Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Sureslim diet week 10

Week 10!!!!!!!

How the hell did that happen so fast?

Ok, TEN weeks is a long time. so thought it might be time for some before and after shots of how I have done so far.

Excuse me while I die of shame.



Shall we go for the after pics?

and this one was taken this morning, excuse the lack of make-up I was excited to get out in the snow

I can see a big difference I have to admit. It is great to see a noticable difference in my clothing.

For example, I am going out friday night with some friends that I only see at xmas.

Last year I wore a size 20 dress and hid at the back of the room feeling self conscious.

This year I have a size 14 dress that I have had in my wardrobe for at least 5 years which I now finally fit into (Expect lots of pics to be posted next week) I have ACHED to wear this dress and now it is a possibility!!!!! In fact give it another month and it may be too big!!!!!

Oops, I nearly forgot, It's weigh in day and I lost another 2lb this week, making a grand total of 2 stone 6 lb.

1 more pound for 2 and a half stone!!!!!!!!!!

I feel great about it and for once I am going to celebrate the party season with style !!!!!!!!!!!!

I am out this Friday but that doesn't mean my diet goes out of the window. I will still be watching what I eat and drink as I don't want my hard work to go to waste but at the same time, to maintain my weight and keep up my healthy eating plan I have to be able to go out occasionally and have to learn to work it into my healthy plan for the long term.

So this is going to be a great week x x

Enjoy the pics (eeeeeeeek)

Big Fashionista  x x

Friday, 26 November 2010

Guest Post Saturday

A little while ago I asked on Twitter if any of my fabulous beauty blogger buddies needed a place to rant or write something that wouldn't "fit" on their own blog

The lovely Laura who is @lil_fairy_doll on Twitter answered my call and sent me a great e-mail about a part of her life.

Have a read, leave her a comment. and if anyone else wants to have a rant or tell me a bit about themselves drop me a line.

Being 17 again, when you're only a few weeks from turning the big One Eight, the excitement of officially becoming an adult... most people would give their arm to relive those moments again. But not me, oh no, NO! Thank you, NO!

My whole life I've had many many medical issues, mainly involving my skin and my eyes.

Let me give you a quick background snapshot: I was born with a condition called Oculocutaneous Albinism (some mouthful I tell ya!). For those who don't have a clue what it is, basically I have no pigmentation in my hair nor skin and my eyes have a myriad of conditions resulting in me being legally blind. But that's another whole issue I won't bore you with.

Pigmentation in our skin is extremely important, especially because it acts as a barrier against outside agents and harmful Sun radiation. Because my skin lacks this, it is very sensitive to anything... seriously, just stare at me and I'll turn red with blue stripes, I swear!

Sun burns and irritations used to be almost a weekly affair until I learned how to take good care of my skin. Not to mention the fact that until a few months ago I lived my whole life in Italy, only a 20 minute drive from the sea, where everyone from April to October spends any available moment in the Sun roasting up.

Until a few years ago there was no extent knowledge of exactly what type of damage Sun would do to people with my condition, and where I lived we didn't have a good supply of the best Sun block available. Plus I used to spend my summers as a kid at the local creche: beach, swimming pool, days out... constantly re-applying sun block wasn't one of my main priorities.

All of this resulted in me having many moles all over my body, I really don't mind them as they offer a diversion from the general "whiteness" and they look interesting.

There was one though that for many years used to kind of bother me, and it still does: it's on the upper right side of my back and I tell you, it's a right pain when I'm getting dressed or undressed because it kinds of tickles, but in a bad way, every time it's touched.

So when I was 17 I decided to have it removed. I knew it wouldn't have been a big deal, the only bit I was kind of bothered about was going to hospital. I HATE hospitals with all my being, I seriously do!

So I went to my doctor to ask him to get the process going. He referred me to our local hospital where he said a doctor would check my mole with a special light and then decide how to remove the mole.

So I'm only a few weeks away from turning 18 and I went to have my epiluminescence done, hoping they'd decide to do something quick and non invasive with it. I had picked out the most adorable top for my birthday party, and the top of my back would have been showing and I didn't want a big bloody plaster on show!

The woman that welcomed me in the room immediately picked up my aversion to hospitals and started talking to me trying to make me relax, man was she good at it! she had me stripped down and on her couch. Straight away she noticed the billion moles scattered all over my body and asked if I'd ever had them checked. Checked? Checked for what? I said no and she insisted she draw a map of them on her big computer and checks every single one of them.

Still puzzled by the whole thing I of course agreed. It was some task I tell you!!! I've never managed to count them all but I'm pretty sure there's about 40 of them! Oh some day I should do a "join the dots" session with an eye liner....God knows what would come up!

So she mapped them all out, took special photos of all of them, sorted them in her computer and then spent about 15 minutes on on one mole on the inside of my right thigh.

I asked if the one on my back was ok to be removed and how they would do it? She said it looked totally fine and they would just asport it with a little surgery. But then she added "Before we do that though, I'd prefer removing this on your thigh first. I don't like the way it looks...". What? That one mole didn't bother me at all, the one on my back did. Why didn't she like the way it looked? For some reason I didn't ask what exactly was it that she didn't like about it, I think my subconscious did a great job in protecting me!

