Monday, 20 September 2010

Lush Gorilla Perfume Range

My mother always told me  "If you can't say anything nice. Don't say anything at all"

But luckily I take after my aunt who is more of the opinion that if you can't be honest and criticise every now and then hell, life just ain't worth living!!!! (would have been a short blog post otherwise)

A while ago I was sent a batch of the new perfumes from the Gorilla Range for Lush. You may remember my previous review of Tuca Tuca (If not, refresh your memory -> HERE )  I liked the smell (but frankly I sneezed so often that I was grateful I had remembered to do my pelvic floor exercises after giving birth) At the end of the review I said I looked forward to the release of more perfumes in the Gorilla range................... (I should be more careful what I wish for)

So here goes.  This is MY opinion of the perfumes sent to me by PR for review.

Imogen Rose

Here is the Blurb from the website

Real rose oil and absolute in amounts that nobody in their right mind would use; a soft, exquisite, powdery amber accord and the dry, woody vetivert notes make this eponymous homage to Simon's young daughter a beautiful, romantic, one-of-a-kind perfume. Shakespeare might have written a sonnet. Simon created this.

Ah Simon, Congrats on the birth of Imogen Rose, (beautiful name by the way) I can honestly say that this is definately a homage to babies because frankly it stinks. (You say rose, I say ammonia) There is a top note of rose oil but once that wears off the smell lingers longer than the smell from a soggy nappy. And like a babys nappy I just can't wait to change it. Sorry Simon, but Shakespeare definately wins this round.

The Smell Of Freedom

Woody and Spicy.As it opens up, Freedom becomes a landscape of complex, woody and spicy notes that portrays a masterpiece of profundity and beauty.

Another of Simons creations, This one inspired by his meeting people who had suffered hardships.
This one is better. Sandalwood, Lemongrass and Ginger are just some of the notes that are blended together to create quite a masculine scent. The lemongrass definately shines through on this one and I'm sure anyone who has suffered hardship in the past will smell this and definitely be transported to a better place. *drips sarcasm allllllll over your computer screen (Luckily you cannot bottle despair and pain, that one would probably not be a bestseller)

Orange Blossom

The warmth of a perfect mediterranean moment

Sun-kissed orange groves, fresh orange blossom and neroli perfume that smells like a distilled Mediterranean moment. Orange blossom fragrances are notoriously difficult, but this one captures the smell of the flowers in bloom perfectly, with honeyed and woody notes as it settles down.

If your idea of a "perfect mediterranean moment" consists of a drunken week in Ibiza with most of your time spent with your head down a toilet, then this is the perfect scent for you. It will remind you of that little block that was down the rim with the artificial orange scent designed to take your mind off the smell of the backed up sewage system. LOVELY.


Simon originally created this floral gourmand fragrance for a bath bomb called Vanilla Fountain, inspired by the extraordinary desserts at Heston Blumenthal's The Fat Duck restaurant. When it became an instant hit, Simon was nagged into submission by colleagues until he produced the fine fragrance version.

Hello again Simon, I feel like you are probably still mad at me for my crack at your "homage" to your daughter. (Did I mention I think it is a beautiful name by the way) Simon, Simon, Simon. I like this perfume. Ok it may be slightly too sweet & sickly for my taste but somewhere out there is a twelve year old girl who this is perfect for. It is creamy, buttery and vanillary (ooooh I get it now) it smells so rich that I think I actually put on 4 lbs just smelling it

(I now have a migraine by the way)

(And I want to chew off my own arms at the shoulders so I don't have to smell them anymore)


Unadulterated, intense jasmine.Mark firmly believes that the problem with jasmine fragrances is the temptation to dress them up in a frock and take away the power. With Lust, he went all the way and created a powerfully sensual, dirty jasmine perfume that stirs a primal yearning.

Hello Mark, we hadn't been introduced, um yes....... It was me who insulted Imogen Rose. Stick around a bit  I need to talk about this "powerfully sensual, "dirty" jasmine perfume" Now are you insinuating that the jasmine is in some way ruined by being dropped into a puddle or a pile of steaming dog turds or are you expecting me to become some sort of sexual siren with the morals of an alley cat while wearing this?

Because frankly neither option is working for me here.

The jasmine is strong, in fact heady and quite overpowering. Yet again i'm smelling sandalwood (was there an offer on at Lidls?)  and in fact the only primal yearning that I felt inside was the urge to throw up after ten minutes.

Other fragrances in the range include Cocktail, Icon, The Smell of Weather Turning, Ladyboy and B Scent.

I'm off to wash and take some migraleve. All perfumes are available in store and online.

What do you think of Lush's perfumes.

Let me know.

