Monday, 18 October 2010

Do not feed the Troll

A definition of a Troll

someone who posts inflammatory or off-topic messages in an online community such as an online discussion forum, chat room or blog with the primary intent of provoking other users.

Anyone who has a blog has at one time or the other been a victim of the "anonymous" commentor.

Now I have to admit, I love a good healthy debate. (My mother used to tell me I could argue with my own shadow) but anonymous comments these days are not what they used to be. People hide behind the wall of anonymity to post negative comments and spout their hate.

What is the point?

Exactly what does an anonymous commentator get from comments such as "damn your (sic) ugly" or "Is that you in the mirror"

Do they think that an anonymous comment will have you weeping in your pillow or heading to the chocolate cupboard? (Yes, I have a chocolate cupboard and WHAT?)

On Saturday I received the second comment on my blog "Is that you in the Mirror, Fatty boom boom" Signed anonymous.

Now it isn't exactly the wittiest crack I've ever heard, To be fair I probably preferred the comment on my wagabee post a lot more as at least they had a point to make (Even though their intelligence obviously made it very difficult for them to insult me in words over two syllables) In fact it was so unwitty I have kept it on my post to mock the writer for the rest of their life. Fatty Boom boom? What are they, 12?

A lot of fellow bloggers I know get this sort of behaviour quite regularly, so what do we do about it? And how are we meant to take it?

I personally see every anonymous comment as compliment-It means I'm rattling a few cages and what I say is making people think (sometimes for the very first time)

For someone to comment on my weight means that they have taken time to read my blog, see that I am on a diet and think that they have found my weakness.


Even at my heaviest, I was not short of a bit of confidence-I believe in loving your body whatever size it is and my diet has only INCREASED my confidence.

The EGO has landed :-)

So what does a troll gain from their work? Because, If anything s/he, in my opinion is just a sign that we are reaching for the stars and some scared people want to pull us back down to their level.

Take a troll as a sign that there are people out there who are jealous of your achievements and instead of them striving to reach your level of achievement, they try to pull you back down to their level.

We should pity them and their uninspiring ways.

Don't feed the troll.

Big Fashionista x x


  1. Chocolate cupboard?! They can make furniture out of chocolate now?! Progress can be a beautiful thing :-)
    Just stumbled across your blog, loving the many rofl-worthy moments. Impressed with your diet success too, have just started on my own version of this approach and found your reports very encouraging, Jo :-)

  2. You've said it - don't feed the troll. I've had a fair few over the years and find that if you ignore them totally, they will evetually get fed up and go elsewhere to get a reaction. Why do they do it? Not the foggiest but have to have a bully psyche I'd have thought - ie very low self-esteem, bit damaged....basically cowardly. As you say, really rather sad.
    Then again, stuff 'em and stick 'em on your wall!!

  3. See, I often run into problems like this because I'm quite argumentative too - I had a badge as a child that said "I'm not always right, but I'm never wrong". (It was after I had a 6-day long comments war with some young lad about the true meaning of a particular song's lyrics that I decided to just let it go) - but this type of stuff really, really gets to me. I'm not the smallest girl in the world, and it seems that if you're anywhere over a size 12, the first insult out will be weight-related. My opinion? Trolls are lonely, insecure individuals who have neither the social nor language skills to engage in an intelligent debate, so they go for the jugular. When I see the words "fatty boom boom" in your post Kellie, you know what I thought? (apart from 'oh, is Ali-G still popular?!') Some young lad, late teens, baseball cap, greaseball, single, virgin, typing that and then feeling all happy with himself. I really feel sorry for people like that - imagine if insulting people anonymously was the highlight of your day? I think I'd be living IN the chocolate cupboard. Sorry for the rambliness, and congrats on the 17lb - you looked gorgeous before, and I'm sure you'll look and feel even better as you continue - Much love, Sharon x

  4. I just don't see the point in these muppets/trolls reading someones blog to then just write something nasty. Don't like what you're reading? Then move along. As has been said above - the people that do it, and particularly the ones who hide under the 'Anonymous' tag are really gutless. And didn't their mum ever tell them 'it's nice to be nice', or 'if you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all'? I've not got a blog, but have had people be abusive over the the internet before and usually over the tiniest, most insignificant things - it's just so completely unnecessary. A bit of a friendly spat - fair enough, but these losers take it all way too seriously, and why go out of your way to be hurtful? Ugh! I'm glad though that you have the confidence to not let these people or their comments get to you, whether now or 17lbs ago. x

  5. Hey fatty boom boom! YOU'RE SEXY! Work it.

    I heart this. Trolls have been around for as long as the internet has existed. The first trolls are way into their 40's now and are probably still hunched over their keyboards with custard dribbling down their faces giggling at the "ew ur fat" comment they just posted on a stranger's blog/youtube channel/website whatever. I want custard.

    Anyway, I agree. There's no point in giving in. You know you look fab, we know you look fab. They know you look fab! F*ck 'em. Then put them in a cab back to their hole.


  6. I have to be honest I usually leave comments on my blog, youtube channel and formspring. I have been bullied my whole life for this or that reason, mainly my condition and what my weight used to be, so there is NOTHING I haven't heard yet.
    I say leave the comments, mainly for people to take the peepee out of the poster

  7. Keep the great comments coming ladies x x x

  8. I though Fatty Boom Boom would send you to your pillow in tears. I'll have to work harder next time. LOL. The worst trolling I get is people telling me I'm Verbose. Like Duh. Did you read my blog header? It says I'm verbose right then and there. Of course these trolls don't use the word "verbose" when laying down their criticisms. They say I'm "too wordy" or I "use too many words to get to the point." Now who is being verbose? I do like the idea of a chocolate cupboard. I have a shelf and it is mostly laden with my husband's dark chocolate that is like 72% cocoa which is basically terrible tasting stuff. What % is your cupboard? I would like mine to be at a 64% max.

  9. Life is too short to spend it feeding trolls!

    They are immature, irritating and idiotic!

  10. I could do with a chocolate cupboard right now... got major cravings but I'm already in my pj's so an emergency chocolate run is out of the question. Oh yeah trolls. Sucks to be them! x

  11. How immature and embarrassing, sadly Trolls are quite gutless therefore leave the comments anonymously. PS your Troll picture is far too cute I picture the Troll as more like something out of The Dark Crystal!

  12. haha, I thought I was the only one with a chocolate cupboard! Now I don't feel so bad! I'm a recent follower hun (comenting 1st time) :) & just wnted 2 say wiked post girl! im sory you've had problems wiv nasty smelly trolls! seriously these people must have no life :| i'm also a new blogger 2 & rely hope i dnt get mean troll comments.... but i think your blog is awesome n unique! Totaly love the nom/vom posts n eagerly awaiting the nxt 1! ;) knw its cheeky of me...but have a request! Sam worthington please...that man is just 2 hot 4 words...;) if you have a spare mo would love 4 u 2 chek my blog!
    aysh xoxo


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