Monday, 25 October 2010

BNTM Live-A Review

This is coming to you live from my living room where I am currently tapping away on the keyboard with my poor throbbing feet encased in Ugg Slippers (Bite me Bangs) ;-) and there is no way I will be moving today.

This is after I spent ALLLLLLLLL of yesterday of BNTM Live at the Excel Centre with my ten year old daughter.

10-6.30pm walking around (and around and around and around and around) a not very large area looking at the hundreds of stalls of make up and jewellery and make-up and fashion and make-up (did I say make-up already?)

Now let me tell you something, When you have seen one teenage girl made up to the nines wearing six inch heels you may THINK you have seen them all. But you haven't. (How some of these girls got out of their houses that morning I really don't know) I wanted to sit down with some of them, have a motherly chat and wet wipe them until I saw skin. (Some of these girls made Cher Lloyd look like a natural beauty!!!!!)

Just when I thought the fun had ended it got to lunch time and the teenies realised that heels were possibly not the best thing to wear ALL day to an exhibition. (Like.......... duh)

Watching these girls shuffling around like they were walking on glass gave me the biggest laugh of the day. (Listen to your mothers girls, we do KNOW best)

Overall the BNTM Live experience was not quite what I expected. The venue was quite small and the queues were immense for the free manicures and massages.

I came across some fabulous companies that I will definitely purchase from again. Hello Rebel Nails

I met the FABULOUS Wonderbra girls and Hayley from LBQBlog. I spent some quality time with my daughter (who outshopped me with ease and style) and I watched girls strut around desperate to be noticed by model scouts.

I'm glad I went, but I was even gladder to get home.

Now who's going to make me a coffee?

Big Fashionista x x


  1. We'll be at Excel next weekend on pr for MCM Expo! Great fun! x

  2. I got to the point about you wearing Ugg slippers and had to step away from the computer and punch something. But it's OK, I'm back. I've gotta hand it to you - you have much more patience than I, being able to spend all day at one of those things. I couldn't do it. Hats off to you.

  3. Hahah, oh god. Those girls! I wanted to buy them all Ugg boots.

    Lela London - Fashion Blog and Shoe Blog

  4. First of all, as an Australian I fully endorse the ugg as a slipper. It was never intended for outdoor wear and I will have to shun you when that day arrives. However, as a slipper, rippa rita!!!

    I was in the Docklands over the weekend of BNTM live. I had no idea it would be so busy! The Excel centre really isn't that big so I can imagine how crammed it was! The DLR certainly was! I was sooooo dismayed with the people I saw coming and going. When did tweens and teens turn into miniature hangs and street walkers? Why are their mothers, teachers, role models letting it happen? Why aren't girls just allowed to be girls anymore? It makes me so sad. I was a late developer. I purposely packed my Barbies away at 13 as I thought I was getting too old for them. I miss play time! As a gorwn up playing = shopping! Fun, but way more expensive! I didn't wear makeup till I was 16 and that was only mascara and some pink lipstick. And heels, they weren't till my first summer office job when I was 17. I felt so ridiculous in them and thought I looked like I was trying to be 20 years older than I actually was. It wasn't till I hit 19/20 that I started developing into the woman I am now that strives to be groomed and put together. I honestly feel like I'm a better person for it as I appreciate natural beauty on all kinds of different levels. xxx


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