Wednesday, 29 September 2010

I'm A Grown Up!!! No-one told me!!!

Apparently at age 34, I am a grown up!!! (who knew) This crushing blow was dealt to me by my 10 year old daughter after I had busted some moves to the latest Taio Cruz son in the privacy of my own kitchen!!!!!

"What the hell are you doing?"


"Well don't................... you are a grown up, it's just embarrassing" cue pitying look and sad shake of the head.


Seriously I don't think it had crossed my mind before!!! I still expect people to ask me what I want to be when I grow up (Usual answer, a Tree)

When did this happen? Responsibilities seem to have slipped through my letterbox with the bills while I was out with my friends having a great time and built up until that is it. BANG you're a grown-up.

I don't feel any different from when I was a teen. I still have the body of a 19 year old (avoids the disturbing desire to add, Yeah, buried in the basement) It is just that I buried her in a layer of fat. I still like all the latest songs. (I just get the odd word or two wrong....... there are no lyrics anymore, not like in my day..... oh crap)

And so what if when I was a teen I used to show my friends my latest purchase and shriek, "Look at this, FIFTY QUID this cost me" whereas now I say "Look, look, a FIVER, bargain or what"

I used to like Malibu & Pineapple, now give me a nice glass of wine and i'm happy. Does that HAVE to mean i'm a grown-up?

When does this grown-up thing happen anyway? I remember wishing for it when I was a teenager. It couldn't come quick enough. It was always used as a get-out-clause by parents wasn't it?

"When you are a grown-up, you will understand"

I hated those words, I yearned for that elusive grown-up status. Now, take it away, I didn't order this.

Being a grown up is scary. (Does this mean that I can't go on the swings in the park anymore) I prefer the idea of not labelling anyone a grown up. It sounds so staid and frankly quite boring. I want to carry on waving at strangers out of the car window as I drive past so that they spend the day wondering who that was in the car (juvenile, but so much fun as you watch them crane to see who it is they are waving to) I want to discuss which of the Jonas Bros I would Snog, Marry, Kill. (I will never share that info with anyone other than my diary)

So I will bust some moves to Taio Cruz, I will be found on the swings at the park.

(I have been reliably informed that if I do any of this within 200 ft of my children or anyone that they know, may know or could know in the future-they are calling Childline)

I'm a grown-up?



  1. A very funny and interesting read from you as always. I love your funny posts they always make me laugh

  2. Hahaha! I feel exactly the same way! My son told me I couldn't chase him around the park because I was 'old'. So I did.... and he was right! OK, its the aching joints more than the age....Not doing myself any favours here am I?

    Great post as always!

  3. Snog Nick, Marry Joe, Avoid Kevin. (I'm not sure Nick's old enough to even get married in the US.)

    Is it bad that it took me less than a minute to make that decision?

  4. Thank you Roly x x x

    Whitelily, exactly, my mind is still a teenager it is just my body that is grown up :-)

    Grace, you read my mind LOL

  5. I adore this phrase 'I yearned for that elusive grown-up status. Now, take it away, I didn't order this.' - I'm only 21 so i'm at that i a chid/young adult/adult/grown-up/kid/student/responsible/irresponsible/mature/immatureWHAT THE FUCK AM I stage !xxx

  6. The trouble with being a grownup as in age wise is that I can feel the grumpyknickeredness of the menopause rearing its head - and my body now aches if I try and bust some moves, and those aches last for a good 24hrs. Enjoy being 34, 10yrs down the line the body lets you down too often.

  7. the "waving out of the car window" is going to keep me chuckling all night....scratch that...all week!

  8. I fully appreciate this post after shopping with my teenage niece last week (bloody exhausting). I now prefer Mojitos to my young days of blue bols and lemonade!

  9. this was blog was too funny, but every word was said exactly how i hear it from my kids x

    all i have to say is....... just wait until they grow up...... i'll get my own back x

  10. Such a funny blog - i dread when mine is old enough to be ashamed of me - im 30 and definately not a grown up yet!

  11. Here, here! I feel exactly the same way - just glad I don't yet have kids & my neice still finds it great that I go play on the swings or jump on the trampoline with her.

    Love your blog! x


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