The following week I was back to have the mole removed in a small surgery. Everything was over in about half an hour, the surgeon was amazing, constantly talking to me, trying to relax me. The nurse that was there was a sort of family friend as well so it made the whole process easier and relaxed for me. The surgeon stitched me up, told me to get some stretchers, enjoy my Christmas break and try to go easy on the leg until the wound had healed, and they'd get back to me in a few days. Get back to me? Why? Oh maybe to give me a date to have the nuisance on my back removed! Yes, it must have been that.

The day after, even if I was in quite some pain, I was forced to go to school for the last day before Christmas break. My stretchers did get some attention but because I wasn't particularly close to anyone in my class, a simple "Oh just a minor surgery, nothing big" would dismiss any interest.

I was a good girl that Christmas and as the doctor told me I went easy on the leg....until New Year's. For about 10 years it's been a family tradition to spend the first week of January in the Alps at a family friends' holiday home. I love that! I love our family friends as if they were a family, and if you know me, you'll know I'm not particularly close to my own family for many reasons. I love the week in the Alps, the food, the wine, hiking, ice skating, the amazing scenaries, EVERYTHING!

And there was NO way I was gonna let the wound ruin my week, I went all out! I spent a good 80% of the day outdoors rolling in the snow, when it snows I instantly turn into a big kid! Sleighing, snow ball fighting, snow men building, ice skating! I did everything my eyes would allow me doing without any body's help, which doesn't include skiing or snow boarding unfortunately.

I enjoyed my week to the fullest and when I got back home I savoured every day leading up to my birthday. Turning 18 was going to give me my parents' permission to travel on my own, go see friends, go wherever my summer job money would let me! I had craved that for such a long time!

... And then 2 days after school had started again, the hospital called me. I answered the phone, it wasn't just a nurse or a secretary, it was the surgeon that had done my surgery, the oncology surgeon, the head of the oncology ward... He asked if I could skip the following day in school and go in to see him? Why was the head of the ward doing this? Shouldn't it have been a nurse job? And why did he sound so worried?! Why didn't I ask why he wanted to see me?!

That evening I spent a good five hours on the Internet looking for reasons why I would be called in after getting a mole removed. What I found traumatised me, it scared me so bad I was sick twice that night.

The morning after I went in with my mother, throughout the whole process she had to be with me, mainly because I was under age, not for any other reason really.

I sat in the corridor and waited for a good while, the nurse I knew came over to say hello and went to a desk to do some paper work. After a good half hour the door opened and the Surgeon came out following an old man. He held his hand, patted his shoulder and said "we did it, you're clear now". Clear? Huh?!

The doctor waved at me and signalled for me to get in, calling the nurse in at the same time. "But all these people were here before me?" I cried pointing to at least 5 people waiting. They were all middle aged to old people, no one said "Yeah, we were here first!". Not one. Instead they all stared at me and smiled in a way...like they knew what was going to happen...

As I walked into the surgery and sat at the Doctor's big desk I kept having flashes in my mind of what I'd read online the night before. I started feeling sick. The Doctor started to talk and I immediately cut in "please just get to it, no going around it and no sugar coating!".

"We sent your mole to be examined after I removed it. It's not good news..."

I said "It's ... it's....isn't it?!"

He stared at me for a few seconds, nodded and said "Yes, it's cancer".

I knew already, my research had told me that already the night before, I could feel it in me the whole night... but hearing him say the word made it REAL.

The following hour is a big blur and I only remember bits of what happened.

My stomach suddenly tightened so hard it felt like I'd been kicked. In a complete daze I stood up, ran out of the room, out the building, down the emergency exit stair case and sat down on the last step at the bottom.

I felt emotionally cold, I felt like I was meant to feel something, it felt like I was floating above my body and looking down on it, I felt like something was dragging me under ground, I felt so heavy.

Then all of a sudden I burst into tears and right that instant the nurse reached me. She held me hard in her arms and I cried so hard my whole face hurt. I cried for a good while, I didn't speak a word, neither did she. We walked back up the stairs, down the corridor, the people waiting staring knowingly at me. That's why nobody had protested at me going first, they KNEW what the doctor was going to tell me...because they all had been there too...

I walked back in the room and the doctor explained to me the cancer was a melanoma, it was at its third stage and how we were gonna treat it. He scheduled another surgery for a few days later.

When we stood up to leave my mother put her hand on my shoulder and said "It's ok". That will be the only sign of "affection" my mother will give me throughout the whole process.

The question I was now facing was: who and how do I tell this? I tentatively tried to ask for advice to my mother(she's a nurse) and she told me not to tell anyone in the family other than my father and my brother. What was I to know?! In hindsight I absolutely regret it and immensly resent my mother for it.

I tentatively told a couple of people I was close to and it didn't go too well. 17 year olds shouldn't have to deal with the big C, in ANY way! And of course they didn't know how to deal the whole thing and slowly drifted away from me...

