Thursday, 7 October 2010

Debate-Round two

A couple of months ago, the lovely Muireann from Bangs And A Bun and I had a rather lovely debate on tattoos (I won, don't listen to her) and as neither of us can think of anything to blog about we have decided that now would be the right time to bring on Round Two.

Reality TV

I have a confession to make.

My name is Kellie and I am a reality television ADDICT.

I get Xcited by X Factor, Stirred by Strictly, I boo at Big Brother (Can I stop now?)

Reality TV is superb, a small glimpse into the world of real people where you can pick a favourite and then another one 24 hours later.

But there is a secret to watching "Reality TV" that you should never forget.


(Sorry if I have ruined something there for you. For gods sake don't ask me about Father Christmas!!!)

Bangs will tell you that if you watch Reality TV you should be bitchslapped into next week (she's mean like that :-) ) She doesn't understand that a TRUE fan of reality shows sees behind the production and doesn't take anything at face value.

Let's take for example Big Brother.

1 hour a night of highlights? They knew exactly how to edit the show to make the right person win. They could have put Jack The Ripper in that house and at the end of the run after he killed all the female contestants and cooked their intestines for the rest of the housemates breakfast (Pardon my aggression today, I am out of coffee) you would still be voting JACK TO WIN, and raving about how he is just "misunderstood"

But that is ok. Most of us get how it works and watch because it is escapism. Had a god-awful day? turn on I'm A Celebrity" and watch a c'leb eat witchety grubs. (always makes me feel better)

Reality TV isn't a bad thing, it is just something that has over-saturated the market. give it a while and there will be a whole other format available to hate.

I for one LOVE it,

As long as you forget that usually, there is no "reality" in your reality tv.

Big Fashionista x x

Take a look at Bangs side of the debate. She thinks that reality TV has been delivered from the devil, and she ain't afraid to tell you that.

Check it out here -----> bangsandabun

What do you think about Reality TV? Are you a fan?


  1. As we've discussed, and even debated on Twitter (it was during the 'who should win Ultimate Big Brother' era - them were the days) I could probably count myself as a Reality TV fan in a way. I loved Big Brother and was sad to see it go, I plan on X Factor dominating my Saturday nights until Christmas (partly due to restricted well as just loving it) and sometimes watch I'm a Celeb. As for The Apprentice? Utter genius! I edit TV programmes and if I could edit any show made in the UK that would be it. However, there are plenty of reality TV shows that are utter tripe and I wouldn't want to watch. But I guess that's the same of any genre, so perhaps I'm not a reality TV fan - I just like certain things and others not so much. At the end of the day though, if people don't like something they don't need to watch it. Afterall, there's plenty of other channels to choose from these days. Although tripe features on a lot of them. Oddly, even though I work in TV I don't really watch much of it apart from the above. I love a good drama series, but don't have the patience to wait week to week so go for box sets. (Oh, and wee disclaimer - I don't think for a single second that as it's my job my opinion is any more valid than someone else's. It just is what it is.)
    Another great blog debate...heading over to Bangs now.

  2. I pretend to not really care about reality TV but in reality (groan), I love it. XFactor, Don't tell the bride, Dragons Den, The Apprentice, Big Brother....I'm there!

    The way I justify it is that I don't actually watch that much TV, so that little tiny bit of crap I watch every week isn't going to fry my brain. (That'll be the booze and carbs that do that...)

  3. I loved Big Brother, I love Come Dine With Me and the X Factor. I love Don't tell the bride.... I loathe Strictly, Jersey Shore, and a whole host of others. I'm somewhere in the middle, I love some, loathe others. I mean, that farm one, you know, the Rebecca Loo's thing, Love Island. Diabolical. Absolutely dire.

  4. I'm not a huge fan of reality shows but must admit that I watch x-factor as its like my countdown to Christmas! I like this debate, and will go to Bangs to read her post now!

  5. I love them!I watch them all BB has taken over my summers for the last 11 years and X Factor is my winter viewing I actually tell my seasons by when they are all on!!

    You know it is so close to Xmas when X Factor and I'm a celeb are on where will be next year without BB??????

  6. a world without reality tv? no thanks!!! x


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