Monday, 11 October 2010

Retro Nom or Vom

So there were a lot of people who liked the idea of a Retro Nom or Vom so I thought I would kick off the series with someone who I had on my wall for quite a while.

I idolised this young man and practised my signature over and over again for what felt like years.

I dreamt of finally meeting him and becoming his girlfriend................ (How innocent was 1?)


Bros, Anyone else remember them looking like this?

Awwwwww, the sort of boy you could take home to mum? (If my daughter brought him home now I would be on him like a tramp on a sandwich)

Any true Bros-ette wore bottletops on her shoes and ripped jeans with patches on. (Trust me I was Matt Goss MAD)

And now I've seen how he looks now!!!!!!! I may well crack out those bottletops again.

Take a look!!!!


Want to see the twins? (Phnar phnar)

Oooooh nice. I like it when our teenage crushes look even better as they get older.

What do we think?

Retro Nom or vom?

Big Fashionista x x


  1. Nom!! Especially now, not so much back then. Can't stop singing "when will I be famous" now. Bad girl... x

  2. Nom now 100% but never ever back then. Yum.

  3. NOM x 10000.
    this retro 'nom' or 'vom' is a success. How can you 'vom' this sexy number from Bros. p.s we want more notds from you. Good luck for weigh in today.
    matt: you can have my number.

  4. Sorry, absolutely horrendously VOM!!!!

    Couldn't bear them when I was growing up and still not now. xx

  5. Definitely a vom back then, actually who am I kidding I loved them!

    Hot as hell now! x

  6. My god they have aged well. Remind me to drop them a line and find out what kind of night cream they are using!!

    NOM from me!!

  7. Sorry but VOM! I think they look creepy nowadays. *runs away for fear of getting a bottletop kicking*


  8. I have to say NOM and I did used to wear the bottletops! I also really like Craig too! (I've always had a thing for the underdog!)

  9. Vom all the way I'm afraid! When they first came out, this girl in my class vaguely knew Bros's Mum and she used to go and hang out outside her house in Peckham to catch a glimpse of the duo. She was about 9!!! x

  10. Nom nom nom - then AND now!


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