I was on my own from then on. I felt horrible knowing I had this thing in me, I felt horrible I couldn't talk about it with anyone, it was a constant worry. My grades in school went down quite a bit.

My paarents never asked "how do you feel about it? What's going through your head?", nothing like that. My father kept verbally abusing me as usual. A few days later the 4 months school report came in and my father flipped at my decreasing marks; he shouted horrible things at me and whilst he did that he was gripping my wrist so hard it hurt for 3 days after. At the end of his screaming match he shouted "do you have any idea how your behaviour is making your mother feel?!"

Excuse me? My behaviour? My response was "Well I'm sorry if I'm not allowed to be slightly sad because I have cancer. And how she feels? how SHE feels? Have any of you asked ME how I feel?!".

After that I refused to talk to him for about a week. I had never felt so alone and worthless.

I had the surgery and the surgeon took out a bit chunk of my thigh to make sure he removed all the tissue the cancer had contaminated. After 9 years you can still see the indentation and the big scar where the stitches were.

I have to say the whole experience taught me I am stronger than I thought. My whole life I've endured verbal and sometimes even physical bullying which I think made me strong, but I never imagined I'd be able to count on myself only through such a horrible time and not crumble.

The following months I endured a long series of tests to make sure there weren't any other kinds of C going around me and that that one hadn't managed to get to a vessel and reek havoc. The whole time I was scared, scared they might find something else. I was petrified.

Six months later I had to undergo the tests again and I was clear. I was SO relieved. I felt so light. The week after I went on a major adventure with a friend. Using the savings from my summer job we went to Ireland for 2 weeks, the trip I'd dreamed of since I was a kid. For 2 weeks I felt so light and for the first time in months I felt free, not a care in the world!

For two years I had to do the tests all over again every 6 months, it then turned into what it's now, a yearly affair.

Only recently I looked into what exactly it was that I had. I found out there are different kinds of skin cancer and melanoma, the one I had, is the deadliest. According to the surgeon when mine was removed it was on stage 3: at this stage the melanoma is very likely to have spread to one of the lymph nodes finding a way to spread all over the body. Thankfully mine hadn't yet, if we hadn't caught it then, I probably wouldn't be here today because once it starts spreading unfortunately there is nothing to stop it. Only 40% of people that catch a melanoma on its third stage survive after 5 years. It's now been 9.

I felt EXTREMELY lucky that my body somehow sent me a signal to have my moles checked, I have always been very much in tune with my body and learn to understand what it's trying to tell me. I also felt extremely lucky that I didn't have to undergo chemo or radiotherapy. I would have been devastated to have lost my hair. If you know me you'll know my hair is the most precious thing to me, my hair defines me. I wouldn't be me without my hair.

If you feel like there's something wrong with you, in any way, shape or form, DO get checked! Better safe than sorry!!!!!

I'd like to thank the lovely Kellie for "hosting" me and filling my days with fab girliness and humour.


Anytime hun, it was an emotional read and a great thing to raise awareness about.
You can read Lil_Fairy_doll 's blog at http://hazyfairyland.blogspot.com/
Big Fashionista x x

Thursday, 25 November 2010

Nom or Vom

So lets get back to the shallowness of staring at hot men and grading them purely on their looks shall we?

It's Friday

It must be

Nom or Vom

So this is a case of coming across a pic on the internet and trying to find out more about him, Apparently he has been in a series of films about vampires............. (Can't see that taking off) as well as Never Back Down, (Where he takes his top off a LOT)

It is Cam Gigandet

I can imagine sitting across this man for a cozy dinner for two.

I won't go into what I imagine with this pic

Oh he's so lovely

Gotta love those abs

Has anyone even seen this Twilight film of which I speak?

So what do we reckon ladies?

Nom or Vom

Big Fashionista x x

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Smear Tests

It has been brought to my attention that some of you ladies are getting a bit lax about making appointments for your smear tests!!!!!!!!

This is not on ladies.

If you had spots would you ignore them?

If you sneezed would you not stock up on tissues and cold medicines?

We are BLESSED with an early warning system that is designed to spot any changes that happen. A SMEAR TEST.  You have to remember that even if you get an abnormal result, that doesn't mean it is cancer. There are things that can be done to stop any changes DEVELOPING into cancer.

Women say, "but it's uncomfortable"

Here is my tip.

It is called the RELAXED FROG

Ok, possibly not THAT relaxed but you get the idea.

Knees up then let them fall apart. One relaxed frog and lets face it, if you have the picture above in your head then you are going to be relaxed. (That statement may possibly become my mantra anyway)

I'm not going to preach at you.

This is something you ALL know anyway. Smear tests SAVE lives.

If you have been putting off your smear test then go and make an appointment today.

It is important (Ok, i'm preaching)

Let me know if you make an appointment or if you want to share your story below please do so

Big Fashionista x  x

Worlds Sexiest Man?

No, not a horribly twisted version of Nom or Vom but a very serious question that I need to ask my readers.

How the hell does this man get laid?

For free???????

Not only that but by some very beautiful women at that. Sian Lloyd, A Cheeky Girl (No I don't know which one, and frankly I don't care either) and an underwear model!!!!

