Friday, 10 September 2010

Nom or Vom

Todays Nom or Vom is especially for the lovely Lynnette Bateman, Thinking of her today x x x

Ok, so today's Nom or Vom is an internationally renowned artist, a man who immerses himself fully into his roles and is basically an all round HOTTY.

It may be grey and miserable outside but when I look at this man, I feel all warm inside.

Viggo Mortensen, star of The Road, Eastern Promises, Lord Of The Rings and GI Jane.


Chiselled cheekbones, dimpled chin. mmmmmmmmmmmm

One more? One that caters to you long haired lovers out there. one of the few men I have seen that can ROCK facial hair.

Wet & dripping, (that was not a question ladies)

I was COMPLETELY captivated by this man in GI Jane, For me he MADE the film and I have been known to watch this film just for scenes that he is in. Softly spoken and yet made of steel (woof) Master Chief John James Urgayle could court martial me anytime.

Have you seen the film Eastern Promises? Oh you should.

So what do we think ladies?

Nom or Vom

Big Fashionista x x


  1. Oooh it's a nom today! I thought I didn't fancy him (bum chins - can't abide by them) but that wet pic has tipped me into the nom category!

  2. still indecisive...not a nom but not a vom either...definitely not a vom lol

  3. I@m afraid its a vom for me. I think when he's not Aragorn he does nothing for me at all.

  4. Its a vom from me today :(


  5. I'm with Charlie only Nom as Aragorn.

  6. I think this is my first vom actually!

  7. Its a Nom, but it always seems to be a nom from me. x

  8. I'd quite happily nom on that :)

  9. Its a nom from me, did you know that they are making a sequel to Eastern Promises!

  10. I think I'm in agreement with some of the others...he's only nomalicious as Aragorn! He makes LOTR SOOOOOO much more interesting! :)

  11. Obviously a nom from me since you so kindly did this for me! Thank you, these pictures brightened up my stressful day last week. You are a star. Lynnette x


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