Thursday, 30 September 2010

Just as Beautiful? Just as patronising

So splashed across the internet today is the big fanfare that there is a new magazine becoming available for "plus size" women called Just As Beautiful. (excuse me while I go vomit in disgust)

If I wanted to be patronised I would go and visit my childrens teachers-or worse, my mother!!!!!!

Just As Beautiful. Even the name sets my teeth on edge.

If this was a Catholic magazine would it be called Just as Religious?  If this was a magazine for women of colour and it was called Just As Beautiful there would be an UPROAR and rightly so.

Of course "plus size" women are just as beautiful as their slimmer sisters, and in some cases just as ugly.
(Trust me I've seen some skinny women that look like they have fallen out of the ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down with their face) This assumes that ALL larger women need CONSTANT validation of their beauty. Surely this is true of MOST of us-not just the big girls

There will be no diet tips in this magazine, no airbrushing and no models smaller than a size 14!!!!!!

Seriously Just As Beautiful, give a fat girl some credit!!!! Do you think that if we see a size 12 model in your magazine we will just reach for cake? (Ha, like we need an excuse)  and anyway aren't you just as bad as the magazines that won't use anyone over a size 10 in their magazines? Hypocritical much? You are as bad as the publications and companies that ANNOUNCE to the world they are using a plus size model (size 12) in their campaign. Why does it have to be such a big thing? Why can't you just use the model and not make a song and dance out of it? Women are different shapes and sizes. A representation of ALL types of women should be shown in the media, NOT just the size 6's in one and 16's in another.

What is it with the segragation? I fail to see why there needs to be this magazine at ALL. It is  demeaning to everyone, not just the "larger lady" Will it be talking about stick thin women and how they look like boys or sneer at size 6's and tell them to eat a burger or two?

The publications that we have ALREADY are the ones that should be using a MIX of models. Be it size, shape, ethnicity-It shouldn't matter. Just As Beautiful are the ones who are playing on larger womens fears here. In a way they are saying that we SHOULD be reading this mag as we are larger women. (I'm not falling for that one)

Just As Beautiful will not be making it on to my coffee table i'm afraid. I don't need the validation

and I certainly don't need to be patronised once again by the media.

I'll stick to reading Blogs. We tell it how it REALLY is

Big Fashionista x x


  1. YES! When I saw this magazine launch I wanted to scream! I am not a plus-sized girl but I fail to see why there should be a special magazine!

    IMAGINE if there was a special magazine launched for ladies who fit sizes 0 - 4 (American). You would hear the outrage on the Moon!

    The problem is not just photos of models in magazines. The problem is that no-one is saying to young girls (as my Mum said to me) "that photo has been tampered with, it is impossible to look like that, and your natural beauty is much better than airbrushed 'perfection'". Get your girls to imagine a model from a fragrance or cosmetic ad walking down their local high street and they will quickly realise how unusual models really look!

    Sorry for the rant. Fired up (as usual).

  2. I agree to a certain extent...though I don't mind the magazine that is "just for us" (my company has one as well called The + Look...though it is a look book only and not really a magazine, in that we don't do articles and all that; it literally is just Plus Looks)I certainly agree that the name is a literal slap in the face!

    I certainly can agree that the segregation is not ideal and certainly the name is ridiculous...however, I totally get the reason behind it...we need a place to be showcased and to be advertised to and since, CLEARLY, mainstream magazines will not do it, we have to take the job into our own hands and make sure that it is done.

    But BRAVO for this blog....right on!!!

  3. I bet they market it as being for 'real' women too. Oh well, if the Dove 'real women' campaign is anything to go by this magazine will (rightly) bomb!

  4. Ugh. Makes me think of that Dove campaign that was so patronising.

  5. mmm...cake...

    Really sick of seeing or hearing about stories like this! I also hate the term plus sized...but whatever.