Now, I'm sure not ALL of these women can be that mentally damaged that they will go out with any man that shows them attention (I'm looking at you Cheeky Girl) and possibly I would forgive them if they slept with him once and then did a long walk of shame back to their own homes before showering in bleach but NO, they all had a RELATIONSHIP with him!!!!!!

The cynical part of me (Its a very large part) is instantly reminded of the fabulous Mrs Merton asking Debbie McGee what first attracted her to the multi-millionaire Paul Daniels (ZINGER)

But I don't think he even has any money? He is an ex MP who on Come Dine With Me seemed quite lost without his parlimentary backing. And in the jungle on I'm A Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here he has seemed to become a figure of fun and is disliked (even Nigel Havers has now said that had he stayed he would've stabbed him-Steady Nige)

So I have to wonder about his lovemaking abilities (What!!!! It's a natural progression) Either the man has some serious skills or he can breathe through his ears.

One gorgeous girlfriend = LUCKY

Two gorgeous girlfriends = SUSPICIOUS

Three gorgeous girlfriends = One can only wonder exactly what Lembit has that makes him SO damn irresistable to women

Arrrghhhhhh, perhaps it is the power of hypnosis and he is targeting me as his next victim through the tv?

Already I am wondering about the size of his man tool!!!!!!

I am off to go wash (in bleach)

I don't want to sleep with a celebrity............... GET ME OUT OF HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Big Fashionista x x

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Sureslim Diet Week 9

This week is all about resting on your laurels.

Let s get this bit over with and then I can fill you in on the true moral of the story.

Weight wise, I stayed the same........

No weight loss this week.

But no gain either so I am a Happy Fashionista.

I can see exactly what happened this week, I tried on my "target jeans" and they fitted!!!!!

Now some people may say YAY, but I'm not at my target yet so it just seemed too soon. But part of me must have just thought............ Dooooooo it, Reward yourself....... (Those evil voices in my head that keep telling me to do things I really don't want to do are going to get me in SO much trouble soon)

I can't say that I was BAD. But I certainly wasn't the best that I could be. I know that. (wine may have been drank)

It was though I felt I didn't have to try as hard when I fitted into the jeans I had been dreaming about fitting into for so long. I thought it would take another stone to fit in them so fitting in them now just seemed too soon and I went a little crazy (chocolate may have been consumed)

So what am I going to do about it? (Ok, ok Starbucks Toffee Nut Lattes MAY have been drunk too, god you lot know how to weasel it out of me don't you)

I have today bought a smaller pair of jeans (New "target" jeans and I have also set a weight target to lose, just another 1 stone 3lb will probably do me)

A week on Friday I have the beginning of a huge amount of xmas parties to attend throughout December, So I am going to make double-y sure I have a very good week this week.

(Yes, I had an Indian!!!!!!!! How did you KNOW!!!)

So nose back to the grindstone and I hope when you join me next week I can tell you about a superb weightloss.

It is a long journey and it isn't just about changing my body, I am finding the hardest obstacle to overcome is actually my OWN mind!!!!!!!

Till next week.

Big Fashionista x  x

Friday, 19 November 2010

Pro-life campaign or the worlds worst people?

I was torn about writing this post, purely because I am still not sure if it is purely a pro-life campaign.

If you don't know what I am talking about it is a couple called Pete & Alisha Arnold who have set up a website to decide whether their should abort their perfectly healthy 17 week old foetus!!!!

They say they have set up the site as they are not sure if they want to be parents!!!!!!

WORDS FAIL ME!!!!!!! (actually they don't, but the words I want to use are probably too strong to write down on my blog) 

Their defence is..............

'Voting is such an integral part of the American identity. We vote on everything from the best singer on American Idol to who the next leader of the free world will be.

'Wouldn't it be nice to voice your opinion and have it actually make a difference in the real world? Why not vote on whether to continue or abort an actual pregnancy?'

Oh yes because letting other people decide if you are going to abort your baby is up there with who wins American Idol isn't it. In fact, even comparing the two in my opinion gives me the right to confiscate your uterus for the forseeable future.

I am pro-choice, No one should HAVE to have a baby that they do not want, BUT come on, with this HARD choice comes responsibility.

Abortion is NEVER an easy answer, but to put it to a public vote makes a complete mockery of anyone who has agonised long and hard over this decision.

Did they do it because they didn't have any coins to flip?????

What people in their RIGHT minds would sit down and think. "You know what, we need to ask a million strangers what they want us to do"

(The scariest part is so far over half of the people who have voted have voted to abort-These sick people are a whole other blog post)

Even if they continue with the pregnancy, what happens in 16 years or so when the child googles himself or his parents and discovers his fate was down to strangers????

Take a look at the website if you want to.


It will be out there forever for that poor child to find one day.

Doesn't bear thinking about does it?

What do you think on the whole situation?

And how many people out there are like me and HOPE it is just a campaign, otherwise the life of a unborn baby is hanging in the balance dependent on people who have been brought up voting for American Idol, and other reality programmes where the worst that can happen is that someone is voted off the programme

How dare these people make the life of an unborn child SO insignificant.

