Tuesday, 28 September 2010

SureSlim UK Diet first week result

Have you ever thought that you may be pregnant and from that moment on all you see is pregnant women, ads for clear blue tests and babies everywhere?

That is what this week has been like for me on my first week of my new healthy eating plan with SureSlim UK. Everywhere I look there is food. Cakes, sweets, chocolate (I even found myself salivating at the thought of marmite chocolate this morning!!!-KILL ME)

But I have persevered and to be totally honest I have found the plan really easy to get on with. Three meals a day, lots of veg, lots of water and making sure I take my vitamins and other essentials needed to really help the diet along.

Don't get me wrong I have suffered, a lifetime of eating what I want and when I want meant that I experienced what I now know to be called "hunger pangs" for the first time EVER!!!!! I threw a huge tantrum on Sunday which I put down to my blood sugar going a bit wobbly and I spent yesterday on the edge of tears for absolutely no reason at all, plus I have had a low grade headache ALL week.

But this isn't a quick fix diet and I am still in the detox stage of what is to me a complete change of lifestyle. It has been great to really take time to prepare a meal, chop up vegetables and weigh things out. It makes eating a meal a lot more pleasurable than just eating something out of the microwave that you just eat on the run.

I have weed like a racehorse this week, I swear for every litre I put in, I pass two. But that has to be good right?

So this morning was the moment of truth, WEIGH-IN. I approached the scales like a murderer going to the gallows.

And then got off and danced around Boots with my friend like a mad woman.


Yes, you read that right!!!!!!

9lb, in ONE week!!!!!

I even told the security guard in Boots, (and I might have told the lady in the post office too)

and then I came home and measured myself which is possibly the most important thing and found I have lost.

2" off my bust

3" off my waist

2" off my hips

7 inches in total!!!!!!!!

I am so bloody happy I admit I got tearful while standing on the scales!!!!

So onwards and downwards as they say.

Here's to next week and more loss.

Big Fashionista x x

Dances around doing the happy dance.


  1. really genuinely happy for you sweetie
    it's so hard for me to lose weight xx

  2. Bloody hell! That's amazeballs! Fantastic work chica - keep it up! Very proud of you. xx

  3. thats amazing and so motivational

  4. Wowsers! That is so good - well done, you must be chuffed. x

  5. That's brilliant! Well done.

    Good luck for next week and the future. :)


  6. Well Done! Now you've got the motivation to keep going! x

  7. well done you!!!! absolutely brilliant xxxxx

  8. Congratulations :) Nothing beats the type of motivation brought on by weight loss :) Good luck!

  9. You aiming to become zero fashionista?

    Sounds like you're following a sensible plan thank goodness ... it seems to us that, often, the more absurd the diet the more fanatical the followers

  10. 9 pounds! That is sooooo great...you are near to a stone and you are only starting your 2nd week!

    Really pleased for you. :)

    Fee x

  11. Wow! Well done, that really is amazing. Whilst I can only imagine how happy you are, deservedly so and I would be too, I do find that alarming, healthy guidelines for everyone is 2lbs a week whatever diet you do. I don't want to be negative because I really do think it's an amazing loss and you must be so chuffed, I just hope it doesn't keep going at that pace! I know you might hate me a little bit for hoping that though, but its only because I don't want you to get poorly xxxx

  12. Thank you ladies for all your support. Means a lot. X x x

  13. WOW!!! well done you! I am now off to find out more about this....and yes, the weeing for England bit normal.... well bloody done girl!

  14. jesus !!!! 9 pounds !!!????? well done you !!!! massive respect !!! xxxxx

  15. Great stuff - I did this just over 18 months ago, lost 2 and a half stone in 9 weeks. The first week was getting rid of the water [as you say] 13lbs. I now do the maintenance bit and hover around that final figure dependent on the wine content lol. It's really easy to maintain once you have reached your target and it did not affect my health in any other way but for the good. Keep it up you will love the end result. Regards Brian

  16. As I said on twitter that is AMAZING! Well done lovely, good work!

  17. Congratulations cue cheesy Cliff Richard moment - I am delighted for you, 9lbs is 9lbs and that is completely fantastic - well done you what a great incentive to continue. Jan x

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  19. Thanks Brian, that is really inspiring to hear.

    I don't expect a huge loss like that every week. i have lost a lot of bloating definately. quite happy for it to settle down to 2lb a week. I'm really enjoying planning my meals and taking time enjoying my food. Also I have found out I like pork!!!!! I haven't eaten it in years as I thought I didn't like it. I do!!!

    And eating fresh vegetables is doing my skin wonders as well.

    I will be updating my blog every week so I hope everyone comes back next tuesday and I have another great week.

    Knowing that I am going to write it all down and record my loss is definately a great incentive to keep going x x

    Thank you all so much for the support and comments x x x

  20. well done! you're so amazing!!! xxx

  21. Well done Kellie. Amazing! I imagine your weigh in made the hunger pangs worth it. Incredible.

    Good luck for the weigh in tomorrow lovely



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