    I bet a skinny person thought of the name of this, thinking they were being all noble. Either that or a self hating fatty. (anyone who takes offence to's my sense of humour - relax)

    SURELY shops like Evans who cater to us JUST-AS-BEAUTIFUL-PLUS-SIZED-LAYDEEZ are doing the same thing by stating the larger woman is a "different" woman who needs an entirely different store to shop at? The difference is stores like Evans (and every other brand that carries plus sized lines) don't pity us - unless of course their clothes are rank. They recognise the differences in our bodies and cater to them, celebrate them and make trends more accesible to us.

    I agree with Dee and Linds - the Dove campaign was stupid in every way possible. Just as well - I'm allergic to their products.

    Grab that last piece of cake and put your feet up with a copy of Vogue.

    Love xx

  6. I havent even read the whole post yet but my fingers are itching to comment, im not plus sized but im even offended...what do they mean Just As Beautiful...*tuts in disgust* if the need for the magazine at all they need to re think that name ASAP.

  7. The name is ridiculous!

    Size 14 in NOT plus size it's NORMAL.

    Maybe we should start calling everything under that Minus Size Models.


  8. This is so silly. As someone tweeted a few days ago (I can't remember who, sorry) the name sound so apologetic. What I would see very refreshing is a magazine that featured models of all sizes that chose not to airbrush or digitally alter their images throughout. That would definitely find it's way on to my coffee table! I think this would be great for young girls too so they can see the difference between a real photo of a girl (of any size) and an airbrushed image.
    Like you, this is why I love blogs so much, honest opinions, helpful reviews and real photos that are straight off the digital camera on to your blog! Long Live Blogs!

  9. Thank the Lord! When I clicked through I was scared you might me applauding the creators of this stupid idea!

    Can you imagine actually walking in to WH Smith and purchasing this?

    Customer: I'll have this magazine that I think I need to validate myself and my size.

    WH Smith Sales Assistant: Want a slab of Dairy Milk/Toblerone/bag of Haribo for a pound with that love?

    This isn't a concept created by the general media (who don't give a toss about readership weight, only how much they can sell them), but someone with a serious chip on their shoulder trying to justify their weight in the completely wrong way!

    Having strolled between 12 and 18 over the last decade I'd have no interest in this sort of gibberish - gimme a good book (and aforementioned daily milk/toblerone/haribo) anyday!

  10. Just As Beautiful?? "Just" as beautiful as what? That is the worst name ever.

    And what's the betting the pages are rammed full of lucrative adverts from diet companies anyway?


  11. I say you should buy a copy just to rip it to shreds in a nice Ranting Post.

  12. I would feel quite self conscious buying this in WHSmiths, it would be a bit like buying a top shelf mag! I would be interested to know who is going to advertise in the magazine, now that could make the whole idea even worse if its all food adverts!

  13. I agree with your post, so much! "The publications that we have ALREADY are the ones that should be using a MIX of models. Be it size, shape, ethnicity-It shouldn't matter" that is the point exactly.

    I had a look at the mag's cover and it looks soooo cheap and just plain simple! Nos all around.

  14. Horrendous name. Possibly the most patronising thing I have ever heard. I hate the fact that as a plus size person I'm supposed to want to go to separate fat people shops, read separate fat people magazines or shop from special fat people ranges within 'normal' shops where they sell 2 hideous tshirts (H&M I'm looking at you here). Why can't mainstream magazines be a bit more inclusive in terms of size, age and ethnicity, or mainstream shops just go up one or two sizes bigger?

  15. Oh God, yes. I couldn't agree more. It's like anyone a Size 14 or over falls into the "special needs" category. "'Scuse me? No thank you, I don't need your pity or your patronism, thank you very much!"

    In a similiar vein, although I was rather taken with Christina Hendricks at first, I am now thoroughly sick of all the coverage of her "womanly curves". Yeah, she's really bab-ba-boom but she is also a working actress and there's more to her than boobs and bum.
    Sadly, it seems that it has got to her too, since this week brought news that she will go on a diet to lose 2 stone as she's sick of being synonymous with her curves (and curves alone).


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