Big Fashionista x x

Thursday, 18 November 2010

Nom or Vom

I was very interested to receive this letter through the post yesterday.

Dear BF, (its like first name terms!!!!!)

Now that one has managed to offload one grandson  one is reaching out to you for help in getting rid of the other one. (lots of ones in this isn't there?)

He is a lovely boy even if he has a touch of the ginge about him. Apparently he takes after his father.

Could you please do one of your fabulous Nom or Vom posts about him.

There could be a OBE in it for you one day.

Your sincerely

The Queen.

Well who am I to disappoint the QUEEN in her hour of need.

So here it is ladies.

Prince Harry

It actually isn't as bad as I thought it would be!!!!!!!

(No I am NOT getting paid for this)

The serious prince.

 Oh HOW white are those teeth!!!!!

Women do like a man in uniform don't they!!!!!!

I even managed to get a topless shot!!!!!

I am SO going straight to the TOWER!!!!!!!!

I cannot believe I am about to say this..........................

Prince Harry

Nom or Vom?

Leaves shamefaced ;-D

Big Fashionista x x

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Give And MakeUp

She waited as long as she could after she heard the car leave the drive. Her heart was beating fast as she tore around the house grabbing clothes for the children, favourite toys and a change of clothes for herself.

For months she had been building up to this moment in her head. She hadn't been able to prepare though, he would have known. She had tried to build up some cash but every penny she had had to be accounted for. She had no friends that she could turn to as years of abuse meant that her friends had either drifted away unable to watch what was happening to her or had grown tired of her excuses about why she couldn't go out.

Her heart stopped as she heard a car approach but it didn't stop. The children carried on playing downstairs oblivious to her panic and fear.

The small holdall was stuffed with teddies, nappies and clothes. She fought the urge to make the bed, Years of keeping the house up to her husbands impossible standards was deeply ingrained in her yet she felt a small sense of triumph leaving it unmade.

She ran down the stairs with the bag and grabbed the baby and toddler. She was thinking of them, she knew that she had to leave before he hurt them. In her eyes she was strong, she could take it but her children were her world and she would not let them suffer.

The door slammed shut behind her as she left and she vowed never to return to the man and house that had made her so sad and miserable she had wanted to end it all.

Now she wanted to begin a new chapter of her life and REFUGE had given her the strength and support she needed to finally make the break.


This situation is more common than you can ever imagine.

A new initiative has been created to help. Give and MakeUp  A non-profit initiative whose sole purpose is to get everyday essentials into the hands of women who need them the most.

Take a look at their page.


And think what YOU can do to help.

Are you a company that can help? or an individual with even one bottle of shampoo spare. Then Give and MakeUp and the women of Refuge NEED you.

You can help.

Let us help these women rebuild their lives.

Get in touch.

Big Fashionista x x

If you are a victim of domestic abuse you can call the Refuge helpline on 0808 2000 247

A Slagbag's guide to surviving the christmas party season with her job and respect intact.

It is nearly christmas!!! There are so few sleeps between now and christmas left apparently that you might as well stop sleeping and just hang around waiting for it to happen.

A lot of you have probably already received invites to the christmas parties that happen all throughout December and I have compiled a helpful list of do's and don'ts so that the only things you recieve through the letterbox after christmas are bills and not your P45. (don't thank me)

Firstly EAT.

Yeah yeah, your dress was expensive, you don't want to look pregnant in it but you would be amazed at how many people I have picked up off the floor of the toilets, covered in vomit saying they think they have drank too much!!!! (Usually it is 7pm and the evening has just began) The following statements usually follow

"I skipped lunch"

"I haven't eaten today as I knew I was going to eat a lot tonight"

"I feel sick again"

If you are lucky you have drank so much that you need to go home and sleep it off immediately, this then stops you from suffering FURTHER embarassment by then going on a drunken rampage.

If you stay please remember the following rules

That guy you never realised was THAT attractive who is looking at you now does NOT find you attractive!! (plus chances are he is a total minger!!! Wine goggles are ten times stronger than beer goggles-FACT)

DO NOT launch yourself at him and try to kiss him (or more) I'm not kidding here, Even if he DOES like you he will NEVER admit to it if you have developed a reputation as the party drunk!!!! (especially if you have vomit in your hair) If you ignore my advice here may I also suggest that if he rejects you do not move onto your second choice (or third, or fourth or fifth-jesus is this the only time or year you get out!!!)

Dress to impress.

Ever heard the saying, cleavage OR legs?????

Learn it-live it!!!!!!!  We all want to look stunning for the christmas party but if you usually wear trousers and a polo neck and then one night a year throw away your insecurities and want to impress, do it with class.

Not a dress that is reminiscent of your drunkeness............

Off your tits and about to hit the floor

Dancefloor antics!

Dance, have fun, but remember faux lesbianism is NOT going to turn your boss or your colleagues on. If you want to get it on with the receptionist who makes you feel funny like you have been climbing a rope in PE, DO NOT do it as a floor show. Yes people may cheer but from that moment on going to the toilet in twos will no longer be an option for you. You will forever be "the lesbian one" (Don't look at me like that, I tried to warn you)

If you are drunk may I also make a further suggestion. Do not engage your boss in a conversation about your role in the company and how you want to further your career.

