Friday, 24 September 2010


Attention please. Apologies for the break in our scheduled programming, this is to bring you a typical Big Fashionista RANT. (I have missed these this week)

If I read about ONE more jobless couple with a house full of children bleating to the papers that they deserve a bigger house well I am afraid I may do something some damage.

Todays nominees for Wasters Of The Year are jobless Wayne & Jenna Sandercock...............

Here is the link to their "story" Chavs need homes too ;-)
They think it is "outrageous" that they can't be given a bigger home as their two bedroom council house is too crowded for them and their SIX children.........................

Deep breathe.

Dear Wayne & Jenna, here is a novel idea for you.................



The six children are all named after soap characters and rappers (words fail me) The new twin girls are called Roni & Roxi from Eastenders and the others are called Shakur!!!! Italy, (Lil) Wayne & Rain. (A small tip from BF, call your offspring what you like, but seriously why be proud that they are named after soap characters and rappers? Why?)

People should be able to have as many children as they want..... If they can afford to keep them, clothe them and put a roof over their heads themselves and not expect people like me and mine to support them.

You want a bigger house Wayne & Jenna? Why not get off your backside and get a job? And don't bleat that there is nothing out there for you. A REAL dad would scrub toilets and sweep roads if he had to to support his family!!!!

£25,000 a year in benefits they get!! Thats why they won't get a job..... It isn't as well paid as sitting on the dole on your arse doing nothing but making more babies.

You think that you are being treated unfairly Wayne & Jenna? You have gone to the media to get support for your housing situation?

I have nothing but contempt for you......... you milk the benefit system, bleeding it dry like leeches Get a job and get some respect.

and while you are there get some contraception too.

Big Fashionista x x x

Apologies to the break in programming. Normal Services will now be resumed


  1. You got a link hun? to read the story online.



    there you go hun x x x

  3. oops didnt work, have added it to the story xx

  4. unfucking real....this is what our country has come to....wasters..great post xx

  5. Ha ha, I absolutely love your rants! You are so me, just prettier and better with words :)

    Maybe it's time to have a name change? LOL

  6. Oh hoorah! Blogger likes IE but not Firefox it seems *grrr*

  7. I can't work out what the Daily Mail are more *outraged* about. The fact that they want a bigger house, or the fact that they have named their kids after celebrities.

    That's a lot of kids with not-very-good parental role models to look up to there.

  8. Im sorry as a fulltime working mum whos partner also works sometimes 90+ per week (and thats just hubby) I am outraged by the fact these small minded people have the time to go the the local paper. I wish i had time to pick up a news paper and read it once in a while.

    I expect they emailed in on their top of the range laptop/PC whilst watching sky on the massive 60 inch plasma tv that my taxes help pay for.

    This country is a joke. Yes everyone is entitled to have as many children as they wish but its clear the only reason they are having large amounts isnt because of love its because its an extra £100 per week......

    I would love to have more children (i only have the one) but i know even working full time as i do ive got my mortgage to pay, a car to run and bills to pay.......

    This country is a joke officially......

    Love the blogs tho :o)

  9. *giggles* He's ACTUALLY called Wayne.

  10. Well I am not all for Conservatives, but I think that's where Labour has gone really really wrong, and I hope that Cons are going to do something about it now.

    I am sorry, but this is only going to make this country go downhill... I can only afford 1 child and we both work full time. They don't work and have 6 kids (and probably more to come)... next generation, 1 kid who's been educated to work hard (I fully intent to make sure my son does so), 6 kids who have been shown that you can do nothing and get some money and have 6 children each... exponentially that means very soon there will be very few workers and everybody else is going to be on benefits !

  11. You need to become an MP, I would vote for you! The country is in a mess and people like this family think the welfare state is their employer dishing out wages for them having children. Its depressing!

  12. It just kills you doesnt it. We have a little boy (16 mnths) and my partner works full time, and I work and a monday and tuesday while my sister has my son in the day, and then she works a thursday and friday and I have her son. Realistically with the economy at the moment, I cant see us being able to afford another child for a long time, but thats fine because we can support the one we have and have a fairly nice life. I just wish everyone else thought like me and you and didnt claim claim claim! My partner pays so much tax for the likes of these people which we would love to keep towards our sons upkeep!x

  13. I agree with you all.

    Rachelle Xxx

  14. I'm currently unemployed after over NINE years in the same job, and it's not as easy as it would seem to get a new job. I've sent CVs to loads of employers and none of them have gotten back to me.

    It's people like them that give hard working people that find they end up out of work a bad name. They should have their benefits stopped as they are obviously not doing anything to find work so they can afford to get a bigger home and give their children a better life.

    God help the people that live around them as I can imagine that their older children are running wild and terrorising the estate, as their parents are obviously to busy having unprotected sex to look after their children properly. Their story makes them sound like unfit parents as they obviously have never been told about safe sex, and are having children that they obviously can not afford to keep.


  15. I agree with every word you say, my partner and I work full time and just get by providing for our kids. My partner's friend and his wife haven't worked since leaving school. They have 5 kids and have just been given a four bedroomed house. They pay jack shit rent or council tax, yet have all the latest gadgets, sky, wii, laptops,etc. It makes my blood boil it's so bloody wrong.


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