use because of my allergies but my friend recommended Boots No. 7 sensitive eyes mascara. Since getting it i'm in total love with it, I've been able to use it without any problems, it doesn't clump and its easy to remove plus it doesn't break the budget.

    I hope its not too long before you can be flashing those lashes again.

  6. I m so sorry for what happened to you sweetie. My god, this is one heck of a swollen eye you've got here. I hope it goes back to normal soon. I've just read your story about the march disaster, you really not lucky aren't you. I am not the best person to give advice on mascara as I am more a false eye lash person rather than a mascara pro but wish you all the best and prompt recovery xx

  7. Oh no, hope your eye gets better soon! At least it's an excuse to try out some new mascaras... I love Max Factor Masterpiece Max, and the new Rimmel one is pretty good too xx

  8. Holy crap. that looks terrible. I'm so sorry you have yet another eye infection. Honestly. the lashes flutter mascara I have been loving lately is Hourglass Mascara...but my old standby is always Dior Show mascara.

  9. You poor babe! That looks horrendous, I hope it's a little better by the time I'm writing this. I love the False Lash mascara by Max Factor and actually the Voluminous Mascara by Mally gives super lush lashes too. The Bare Escentuals Flawless Definition one is fab, for a day look. And then there's always Dior Show.....

  10. Awww that looks bloody sore!!!

    I'm loving Bare Escentuals Flawless Definition for daytime and Max Factor Masterpiece MAX/Cover Girl Lash Blast for evening.

    Get well soon x

  11. Thanks ladies.

    It is a condition called Blepharitis so it may keep coming up and down :-(

    So at the moment Im not looking to spend too much money out in case I do have to throw away again.

    Thanks you for all your recommendations and kind words x x x


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