Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Rock Face Minerals

This wouldn't have been a beauty week for me without a post about Rock Face Minerals. One of the first companies that I connected with when I first started this blog, I wrote about them in Fashion Insight magazine and raved about the colours and the superb quality of the mineral make-up.

And my opinion of this brand has never wavered.

From the superb range of mineral foundation which is available in 29 different shades to the beautiful eyeshadows which cover all the colours in the rainbow and then some, I am completely hooked on this brand.

Throw in mineral blushers, bronzers and even lipbalms and you have the perfect range for EVERYONE. Whether you have been a fan of mineral make-up forever or are still new to the experience there is a shade and part of the range for you.

Need a beautiful green?

How about Danny Boy?

Need a deep dark brown to accentuate those eyes?

Bog Meadows is the colour for you.

The shadows are extremely light and don't feel gritty on the eyes at ALL. they can be used as subtly or as layered as you wish. I suffer badly with irritated eyes and these have given me no trouble at all.

Take a look at one of the fresh new colours for A/W This purple is called Monaghan Mauve which I have just brushed on my eyes with NO primer so you can see what can be achieved.

I hope you can see the colour just popping through (excuse the eyebrows, threading is tomorrow, oh the shame)

If you aren't already acquainted with Rock Face Minerals then I suggest you go check out the website immediately. All the make up is made purely from crushed minerals and mica!! there are NO nasty irritants involved at RFM.

If you are already a fan of this brand, then let me know your favourite eyeshadow shades from RFM.

Mine is Ruby Murray a lovely sparkly brown red.

Totally gorgeous.

All eyeshadows are £7.00 and foundations are £13.00 and you can even purchase samples of the foundation for just £1 each so that you can be sure of the shade.

I hope they can become as much a favourite of yours as they are as mine.

Big Fashionista x x

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  1. Ooooh they look awesome, I'll definitely have to check them out.


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