Friday, 10 September 2010

I'll be there for youuuuuuuuuuu

Give me two seconds, I just need to tune my worlds smallest violin that is going to play just for Angelina.

In case you haven't heard and haven't had a chance to stock up on large bars of Galaxy chocolate and tissues yet. Angelina has given an interview in which she says she doesn't have many friends and relies on Brad for support and friendship.

Angelina, (or may I call you Angie) sit down next to me hun, I want to explain something to you.

One, don't expect much sympathy from me. You have one of the hottest bodies in the world and not content with that you also have one of the hottest men too. (But hey I digress)

Friendships are hard. Seriously, they are. If you havent got many friends then hun, I expect you to look deep inside yourself and see if there is anything inside you that is worth being friends with. I discussed before about being a "mans woman" you strike me as one of THOSE women.

Look at your track record, yes you do great things for the UN, but a lot of people cannot get over the fact that you stole Brad from Jennifer. That is going to be a sticking point for many women (although if you fancy a crack at Mr Fashionista feel free, i'm quite happy to have Brad in exchange)

Friendship is a two way street love, you have to work at it. I've travelled hours to one of my friends who just needed a hug. I've lent friends my last fiver and offered my children to every last one of them (please, anyone, take them. In fact Angie, sit closer....we need to talk about you adding to your brood)

You need to look deep into yourself and see if you are worthy of someones friendship, not if they are worthy of yours.

I would never announce that I don't have many friends, It would be something I would be ashamed of. Angie, don't put all your eggs in one Brad-shaped (oooh I want one) basket. make some friends.

And if you do have people you consider friends and they just don't invite you over for dinner?

It may have something to do with the huge amount of children you have. Who wants their house filled to the brim with other peoples children when you are trying to stare at another womans husband!!!!!

If you want my digits Angie, you know where to find me.

Thanks for the chat, now tell me, Exactly how big is Brads..........................................................

Big Fashionista x x


  1. ha ha ha cracking post !
    Just shows that beauty and money and the hottest man in hollywood doesn't make one happy... I'd still have some of it if I could though lol

  2. hottest body in the world? are you kidding me? the girl has got no bum and no calves!!

  3. Now I don't like Angie much. She really irks me. But I don't have many friends and I'm not ashamed of it...just throwing that out there ;)

  4. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

    I'd say Ange undoubtedly the most beautiful face in the world but I also disagree about the body. Way too skinny and have you SEEN her veins? They're popping out all over the shop!

    But you are right about Brad - he is HOT STUFF!

    Team Jen all the way.

  5. I am a terrible friend - just a warning everyone! I don't call, I have dropped people, I never go to anything social at work, I am just too lazy. Being a friend let alone a good friend means putting some effort in as you've highlighted. I think it stems from having dreadful PND when my daughter was born (not looking for sympathy or excuses, rather explanation) and I just got out of the habit of being a friend. As for Angelina, I think is is the Jen thing, I just think of that picture of her on their wedding day with Brad's hand on her waist *sob* it is all too sad, so I wouldn't want to be her friend or his.

  6. lol lol lol! this post made me laugh lots. Love it!

  7. Who really comes out with statements like that - if I had to make the same comment (that i didn't have many friends and I relied on my man for all my friendship needs), the few friends i would have would be round to slap some sense in to me.

    What about people who may have considered themselves as her friends? Surely they're going to be feeling rather unloved?

  8. Sorry to be a killjoy but I really hate to see people perpetuate this idea of stealing someone's partner.

    Being in a committed relationship, it's my partner I am puting my trust in, and HE is the one who chooses to stay with me, and honour my trust and fidelity by matching it with his own.

    If some woman offers herself to him, how ridiculous to blame HER for his failure to remain faithful to me. That's HIS choice, HIS actions, HIS decision.

    No-one can "steal" a heart that is truly, fully given - all they can do at best is put temptation it's way and then it's down to the owner of that heart.

    One doesn't STEAL a husband or wife or partner, that husband or wife or partner CHOOSES to go.


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