If it is a big company, chances are until now he has never put a face to a name. If you go breathe cheap rose wine over him (you washed the vomit out of your hair right?) telling him how you are perfect for your managers job and then proceed in telling him about so-and-so who is sleeping with blah-blah and that one who takes days off to go shopping-He is NOT going to thank you!!! Or promote you.

Make an appointment to see him Monday (or Tuesday may be better when your hangover has gone)

I think I have covered the basics here,

Now it is your turn to dish the dirt, what have YOU done at a christmas party you shouldn't have?

Or which one of your friends embarrassed themselves hideously?

Let me know.

Maybe we can stop someone else from suffering the same fate

Big Fashionista x x x

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Sureslim UK week 8 results

So after last weeks disappointing result of just 1lb off I decided to attack this week with renewed enthusiasm and make sure I drink lots of water, eat healthily and generally just be as good as I can be.

What really helped me this week was a few e-mails that I got from people who said that my weight loss had inspired them to get back onto their diet or finally do something about their weight. I was so humbled to hear people say things like that. For me it was a conscious decision to share my weight loss journey with everyone, I wanted to share the good times and hoped that by writing about it, it would stop me having bad times. which believe me it has. If I ever think about cracking and having a sneaky pizza or something hideously bad for me the thought of posting a weight gain is enough to make me stop dead in my tracks.

I know i am waffling a bit but I just wanted to say to all those people that said I have inspired them,

Thank you, but really YOU are MY inspiration as without you guys and your support this would be a very lonely journey.

x x x

So my weight LOSS this week I was not expecting (Especially, considering that it is "that" time of the month again) but I lost......................

Drum Roll..........................

FIVE POUNDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

meaning I have overcome my 2 stone barrier that was scaring me so much and basically booted my way towards the 2 and a HALF stone quicker than I could ever imagine!!!!!

my overall loss now is 32lb in just 8 weeks!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes once again I did the happy dance in Boots the Chemist (I swear the security guard now hides when he sees me enter)

So a great result, helped by you guys out there who have really gone out of your way to support me.

Once again.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart x x x

Big Fashionista x x

Friday, 12 November 2010

So my youngest is four, highly cute and loves ALL things music. She sings along to the radio, sings nursery rhymes and pretty much is forever singing. (help me)

But as she is four her words sometimes get a bit muddled up.

So imagine both my horror AND amusement when I heard this little gem.

A mouse lived in a windmill in old Amsterdam

A windmill with a mouse in is hardly surprising

He sang every morning, "How lucky I am,

Living in a WINDOW in old Amsterdam!"

Now firstly, who knew?

Secondly. LOL

Thirdly, it is a WINDMILL in old Amsterdam Scarlett, a WINDMILL.

She still prefers window!!! Looks like I am going to have some explaining to do at the in-laws.

Look at this mouse, do you think it doubles as a part time hooker? I think NOT.

But it got me thinking, what other songs do you get the words muddled up to?

Is there a song where you thought they were singing something rude and it turns out they weren't. or you just got the words COMPLETELY wrong.

Let me know x x

Big Fashionista x

Nom or Vom

I would like to say that I am tired of researching thoroughly different hot men for everyone to then grade like prime rump-But frankly, this will never get boring.

Ladies and Gents I give you Mark Salling

Better known as Puck from Glee and also............ um......... look its Puck from Glee, stop pressuring me!!!

Damn he looks fine.

Awwww, i'd take him home to mum if I didn't think she would steal him from me

Repeat after me, he is 28, he is 28, he is 28

I have the perfect outfit that would compliment what he is wearing here. We would make a FAB couple.

So what do we think guys?

Nom or Vom

Big Fashionista x x x

Thursday, 11 November 2010

Follow me

Take a look around my page, something is missing. You may not notice immediately, in fact you may not notice at all. Or you may be one of those people who, before you even look at the content of the blog your eyes are immediately drawn to how many followers the blog has.

I've removed mine.

Now you can all look at the content instead.

Seriously, does it REALLY matter how many followers a blog has these days? Would it affect your decision to read a blog if it only had 5 or 6 followers?

I know that it wouldn't affect how I wrote if I was writing for 5 followers. I would still write the same words (Hell, i'd write it even if I got no hits-and trust me, at the beginning I was!!!)

There are blogs out there with not very many followers who get a huge number of hits each day and it also works the other way around.

The word followers makes me feel like I am a cult leader anyway!!!!

(although if you WOULD like to all send me your money each month I would be very grateful)

If I would have carried on having followers I would've had to have come up with a name like, The Church of Words or something, designed a flowing robe and commissioned a velvet lined pulpit to preach from (Ok, I've thought about that a little too much)

I don't want "followers" I want readers, people who interact and comment, even argue with me on my blog.

So followers are no more,

(and if you DO want to know how many "followers" I have, drop me an e-mail....... go on, I dare ya)

So lets hear it for quality (hopefully) over quantity

What do you think about it all?

