Thursday, 21 October 2010

Credit Crunch wedding?

So the word on the street is that William & Kate are about to announce their engagement very very soon.

(Altogether now, Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh)

Now this is a brave move from Wills and his lovely bride to be. Don't they know there is a credit crunch on?

I imagine that the underbelly of Buckingham palace is awash with advisors trying to find a way to give them the wedding of their dreams without alienating the great British public.

Don't worry Wills & Kate, I have some ideas that may help make the day go smoothly, and in fact if you play your cards right (Bruce Forsythe as Master of Ceremonies maybe?) you could end up earning out of it.

Lets look at the facts, He is the future King of England. He would be foolish not to at least look at the offers on the table from OK magazine and Hello (I imagine there are Muffin baskets being made up as we speak)

But lets think outside of the box for a minute.

Don't tell the Bride.

It would be perfect for them, Wills running around with £78 pounds left and still having to buy the cake plus pay for a stag do. (£78 quid? Harry may have to cough up some readies to pay for the cocktails) Kate crying because none of her family were invited as all the money went on buying tranquilisers for grandad Phil.

I would watch it!!!!!!! I think we would ALL watch it.

Or how about

Four Weddings

Least that saves on paying out for a honeymoon.

Bride one tell us about your wedding "Well, we are having it in a pub, and it will be a buffet meal but they are short of chairs so can you all bring your own chair"

Bride two, tell us about your day. "Well, we are getting married in St Pauls Cathedral before having a small intimate do for 3000 people back at Buck Palace"

Honeymoon sorted.

Now how about the dress? Well every dress worn by a bride is special isn't it. Kate could go boring, Wang, Halston. But lets face it, she is never going to be able to top Diana's dress. So I'm just going to suggest Ebay. Lets face it, she isn't going to be able to wear it again is she? She will be papped at every opportunity, she might as well pick up a cheap knock-off, save a couple of quid and then afterwards can sell her story about how she wed the future King of England in a £12 Ebay dress (so now she is saving money AND making money)

Guests, God guests cost a lot. Feeding them, watering them, amusing them. To cut down on the number of attendees I suggest getting Grandad Phil involved, make him feel useful and ask him very nicely to write out the invites. And you DEFINITELY would love it if he added a small little comment at the bottom of the invite, you know, something funny grandad.

50% of guests alienated in one go. Job done.

Flowers? Well, isnt that what Kew Gardens is for????

No no Wills & Kate, Don't thank me. I'm only glad that I could help save you some pennies on your special day. Whats that?

Invite is in the post?

Gee Thanks!!!!!!

Big Fashionista x x


  1. Haaaaa! Gosh - just the thought! Makes me grateful for my less nutty relatives!

  2. I would love Don't Tell The Bride - Royal Edition :-)

  3. nice! big will needs to get a twitter account set up and get some comps going...

    - who can make a cake fit for a king
    - who can make a dress fit for a princess


  4. Don't Tell The Bride: Royal Edition NEEDS TO HAPPEN. Someone make this happen!

  5. Great idea, true entertainment for the masses!

  6. i vote for either don't tell the bride or that awful wedding house! my mum puts together a mean wedding day ipod play list. she could save them a fortune on the dj! :) x


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