Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Sureslim Diet-Week FIVE

Wow, Week FIVE. Just five weeks ago I was slouching around, unhappy with my weight and feeling the size of a manatee. (Ok, now Manatees are cute, but who wants to look like one?)

Not me, thats for sure.

So up until last week I had lost 20lbs, and had not cheated ONCE.

*Stands up and clears throat*

My name is Kellie and this week I cheated. It had been 32 days since my last taste of chocolate and I CRACKED.

It started with a childrens party during the day, You know how these things go? Cakes, sweeties, crisps. I RESISTED all of them. (even the mini battenberg cake that I REALLY wanted) I was proud of myself and my willpower.

And then it happened...............................

That evening I went out with my friends, had a glass (or three) of wine and my willpower went elsewhere. (possibly slumped under the table after consuming all that wine)

Chocolate Fudge Cake, with Ice cream.


And you know what, I loved it. It was gorgeous, in fact I wouldn't let anyone speak as I ate in case they ruined the moment. I came to the conclusion that if I was going to eat it, I wasn't going to spoil it with guilt. I would enjoy it, and then MOVE ON.

Which I did.

Next morning I was back on track (with a big smile on my face OBVIOUSLY)

Oh the weigh in?

You want to know how I did?

I LOST 3LBS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Making it 23lb in FIVE weeks.

I also lost another inch off my hips, waist and bust. I am one happy Fashionista.

I learnt a big lesson this week. I think I have learnt that when I get to my target weight I will be able to have the occasional TREAT and not slip back into bad habits.

I tested myself this week, and I think I passed with flying colours x x x

Big Fashionista


  1. Flying colours indeed. What you have achieved in 5 weeks is just amazing. well done. I bet this made you appreciate more the 'treat' you had, like it was more tasty than usual. 3 pounds while this slip up has happened is absolutely amazing. hang on in there. I can't wait to see your profile on that sureslim website. eeeeeeeeee :) you sexy beast x

  2. 23lbs? That's like losing a Justin Bieber.

    Nice one!

  3. Amazing.

    And you know what, I think cake is allowed. I am a firm believer that if you don't allow yourself just a tiny bit of what you fancy, then one day you'll properly fall off the wagon and that'll be end of the diet, but if you can allow yourself a treat once in a while but keep sensisble the rest of the time, it keeps the cravings in check, and makes a diet much less of a chore xx

  4. Get you! That's loads of weight. You deserved all the choc and crisps at that party if you ask me x

  5. 23lbs in a matter of weeks?! That's awesome...you deserve a treat.

  6. Well done lady! That's a fab amount of weight to lose, even with the cake! You'll be a teeny tiny fashtionista soon! xx

  7. You're an inspiration! Well done on such a huge loss! Treats in moderation are what it's all about xxx

  8. Well done! A little of what you fancy does you good!

  9. How fabulously cool - so glad it is making you happy and you never know, it might finally make me take the first steps to trying too xxx

  10. You know that I am behind you every step of this weight loss, waving a massive flag about saying "TEAM KELLIE". You are doing so superbly, I may even have to vagazzle this sign.

  11. I totally agree (and am very glad that my computer will now let me comment on your blog.) If this is going to be something that you can maintain then you need that balance and I'm glad you're finding it already. You're doing brilliantly, well done hun xxx

  12. Wow!! well done!! i can't stick to any diet - my willpower is that of a flea! :(

    Well done you!! Keep up the good work!

    Hannah x


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