Let me know

Big Fashionista x x

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Reiss-Porky pies?

I love Lynnette Peck Bateman, I admire her work, and find her an extremely fantastic person to talk to. She is EXTREMELY knowledgable about all things fashion and beauty and when she tweets that she is upset about something, people listen.

Check her out at @lovelyislovely1

Let me lay this scenario out for you.

Lynnette goes into Reiss in Covent garden intending to spend some money.

She looks around the store browsing with intent, as we do and to her surprise finds that there is not ONE single item in a size LARGE at all on the shop floor. (The fact that Reiss see a large as a size 14 is a WHOLE other blog post) ALL the items on show are either Extra Small, Small or Medium.

No Large.

She then asks a member of staff if all of the large sizes are sold out in EVERY section only to be informed that they do not stock the large sizes on the shop floor!!!!! The Large is kept in the stock room and you have to ask if you would like one.

When quizzed about why Reiss had this policy she was told "I don't know, it is just the way it is done"

When Lynnette tweeted this information a LOT of people were outraged about the policy, there was a lot of tweeting to Reiss to explain themselves but yet no reply was forthcoming from Reiss.

It took Reiss until almost midday to tweet some more information which was not sent directly to Lynnette but instead a general tweet to their 722 followers.

@REISS we apologise if you've been misinformed by one of our staff. It is not our policy to keep larger sizes in the stockroom.

@REISS Due to the breadth of our collections we display 4 of each style in varying sizes from 4-14 at any one time

@REISS our staff regularly replenish stock and are on hand to assist with any enquiries.

Reiss then sent an e-mail to Lynette after she enquired whether the tweets were in response to her original query about stock.

Dear Lynnette

I hope you are well.

I just wanted to get in touch as I understand that there has been some confusion regarding our sizing displayed in stores, and wanted to reassure you of our protocol.

Our team has recently posted a series of tweets which we hope will provide clarity, but we felt it helpful to email you directly as it was you who had been directly misinformed.

Firstly, we apologise that you were misinformed by a member of our staff.

It is not our policy to keep larger sizes in the stockroom.

Due to the breadth of our collections we display 4 of each style in varying sizes from 4 -14 at any one time.

Our staff regularly replenish stock and are on hand to assist with any queries.

We appreciate your feedback and will ensure all our staff have been re-briefed.

Once again, we apologise that this affected your shopping experience with us and do hope that future visits to our store will be more pleasurable.

Please do let me know if you need any further information.
Kind regards


Now i'm no social media expert but haven't they just repeated what they said on Twitter there?

Hmmmmmmmmmmm, probably not the best way to placate an angry customer Reiss.

Being the pain in the arse that I am, I needed to put this to the test.

Take one dress. It's from the new collection so it SHOULD be on the shop floor right?

Meet Lexia, she is £179, not my cup of tea but I am sure she is perfect for someone.  

I rang 4 different stores and explained that my friend had come into the store yesterday to pick up this dress for me but she was in a rush and hadn't seen it on the shop floor but now another friend had told us that the large sizes were not displayed on the shop floor, Is this true?

Canary Wharf said that this wasn't true, in fact they pretty much quoted the REISS tweet when they then explained that they display four of each size from 4-14 at any time.

Ok, I replied, so do you have this brand new dress in a large?

Um.... we don't have any on the shop floor, let me check the stock room.

Funnily enough they found one in the stock room!!!!!!!!!!!!

Liverpool Street didn't have the dress in stock AT all but admitted to me that they usually only have THREE sizes out at one time and these usually ARE the smaller ones.

One New Change Also told me that it was their policy to only have Extra Small, Small and Medium out on the shop floor

And the last shop that I tried in Leeds told me that "saying that they don't keep the Large on the shop floor is completely untrue" But then when I asked if they had Lexia in a Large asked me to hold on as there wasn't one on the shop floor and they had to check the stock room.

Where funnily enough they managed to find one!!!!!!!!!!!

So what is the truth about Reiss?

Do they hide the large sizes in the stock room like I hide my size 18 knickers?

Out of shame and embarrassment.

From the four shops I spoke to today it seems so. But if that is the truth why not just come out and say so and that they will REVIEW their policy?

Next time you are in Reiss, take a look around. .

Have you seen any size Large on display? And if you are a size Large, ask yourself why you would have to request your size from the back room like you were requesting porn from the top shelf.

Let me know what YOU think of Reiss.

And whether they are right in this policy or whether ALL sizes should be on display.

Big Fashionista  x

Reality TV is dead, long live reality TV

The results are in, they have been counted and verified and I can now tell you that the person next voted off of Big Brother/X Factor/I'm A Celebrity is..........................................................................

One of the ones who won't win anyway.

So settle down people, let me tell you once AGAIN about reality TV. I'm sure I have given this lesson once before regarding Big Brother but some of you all seem to have forgotten the basic rule behind "Reality Television"


Now for some of you, I can see this has come as quite a shock. Heaven forbid I should top that off with Santa Claus isn't real either (Oh my bad)

I can see how you would be fooled. It is a voting system, the person with the lowest amount of votes goes home. BUT, how do they get those votes in the first place.

