Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Sureslim Diet Week 2 Weigh-in

My apologies for they late posting of this, I have been cooking Chilli for 15 people!!! (don't ask)

So second week of my healthy eating plan has gone well. I fought with temptation this week-and WON!!!!

And I think I have really learnt the difference between WANT and NEED. (although this does NOT apply to clothes shopping ok?)

I really didn't know what to expect when I jumped on the scales this week. I would have been happy with 2lb so that it becomes a steady gradual weight loss so was abso-lutely FRICKIN ecstatic to find I had lost

FOUR POUNDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Making my overall total 13lb in just two weeks.

I lost another inch off my bust, waist and hips which I am really pleased with as it is coming off all over and not just my bust. and that means that I have lost 9 inches in total so far as well!!!!!

(I'm thinking NEW jeans are needed)

That 4lb was made even sweeter knowing that I had gone out with my friends Saturday night and had a couple of drinks.  Think it goes to show that this is definately a change of lifestyle instead of a diet.

My lovely consultant who rings me every week, Sarah at Sureslim UK has been a great help through this. It is almost like chatting to a supportive friend who can steer you in the right direction (Rather than one of those bitches who wave chips under your nose on a Saturday night)

This last week has flown by and i'm looking forward to the next weigh in now. I am starting to get people asking if I have lost weight and telling me how great I look which is always a great incentive to keep going.

I also need ideas for what to treat myself to next week for getting my first stone off.

Let me know if you have any ideas.

Big Fashionista x x

A lot of people keep asking me for contact details for SureSlim UK.

http://www.sureslimuk.com/ is the website or you can call them on 0844 585 7500 If you are thinking of doing it, or are currently doing it, drop me a line, we can be diet buddies x x



  1. Yay, another great loss. Well done xx

  2. Aw, that's fantastic! Well done!! Xx

  3. See now that really is fab - well done! I think you should buy something you've wanted for ages!

  4. Well done!! You've done great.


  5. Well done hun! That's awesome! x

  6. Wow, 13lbs in two weeks, that's insane! Congrats, sounds like it's going really really well!x

  7. Well done on another fab week! And on resisting temptation. That's the part I'm not so good at and why all my good intentions always fail!

  8. Thank you ladies, i am really proud of myself. Especially as this week I had temptation thrown at me left right and centre.

    But I definately love how I am feeling thinner and won't swap a minute of gratification for a lifetime of a great figure x x x

  9. Congratulations! You should treat yourself to something sparkling: either pink champayne or some jewellary (I've seen that M&S have launched a new range).

  10. Wow!! Your doing amazingly well!! Keep it up darlin! X

  11. OMG girl that's brilliant ! Usually the pattern with the usual diets is you lose load the first week then nothing the weeks after, so that sounds really promising for the future ! All the best for next week :)

  12. came here again to check the photos but I can't see them. well done. the evil french patisseries didnt get the better of you. HA! xx
    well done

  13. Huge congratulations, buy yourself something which shows off your changed shape, something which you can relish slipping into and doing up without struggling and holding your breath. I truly delighted for you. Jan xx

  14. honey, that's uh-mayzing! i'm so excited for you! xxx

  15. That's brilliant. I'm really really pleased for you. x

  16. Abso-fucking-lutely brilliant news honey. Huge kudos, congrats and all that stuff. Why not treat yourself to a massage, manicure or something equally decadent. You damn deserve it. Rooting for and proud of you. xXx

  17. You are doing so well xxx


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