Thursday, 16 September 2010

Nom or Vom

It has been brought to my attention that not all of my readers like to see sexy hot men who have waved goodbye to their twenties as for some readers they find that the older men remind them of their dads!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Cough up them digits girlies and prepare to call me mumma)

So in an effort to be "down wiv da kids" I have gone all out and researched thoroughly hot men in their twenties (It's a hard job, but someone has to do it) and today I bring you..........

Zac Efron................

The star of Disneys High School Musical franchise and now carving a career as a "serious" actor Mr Efron has been fluttering the hearts of teens and mums for quite a few years now.

But guess what ladies? He can now grow facial hair!!!!!!!! That has to make it ok to Nom Nom over him doesnt it?

Look, there is a beard and everything.

I feel slightly dirty doing this, Gratuitous almost topless shot?

Hang on, I feel better (slightly)

(Maybe I should try a sexy black & white hot & steamy shot to see if that helps?)

Fans self with 17 Again poster.  This seems to be working...................

One more pic just so you can appreciate the full beauty of Zac Efron?

He is 22, he is 22, he is 22, he is 22, he is 22, he is 22, he is 22, he is 22, he is 22, he is 22, he is 22. he is 22, he is 22, he is 22, he is 22.

Ok, the choice is yours. Nom or Vom?


  1. With a beard it is sooooo right. Without it's just so wrong and I feel like I'm perving on him and I'm 22! But he just looks soo young.

    So with beard..nom!
    Without.....hmm I'd pass...maybe! :)

    Fee x

  2. I likes his eyes... his come to bed eyes!

    Nom from me! x

  3. Oh and I am 29 (30 in Feb, eek), does this make it wrong? xx

  4. Nom! I love him. Evn though I'm only 3 yrs older than him, the HSM thing makes it feel a bit wrong but I'll try hard to get past that. Ialso have a girl crush on his missus Vanessa Hudgens so I hope I never bump into them (unlikely on chesterfield high street), I'd seem like a right perv.

  5. Perfectly acceptable to fancy a 22 year old (when he was 17 it was a different matter). Got a touch of the Jared Leto's about him - no bad thing, although - even with the facial hair he's a bit too pretty boy for me. So I can see why he's mostly seen as a nom, and wouldn't put him in the vom category, but just not my type. x

  6. Hmmm tough one. I dont normally like pretty boys. Gareth is an exception. Hes just my soul mate.

    Erm.... Nom I suppose if it didn't have all that hair. Either a nice short back and sides or a skin head ha.


  7. The Cougar from Del Monte - she say 'Nom'.

    The words BANG LIKE A DRUM come into my head.

  8. Nom nom nom nom nom. That is all.

  9. Nom, nom, NOM. I am 33 and I am not at all ashamed to admit, Zac is GORGE.

    Always thought he was a cutie in the High School Musicals but it wasn't until 17 Again that I was like 'woah, is it right to be thinking these thoughts about a young boy?'. Him and that Taylor Lautner - JAIL BAIT, I tell you!

    I definitely would ;-)

  10. Droooool. I am old enough to be his mum, if I had started early enough. So wrong and yet... I don't care!

  11. Gotta say vom. Does nothing for me...not when am currently obcessed with Jenson Ackles should check him out! x

  12. No vom for me - too pretty and too young, blimey I was 22 when he was born for goodness sake! Anyway DVD is on now in Diagnosis Murder, slippers pipe and tea at the ready. Jan x

  13. Vom...he looks too young, and I'm only 25. I need a MAN! Well, I have a man, but you know what I'm saying! :)

  14. I say Nom now I'm off to visit Cougar Town!

  15. He makes me feel like a dirty old woman, but in a good way! I totally would!!

    And LupiLawrence I'm totally with you on the Jensen Ackles thing, he's one of those men thats beautiful in a totally masculine way!

  16. Ugh, just realised I used the word 'totally' 3 times in the same post, sorry - I think my brain short circuited what with the topless picture of Zac and then the thought of Jensen...

  17. Definite NOM from me! He is absolutely gorgeous! :) xx

  18. He has always been a VOM for me but recently he starting getting rather NOMMY...I think it's because he's starting to look less and less like a little boy and more like a man so it's doesn't feel wrong to fancy him! lol He wears that beard well!! Nothing better than well groomed facial hair!

  19. Vom! The boy wears makeup! I want me a REAL man.

  20. I'm Vomming because I find myself Nomming...its all verrry wrong!


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