Big Fashionista x x



  1. *rushes off to buy all the fragrances in this range*- they sound so appealing! Not!
    Oh my giddy aunt - why would I want a perfume ascosiated with a Gorilla anyway!

    Pmsl @ this review! FAB :-D

  2. Ouch. That burned so bad it hurt ME! I'm sad to find that their perfumes are so horrid. I buy body wash called "Olive Branch" and I'm completely in love with it. Their bath bombs are awesome and I've had friends that used the shampoos and loved them.

    So... :( I wonder if the chemicals separated in transit? I don't even know if that's possible.

  3. Sandalwood! *That's* what they overdo. I really don't get on with sandalwood.

    Miss L would love Vanillary. I'm slightly tempted to go and sniff them all now, just to experience for myself. Look at what you've done! ;)

  4. I love Vanillary. Lust and I think Orange Blossom is stunning. No surprise that I love Lust since I adore it's shower gel counterpart. The only one I really don't like off your list is The Smell of Freedom. Its grim.

    Hilarious review even though I must disagree (mostly!) xxx

  5. I love Lush, the bath bombs & ballistics, body lotion, some of the shower gels..I even love the 'Lush' smell you get within 50 yards of the shop which I know some people hate! But I didn't like the perfumes at their sister store B Never Too Busy and these new Gorilla perfumes remind me of those (I know some of them have been resurrected too). They smell too sweet and cloying to me, and all kind of samey.

    I do however really like the original Lush perfume Karma. I think that one has a fair bit of patchouli, and some might find it a bit strong, but I think it has a lovely smell, and a sort of depth to it that the others are missing. If you know what I mean - I'm not very good at describing scents!

  6. Thank you for this great post. i forgot about these and these might be the first thing which could drag me to the lush store since i am not a soap person at all and that the bath bombs are a bit meh for me. Love the packaging, it looks like it's perfect handbag/travel size too. woop, thank you xx

  7. Hey Kellie

    Did you give The Smell of Weather Turning a whiff?

    Smell is such a personal thing at the end of the day. My boyfriend would concur on all the stuff you said, he only liked Vanillary and was bewildered at how I liked the others.

    But, if you hated them that much, can I have them? They cost a bomb! I'm sure they're gathering dust somewhere in your abode unless you've thrown them at a passing car window in disgust!

    Yasmin x

  8. HAHA! Oh my lord! What an ummm honest review. :)

    I could actually 'smell' them as I read your description.


  9. I ordered a sample of The Smell of Weather Turning .....iots not nice either. Its smells exactly like shaving foam, soapy and a little minty. I really wanted to like it as I am usually a fan of 'odd' fragrances but this just reminds me of the time my husband shaving foam leaked in his case!

  10. Ha ha! So refreshing to read a totally honest review, really enjoyable. Don't think you'll be getting any more samples from Lush PR though!

  11. Racheal I'm hoping that the PR appreciate tht the review is without malice and is constructive. But yeah you're probably right ;) I think I'll be lucky to get the free paper sent to me from now on ;-)

  12. Allie, I didn't mind that one just not really my thing and the inspiration behind it? Well............. What more can I add lol

    kelly. I always try to be as honest as possible. Even with things sent by a PR. Otherwise how can you trust me when I say something is good x

    Charlie that's the great thing in life, we all like different scents. Otherwise we would all be wearing the same scent and life would be boring. As I did mention this is my own personal view. Someone has to like them, might as well be you x

  13. I have never gotten on with Lush perfumes, I tried the Honey I shrunk the kids solid perfume and it was just like burnt sugar. Thanks for the warning. Jan x

  14. Where to begin! First of all who the fridge (yes I did say fridge) are Simon & Mark are we supposed to know who they are???
    I actually took it upon myself to find out on the Lush website and after 5 minutes kind of got the idea that Mark is the founder of Lush cosmetics and also of the now closed B Never to Busy To Be Beautiful (welldone on that..) and Simon is basically his son who tags along.
    To be honest I'm still none the wiser to who they actually are! But oh well.

    Anyways I actually went and sniffed them all not so long ago and wasn't impressed with any of them...also quite a strange experience..the little samples to sniff are actually like glass jars with screw lids on them...with nothing in them to somehow the perfume is trapped in there! Very strange.

    Have to agree with what you said about Imogen Rose - erghh not a nice smell at all and I also remember Lust smells not too great as a sniffed an empty glass jar!

    Great review/post as per usual lady!
    Keep it up.

    Fee x

  15. Thank you Lipstickmama and Makeup Savvy for your lovely comments. I actually do love lush Products but oh these perfumes were so bad I actually had a headache.

    Make up Savvy, I haven't a clue who they are either. and if they wear their own scents then to be honest, i don't think i want to either

  16. Brilliant piece! I agree - even though I like sweet gourmand perfumes, I tried Vanillary and 5 seconds later I wanted to throw up. I thought perfumes were supposed to be complex layered scents - otherwise they're just... air freshener? Actually Sainsbury's Vanilla air freshener smells better...

