Thursday, 23 September 2010

Models Own do it again (Car Key Collection)

I am a HUGE fan of Models Own, I love the range of colours (currently rocking with nude beige while my ten yr old daughter goes to school in purple-grey!! Where's the justice)

I love the Models Own stands in Boots.

And I love that Models Own do some of the best dupes around. (Purple-Grey/Paradoxal anyone?)

Did you want to buy the Chanel Khaki range but found that you didn't have the funds?

Worry not poor peeps. Models Own are proud to introduce to you.............

The Car Key Collection.

The name alone is enough to make me laugh, you have to love a dupe, but a cheeky dupe is just up my alley.

Grace Green

Becca's Brown

Purple Ash

Bang on trend and perfect for A/W nails. (Becca's Brown-nom nom)

This range is being released in October and I for one can't wait. I will be purchasing all three of these and be proud to wear them. Not just as dupes but as great colours in their own right.

Loving the cheek Models Own and can't wait for the next collection to come out x x x

Big Fashionista x x


  1. Love Models Own, I still need to run to Boots to get my Chanel dupe..and cant wait for those colours nxt month!! I'm going to have a nose around your blog it looks interesting...xx

  2. oooo I will be checking this out. There very pretty :-) xx

  3. Just as I was searching on ebay for a Chanel Khaki Vert and dropping my jaw at the prices, the saviour that is Big Fashionista comes along like a fairy godmother to bestow happiness on me. Thanks K, just have to check out if Models Own are in a Boots near me....Jan x

  4. iampurplestarz Hi hun, thanks for the comment, hope you like what you see.

    Angelisheyes. they are gorgeous colours arent they? im definately going to be purchasing.

    Lipstickmama LOL If you cant find any models own in Boots they will be selling them online as well. I love Models Own. Fab colours. and for £5 each I can get all three cheaper than I can buy ONE Chanel!!!! x x x

  5. Love it!! Cant wait to get theses! xx

  6. Annoyingly there isnt a model's own stand at my boots, I really wanna check them out, they seem such a good price and such nice colours.


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