Friday, 15 October 2010

Nom or Vom

When I was searching through for my Retro Nom or Vom this week , it was this man that came to my mind first. I LOVED this man when I was younger.

But then I came to the conclusion that he is actually just as hot and just as current now as he was back then.

Todays Nom or Vom is............................

Keanu Reeves.

Mysterious, dark and brooding and somewhat of  a recluse these days, lets face it. Not many of us would kick him out of bed for leaving crumbs would we?

Especially when he has a tendancy for wearing tight T-shirts like this!!!!!

In fact, is that a WET T-shirt Mr Reeves? You saucy little minx.

Long hair, short hair, this man looks good with either. What's that ladies? A pic of Keanu in leather trousers lounging against a motorbike would make your day?

I aim to please x x

So what do we think ladies?

Nom or Vom


  1. what's to vom about him?
    oh my god! nom nom nom
    loving this retro series
    i know i know, i show my age

  2. Nom, for sure! He actually looks (and acts) better as he gets older.

  3. Big Nom from me this week! He's so stupid, but just so pretty...

  4. A million times nom! I can not convey how much I nom this man!! He is king of the noms and I will fight you all for him! lol

    It's the pale skin and black hair that does it for me...and those eyes!!! He is at definitely at his nomiest in Constantine! Phew...gonna have to go and calm down now! :)

  5. Sometimes he's lovely like in Speed I think Phwoar!and sometimes I think argh (Matrix!) but overall a Nom. x

  6. Not a vom but he does nothing for me. He's such a horrific actor I struggle to ignore it!

  7. Ohh vom for sure. In pics, sure...nom...but in real life - apparently he's tiny, he's rude and he's got the greasiest hair in the world. My gave him a massage a few times. She wasn't impressed.

  8. I think the reason he's a VOM these days is because when we were younger we weren't wise to the fact that this man is a TERRIBLE actor. Now we are... unless he's static, not speaking OR trying to emote, the man is a total VOM.

    Now Ted "Theodore" Preston... there was a role he was perfect for. I will only accept the NOM when he's playing air guitar and shouting 'WILD STALIONS!'

    The end.

  9. Sorry, vom. Can't look past how empty he seems.

    BTW my captha to post was "pregr" so if you're trying to tell me something....

  10. I must give it a NOM from me, he was all over my walls as a teenager (swoon) and I think I watched my VCR copy of Speed about a billion times! haha.

  11. A major Nom for me, I feel like a teenager again whenever I see photos of lovely Keanu!

  12. A serious Nom from me. I even fancied him in the Bill and Ted movies.


  13. Vom! There is nothing interesting or exciting about him im afraid

  14. How did I miss this?


    He's dark and mysterious and sexy and cute and is totally in love with me but just doesn't know it yet and when we're married we'll sit together with all the kids (Keanu Jr, whether male or female) and laugh delightfully over your posts...

    Yes. Soon. Soon.


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