Sunday, 3 October 2010

We need to talk about Temptation

Temptation, From Adam & Eve to Kellie and the table of food (I'll get to that in a moment) Temptation is everywhere isn't it? Sent at the most inopportune moment to tease and drag us from our paths. And the Food Temptress is the most evil bitch you can imagine.

Picture the scene, it is Wednesday, I am still on a high from my 9lb weight loss the week before and I have to attend a meeting at my daughters school regarding her summer trip to France.

I walk in and the tables are LADEN with Croissants, Pain au Chocolate, BRIE (FFS, This is East London, I wasn't aware they even knew what Brie was!!!!!!) French stick and WINE.

Now any other time if you would have put ANY of those in front of me I would have been on them like a tramp on a (brie) sandwich BUT this time the only think I could think was...........

 Fils de pute

(hey I'm quite good at this)

Its not fair.......... I'm not ready for this!!!!! The previous week I had rigourously planned my meals for the whole week, and knew every morsel that was going to be going in my mouth- I had NOT planned to be visually assaulted by food and I certainly had not planned for the smell of freshly baked bread lingering in my nostrils for an hour and a half.

I salivated like a dog..... a hungry, hungry dog. I was probably quite pathetic to look at (and  it has been pointed out to me that I may have let out a little whine or two)

Luckily the 9lb weight loss was still fresh in my mind (along with the idea of throwing the tables at the idiot who decided food would be a good idea) While everyone else tucked in I listened to the presentation and asked (semi) intelligent questions before making my excuses and leaving before a bloody dessert trolley came around.

I was warned that this week I may experience cravings.

(Insert sarcastic tone here) No, REALLY? I have been like a pregnant woman hunting down coal with mayonnaise at 2am. It is the wierd things that I have craved this week. Things that I wouldn't even usually WANT to put in my mouth.

Like a kebab!!!! (Ewwwwwwwww)

I went out with my friends last night, and I alternately drank alcohol and then a bottle of water, Alcohol and a bottle of water. (No hangover-RESULT) and then at the post-partying obligitory chips or dirty kebab meet point once again I was a pillar of virtue. (although I did ask if I could lick the paper-oh the shame)

Obviously I grumbled like an old lady, asking my friends if they knew what meat they were even eating. (Usual reply was goooooooood meat-BIATCHES) But once again I avoided temptation.

This morning they have a mouth like the bottom of a budgie cage and I am feeling smug and rubbing their noses in it (Look I take my kicks where I can at the moment)

So it is weigh in day on Tuesday and although I know I wont have another huge weight loss like last week I can definately say that this week I have faced temptation head on.

And I bitchslapped her back to where she came from.

Big Fashionista x x


  1. It's fantastic you could resist such temptation, I'd have crumbled as soon as I saw the brie. Congratulations. :-)

  2. weigh in as well for me next tuesday.
    this has been (well this is, cos it's not over yet) the longest week ever. dear me it's hard but your post is giving me motivation.
    we can do it x

  3. I totally understand the temptation, just been food shopping, I was gawping at cakes, crisps, chips, curries, pizza, cheese, you get the picture! Its so hard. Well done anyway from one who knows how hard to resist it is! x

  4. Well done girl !

    Been thinking about doing Sureslim (when I come back from my birthday holiday that is !) seems quite a hefty lump of money, but I know it works... I know Yolanda from the SureSlim testimonies on the website, and she's done really well. I do think from doing other diets that eating less is something I can do, but I feel like I am not eating well... mostly carbs and sugars, because I just can't be bothered to cook. Are the meals on Sureslim straightforward? Do they involve lots of ingredients?

    Well done for kicking the bitch in the backside...

    And lol @ the French swearwords... let me know if you want to increase your vocabularly, I have plenty more for you to learn ! :P

  5. Congratulations at exercising great willpower! I would have crumbled at dirty kebab time, after alchohol is like the food of the gods!

  6. you're a stronger woman then me, well done x

  7. Well done resisting - I find that I can resist big events like that and then come home and scoff the crisps and biscuits in secret, it never has anything to do with hunger. Jan

  8. Thank you Dee,

    Liloo good luck for tuesday. you can do it x x

    Thanks Charlie. God shopping is the WORST isn't it. Especially when you just find yourself down the chocolate aisles licking the packets. (Just me?)

    MartianDelights. I was debating this the other day with a friend. If you consider the cost of say Weight watchers or slimming world. I will round it down to £4 a week. plus then magazines, possibly a pound or two for a raffle at the weigh in. it soon adds up. So I think the cost isn't an issue. I think i have spent thousands going to slimming clubs over the last 14 years or so. and this diet is tailored just to me so I know will work. x x x

    Cameronpoe2409 Karleigh and Lipstick Mama thank you ladies. I have never been one for resisting temptation before, but I love how this diet makes me feel not only losing weight but healthier too. I don't want to jeapordise that x x x

  9. Well done resisting all of those things. It's so hard when you first get started- I'm like Charlie and it's all I can see in the supermarket. I'm 5 weeks into my health kick now and I'm finding it a lot easier to avoid temptation. The worst thing for me is when there are cakes, sweets or biscuits in the kitchen at work. I drink a lot of tea and it takes all the strength I have to walk back to my desk after I've fetched a cuppa with no treat to go with it but hey, I'm 12lbs lighter and a hell of a lot happier so it's worth it! xxx

  10. you're doing so well! that's amazing! i've never been able to do the whole vino/water combination. however, after several experiments, it turns out that I love the smell of fresh baked goods WAY more than I like the taste. So I linger around them as much as I can soaking up the smell knowing that actually eating any of it would be super disappointing. x


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