Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Sureslim Weigh-in Week THREE

So Week three already!!!!

Wow, This whole thing now feels like it has been going on for a lot longer. I  have definitely got myself into a routine of eating the right foods. I think the danger now is that I will get complacent and start trying to guess-timate weights and add in something "forbidden" as JUST THE ONCE won't hurt.

I think in any diet the words "Just this once" are a slippery slope to heading back into your old ways and before you know it you are laying on the sofa, wearing a MuuMuu, surrounded by empty wrappers and half-eaten chocolate bars (Ok, that might just be me)

I'm determined not to go down that route (again) so have been rewarding myself in other ways when I feel like I may crack. I have had my hair cut into a new shorter style that requires me to actually do more than pull a brush through it every now and then. I have become obsessed with my nails and have been painting them in the evenings when I used to suffer from the dreaded "snack attacks" (That is a genuine symptom you know, I didn't just make it up) and on saturday when attending a childrens party where every spare counter was covered in crisps, chocolate, cakes, fizzy drinks and sausage rolls (Once my idea of HEAVEN) I threw myself into playing the party games (Much to the horror of my four and ten year old-Apparently NO ten year old wants to see her mum playing musical statues!!!!!-Who knew?)

So it was weigh in day today. I knew that I had been good. Although it doesn't even feel like i'm being "good" anymore. I just feel like I am eating normally.


I lost another 4lb!!!!!!!!!!!

Making 17lb altogether!!!!!!!!!!!

I also lost another inch off my bust.

Inch off my waist and half an inch off my hips (I still have some junk in my trunk)

Overall I am ecstatic with my weight loss so far. I am getting people giving me lots of compliments which obviously helps keep me on the right track. And this week I have learnt that there are ways to avoid slipping back into old habits. Although to be honest, I don't feel like I could ever eat how I used to again.

Until next week Diet Buddies x x x

Shrinking Fashionista x x


  1. That is amazing, I'm really so, so pleased for you! And, a tiny bit jealous. I totally have to investigate this for myself. Funds depending, of course.

  2. That is truly amazing..
    I know you've been asked this loads probably, but where is the best place to find out more about the diet?
    I am SOOOO sick of weight watchers x

  3. Yay! Well done! Very impressive! x

  4. congratulations chickie!! :)
    ""Just this once" are a slippery slope to heading back into your old ways and before you know it you are laying on the sofa (...) ---> omg deffo. this needs retweeting.
    this is my progress this week:

    It's hard for me. Every lunch time at work, I go to public toilets, down my diet shake and then come back to office. All this cos i don't want my people from work saying 'erm, is that all you've eating, a flippin diet shake for lunch?

  5. Thank you ladies. I am so suprised to find that I am still losing so much weight at a time but i don't feel like i am depriving myself AT all.

    Cheeky Beauty you can call them on 0845 585 7500 for more info x x x

  6. OMG - that is just VAST obscenely vast weight loss. Harumph, mutter, mutter, grump. My seven pounds seems positively measy in comparison. Totally sulky over your bust inch loss too (all my bras are disgusting, falling to shreds, but still can't stretch the decent ones round my ginormous boobs).
    Going to sink myself in doughnuts now in despair! xxxxx

  7. Congratulations! I like your plan to do alternative tasks to take your mind off those pesky tasks!

  8. Fabulous! Congratulations! A slimmer healthier you and perfect hair and nails into the bargain! Its a win-win! xx

  9. Well done, just think if you feel this good now, how amazing will it feel to hit your target weight? Keep it up, it'll be so worth it!

  10. My goodness thats an amazing loss! You must be feeling fab and so proud! Will def be looking into different diets very soon! I'm sick of being unhealthy! Well done xxx

  11. It's fantastic, well done! I'd love to know what the secret is, I need to change my attitude to food - I have a bad habit of thinking of it as a treat and it's not good for my ever growing waistline...

  12. Yay! :) go you!!
    am totally glued to this blog!! And totally motivated... no MuuMuu for me... ~pushes empty chocolate wrappers under the sofa~



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