Wednesday, 1 September 2010

A Man's Woman? WHY?

So I'm back. Have you missed me?

Trust me I have a lot of pent up opinions that are going to come flooding out over the next couple of days plus I have some reviews and some fab Nom or Voms planned out just for you guys.

PLUS I came back to 200 followers as well so I will be planning some sort of giveaway shortly too.



Are you sitting comfortably? Let's begin.

Recently I was sitting in a restaurant with some friends when I overheard the most absurd comment ever (Ok, I was with my children. Ok, it was MacDonalds. But please, leave me some illusion of a grown up lifestyle)

I was just tucking into my second course (cheeseburger chaser) when the three people on the next table began to discuss their new work colleague. I must point out that it is EXTREMELY unlike me to eavesdrop (Usually I just try to work myself into the conversation) but what the women said to her two male colleagues just left me slienced with shock. (It happens occasionally-honest)

Woman to male colleagues about new female work colleague.

"To be honest i'm not even going to try to get on with her, I'm more of a "MAN'S WOMAN"

I nearly spat out my cheeseburger (I said NEARLY, waste not, want not)

Seriously luv? You are not even going to try to talk to her because you are a "man's woman"? What the hell does that mean anyway?

Why on earth would you do that? I understand getting on well with men, I have a male friends, we can talk football, the price of We can chat about lots of things (honest) but why would that then stop me from talking to and getting on with women?

Is it just another example of one woman treading over another to get what she wants? (Apparently that happens!!!! I KNOW!!! total SHOCKER)

A bit further on in her conversation she said "She's probably a bitch anyway. Most women are, Its why I get on better with you guys"

Two things, ONE, haven't you just proved yourself to be one of those bitchy women you were just talking about and TWO. BIIIIIIIIIIIIIIITCH.

In fact she was tring so hard to be one of the lads i'm surprised she didn't just call every female server in the place a 'ho and ask them to get their tits out for the lads!!!

Why would anyone in this day and age want to define themselves that way? I'm not a man's woman OR a woman's woman. I get on well with people REGARDLESS of their sex. If we have something in common does it really matter whether they are male or female? It doesn't even factor for me, it had never even crossed my mind to be honest.

Is she sabotaging the "sisterhood" by creating a THEM or US mentality? Was she using her feminine charms to get the men to do her work for them? Does anyone else describe themselves in this way? Or are you more of a woman's woman? And most importantly, Why do MacDonalds only serve breakfast until 10.30am

Ahhhhh it's GREAT to be back

Let me know what you think.

Big Fashionista x x


  1. Eugh she sounds like a right cow! Hmmm you made me want McDs now! x

  2. I think women can be so crap with each other, what happened to sisterhood!

    (I'd kill for a Maccy D's too now)

  3. I have been known to refer to myself as a girl's girl before now, because I love traditionally "girlie" things ie beauty etc. BUT I've never used that as an excuse for not bothering to get on with men or to do men down somehow. It absolutely infuriates me that that woman made that decision about her new colleague on the basis that she's a woman. As Lucy says, what has happened to the sisterhood?

  4. I would suggest she is insecure and jealous of her new colleague - what other reason does she have for not even bothering to find out if they get on??

    I work in a completely male environment and I get on really well with them all, but most of my best friends are women. I just don't judge people by their sex. I either like you or I don't!

  5. So, basically she is scared that this new woman is going to get all her attention and therefore feels the need to majorly suck (*clears throat*) up to the men in the office to make sure she is still their number one. It's so blatent it is pathetic.

    Honestly, I hate all this crap. What is it with women being threatened by each other? i hate this bitchy attitude. Why not try and get on with the lady first before you make a snap judgement? The poor woman is new to the job and petrified as it is without the need for this woman's horrible attitude to her.

    *sucks teeth* Whatever.

  6. I think it's ridiculous to claim to be a 'man's woman'. Just because you get along well with one sex does not mean that you automatically are inept at being amicable to the other.
    Hope you had a good bank holiday x

  7. First off, I've had that McDonald's question for years. They should at least serve breakfast until noon. I digress.

    As for this "man's woman" you speak of, sounds like baby girl is threatened by her female counterparts. A lot of women tend to not socialize or get along with other women because they feel they can't compete and this is where this heffa should really be reading up on the #womanlaws the Social Media Mafia and I have been trying to teach for the past 10 weeks. THERE IS NO COMPETITION! Get over yourself, lady! You sound stupiT.

    Nice post!

  8. This is a post subject that I whole-heartedly agree with you on, especially that Maccy D cheeseburgers are the best main course! Obviously the bitchy woman felt threatened by the new girl in the office so obviously decided to undermine her by bitching to her 'boys'! I used to have a friend that bragged she was a man's woman and had more male friends that women friends. I found out the hard way why, as she liked to sleep with her friend's boyfriends and ridicule her friends in front of men so that she looked the better catch. She would often make a big deal out of knowing about mechanics and moto-sport ( I can't lie these bore the arse of me!)Obviously now she is now longer my friend and to be frank she had shit shoes! Apologies for the rant. xx

  9. I've never understood all the workplace politics. I was once asked by a colleague if my team treat me differently because I'm a female manager. Because I'm a manager or because I'm female? What on Earth did we fight for 40 years ago?? (In fact, make that 100 years ago too). Gender shouldn't matter. I've always worked in a technical area too but I'm a self-confessed fashionaholic and serial shopper.Never seen without make up and heels I wonder if my ability would be questioned if I paid a visit to Frumpyville? I have male and female friends and a whole army of haters. The best person to try to fit in with is YOU! Do your best, be proud of who you are and what you do. "File" the rest :)

    Chris x

  10. Firstly parts of this made me laugh so much my flatmate made me read it out loud to her!

    Secondly I've heard this kind of thing many times in my office. There are just some very stupid people out there who really do think that way. I don't really understand what gender has to do with it, you like people for who they are, not whether they have a cock or not!

  11. some brilliant comments on this. I'm glad that you all agree with me..... it means so much to me.........McDonalds should serve breakfast later shouldnt they x x x

  12. I can be a bit of a geek and some of the things I like are 'boy' things but I would never say I was a man's woman. In my experience its usually code for a bitchy/slutty girl (sorry I know that sounds harsh)
    i love men, and I love women - I have male and female friends and I like them for different reasons. I HATE women who feel that they have to put down other women.


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