Wednesday, 20 October 2010


So I am doing well on the losing weight side of things, but lets face it, if I carry on at the rate I am my legs are going to look like Norah Battys without me having to wear stockings!!!!!!! I will have more loose skin than  well..........................


This is not a look that I am aiming for, although I may get plenty of strokes in the park!!!!

So I have been researching something called ex-er-cise. Allegedly it is something that is good for you.

I beg to differ.

Runners knee, Joggers nipples even athletes foot!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Ewwwwwwwww)

This does not sound as though this is "good for me" In fact if I had the inclination I would be running the other way right now (Apart from the fact i don't want joggers nipples)

Seriously, you people do this ex-er-cise for fun???????? Why?????????

So running is out.

I could cycle I suppose.

How dangerous can that be? (Said with the sarcasm that comes from living in east london where most drivers think the speed limit is a challenge set by the police)

I could go to a gym. I used to love the gym,  They had a new machine the last time I went there, I could've used it for hours. It had Kitkats, Crunchies, even Double Deckers in it!!!!!! Oh the hours I spent on that machine (I lost 7 pound and sixty pence that week)

Even the thought of this ex-er-cise of which people speak is enough to make me curl up under a blanket and refuse to come out. I don't even OWN a pair of trainers for gods sake!!!!

Anyway, its toooooo cold for exercise at the moment.

Come back to me next spring, I'm off to the park for walkies.

Big Fashionista x x


  1. Practically coughed up a lung laughing at this! Brilliant!

  2. Haha!

    But think how quickly you're losing weight now! If you add exercise to the mix, you'll be like a candy cane for christmas!

    Why not go for a swim, or even a little jog round the park? Strap your boobies down and brave it! xxxxxx :)

  3. Get a kettlebell! xx

    Have a quick look at the post I wrote on them. xx

  4. Thats way too funny, my 1yr old is looking at me like im mad while im laughing!

  5. This really made me chuckle - thanks for brightening my afternoon :)
    Just remember - 'I'm off to the park for walkies' counts as excercise... careful its a slippery slope! x

  6. WALKING IS EXERCISE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    no-one told me this!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I am allergic to exercise i have decided. It makes me go red and breathless! Thats an allergic reaction right?

  7. LOL! I just wished exercise was as interesting, I really fancy trying Zumba. I did join a netball team but some of the girls were mean and I couldn't hack it (I was 36 at the time!

  8. as much as i hate to say this, i love to work out. i'm riddled with injuries thanks to it so i'm quite miserable for long stretches while i recover from the latest twinge and twang. i think i've found the perfect set of exercises now so all xd i can keep it up. i highly recommend powerplating if you can manage it. there are always vouchers for it on groupon and wahanda. it's my new fave. xxx


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