Saturday, 9 October 2010

Gillette Twitter Experiment

Those clever people at Gillette UK has decided to find out whether the ladies of the world prefer their men hairy or clean shaven.

Take a look at the twins
(god that sounds rude doesn't it)

George & Dean Georgiades are identical in every way apart from George has facial hair.

Gillette are going to be seeing which one gains the most Twitter followers to establish whether we like Beardy wierdies or clean-shaven types.

You can follow George at  With beard or Dean at Without beard

The boys will also be competing is various different tests to see which one comes out on top (erases dirty thoughts)

Are you a beard loving lady? (not on yourself OBVIOUSLY) or do you prefer your men clean-shaven?

Let me know.

And follow the twin on Twitter as well. Maybe our men will take the hint :-) Or not...... sigh

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  1. Can't really comment of these two because they look a bit cheesy sleazy and I don't fancy either of them. On other guys though...definitely facial hair! I love a well groomed beard and tache! :)


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