    Am going to steer well away from the rest too now :)

  17. Scent is such a personal thing, and I think because of all the essential oils in these, they become even more "personalized" on your skin. Personally, I liked all of them (and love some of them) to varying degrees except for Lust, which smells a little like toilet cleaner until it calms down.

    That one aside, I like these perfumes because they don't smell like "regular" perfume. If that's what you're looking for, you're in for a disappointment. But then again, I don't look to Lush for anything "regular" in the cosmetics world -- that's not their thing, and that's why I like them.

  18. Your blogposts always make me laugh so much! I have to say, I won't be going near any of these perfumes after reading that, even if they smell nice (doubtful) I won't be able to take them seriously!

  19. These reviews strike me as hateful. Not really funny or "honest," just rude. Impeccable grammar would be helpful, this is a blog dominated by text after all -- and you ARE from England -- learn the language. "Definitely" not "definately." "It was I," not "it was me." And use periods; my God woman, it sounds like you have one.

  20. I read your reviews and i guess they were kinda funny, but certainly not worth spending all that time writing them.
    Who cares if people don't know who Mark and Simon are? Everyone has to start off somewhere, and just because some people are so used to the boring screchy chemical scents that they buy in department stores from designers (who 99% of the time have nothing to do with the composing of the scent itself), it doesn't mean you should shun the people that start off small and try and keep it traditional with in-house perfumers.

    "why would I want a perfume ascosiated with a Gorilla anyway" - My dear, please try and look a bit deeper into things and see past names/packaging etc, as isn't it the liquid itself we are meant to be judging it on??!

    Actually, second thoughts I didn't find it funny at all. It made me cringe in the way you watch those really awful comedy programmes that have bad actors and try too hard to be funny.
    gross. stop it.

  21. Wow, well done Kellie - you must be doing something right to have all the haters on your back this week :) hehe.

    For what it's worth, I have no desire to buy these perfumes but I love the way you write!

    Keep up the good work xxx

  22. I kind of agree with you on the perfume front - they aren't really my thing. Although I'm a big fan of LUSH in general. The only scent I really liked was Superworldunknown (a B scent) and still eeking out the last of my bottle!!

    What I don't agree with are the comments: "Who the fridge (yes I did say fridge) are Simon & Mark are we supposed to know who they are???" and "Make up Savvy, I haven't a clue who they are either."

    Do your research - Mark and his wife Mo have built up a huge empire (started in their basement, hand-making products) with shops worldwide, do absolutely LOADS for eco causes, and have just been awarded an OBE. Simon is their son and has been head of perfumery at the brand for years.

    I do think it's great that you are honest with the products - that's why I read your blog! But just a shame that the owners of the company have to be insulted - not cool!

  23. read with interest your blog, having not used the products maybe the problem is in the formulation some ingredients just don't blended together well, think I will stick to what I know the natural smell of Tea Tree

  24. I do like to see an old post resurrected.

    Hi Louise,

    Thanks for your comments. My point with not knowing about who Mark and Simon are is that I know all about Lush and the way the brand is marketed and Mark and Simon are not mentioned with the branding of Lush at all and then BANG all of a sudden we are expected to be on first name terms with them.

    As a marketing ploy I didn't think it worked.

    Not cool insulting them?

    I don't think I insulted them at all.

    x x x

  25. Dear anonymous.

    Not even going to address your issues until you can come back and put a name to your comment. If you truly believe in what you are writing then you wiould put your name to it rather than hide behind "anon"

    I respect Louises opinion, we don't all have to agree on everything-and i respect her a whole lot more as she didn't hide behind "anon" when she wrote she disagreed with my views.

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  28. I thought your descriptions were interesting, a friend and I tend to sniff perfumes, make horrible faces and proclaim things like "oh it smells like bugs." I'm incredibly sensitive to synthetic perfumes and the fact that Lush hardly uses any is amazing for me.

    I have to hold my breath when I walk through the detergent isle at the store or I immediately start sneezing, coughing, blowing my nose and having my eyes water everywhere. That being said I could stand in a Lush store all day and never have a single problem until I smell something with Jasmine (Lust)

    The reviews were fun and I think it's important for people to have a reference point but I'm also disappointed that some commenters can take one person's opinion and adopt it as their own without experiencing the product.

    To be honest I don't like any of the perfumes you reviewed either except Imogen Rose (still a little too baby powderish for me but I'm excited for the limited edition Rose Jam perfume)

    25:43 and Breath of God are my favorites. Someone complained about scents not being layered enough, but 25:43 you can smell the different layers of cinnamon, tonka, and lemon.

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