Is it JUST about the singing? Noooooooooooooooooooo of course not. That would be BORING.

16 fantastic singers belting out tracks each week, bowing and then going off stage only to be wheeled out again the following week? Yawn, I can feel myself switching over to Return of The Goodies on BBC2 as we speak (It's on this week if any of you just felt a frisson of excitement there-It's ok, I won't judge you)

The ratings would sink lower than Daybreak (yes, THAT low)

With ANY reality TV programme it is all about the column inches, ALL about the controversy. The producers want you hooked tighter than a 500lb tuna.

They know who is going to win this, Hell they probably know what order everyone is going to finish in.

Have a read of the Ben Elton book Chart Throb and you will nod and agree and really see how that could be what happens.

Everything from giving someone a "bad" song choice to leaking stories about their personal lives to the press. Even Simon having a go at a contestant can win them the sympathy vote these days.

I can see the producers on X factor treating the book like a Reality TV for Dummies survival guide

Because lets face it, would you Vote for say Matt Cardle if it came out he was a violent wife beater that microwaved puppies for fun (Side note-I am not saying he does, or is, it was just an example so calm your fine selves)

Of course you wouldn't. So it isn't just about who has the best voice now is it?

It was the same with Big Brother, at first it was a social experiment designed to watch people and see what they did. But over the years the producers turned it into a soap opera, designating everyone a character which they then showed on the one hour highlight show every night which was taken from 24 hours of footage. If someone said ONE thing spiteful in 24 hours, you could guarantee THAT would make the highlight shows.

So while you watch your reality TV programmes, try to remember,

There isn't much reality in them any more guys x x

Big Fashionista x x

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Sureslim UK Week 7 Weigh in

So i'm hoping that before you all read this you caught up with yesterdays post about self-sabotage.

I really think that this 2 stone marker has put a spanner in the works somehow. I don't know why, I just think i need to move past this milestone and think about it a different way.

So lets go straight to this weeks results.

I LOST 1 pound.

I have to admit part of me expected it. Although i wasn't BAD. I know that i wasn't following the diet very well last week at all.

And my water intake for the whole week consisted of the ice that I put in my wine!!!!

Bad Fashionista.

I really think that not drinking the fluids this week made a HUGE difference. I felt hungrier this week than ever before. Which coupled with the milestone that was facing me made it easier for me to make excuses.


That week is OVER, gone, finito and all that.

This is a new week. with a new outlook on life. So I didnt reach the milestone I was hoping for. But this isn't a sprint, its a marathon. No-one told me it was going to be easy and surely, if I give up at the first sign of trouble then that just makes me a quitter.


Come back next week and I will be posting a better weight loss than this week.

Lessons learnt this week.

Drink the water.

Changing the outside will not have an impact on the person I am inside.

Man up a bit and lets do this.

Big Fashionista x x x

Monday, 8 November 2010

Self sabotage Sureslim UK Update

I know it isn't weigh in day but I feel that I need to share something with you all.

This week has been crap.

Now I don't mean, strip naked and dive head first into a chocolate fountain and drink it dry sort of crap, Just in general I feel like some old bad habits are starting to creep back in.

And it has made me think

Am I sabotaging MYSELF?

I am 2lb off of two stone and I'll be honest with you here, I have never lost that amount of weight without it taking a bloody long time or giving birth to a baby.

It is a scary concept.

Have I got so used to being "The fat one" or "the one who would be pretty if she lost some weight"
Perhaps I feel that this is the role I have carved out for myself  and the fact that my clothes size has now changed doesn't change that inside I am still that "fat" girl.

I have used my weight as an excuse for so long that I think I am scared that if I do lose the weight I will no longer have my weight to hide behind.

For so long now I have been overweight that it becomes almost a security blanket. I say how I love my curves and I don't want to lose them. People tell me not to lose too much more as I will get too thin. It just seems that lately those niggling doubts have become larger as my hips get smaller.

Anytime I have in the past got to a dieting milestone I have backed away from it and protected myself with Pizza and chocolate. I then feel guilty, so I eat more, which makes me feel worse and so the hamster wheel of dieting keeps spinning around and around and around.

But I don't want to do that this time. I want to break the cycle of binge dieting. I am not craving bad foods so I dont understand why I have an URGE to eat them.

The little voices in my head tell me, "just one won't hurt" and "you look good as you are now" whereas in the past six weeks I have been on a dieting high.

Do all women do this self sabotaging? Not only in dieting but in life?

I know that mothers constantly put others before themselves. A friend of mine turned down a job that she had interviewed for twice, had a tour around the building and met her new team before she then panicked and said she couldn't take the job as it would mean her children would miss her. (they wouldn't, trust me) Two weeks later she was kicking herself.

How about men too? Does self sabotaging happen to you too?

Do you deny yourself happiness because you are scared of it?

Let me know

Big Fashionista x x

Saturday, 6 November 2010


It is fast coming to the time of year again where some people like to show their respects for those that have fought and lost their lives in the wars.

I am not going to get into the debate of whether people SHOULD wear poppies. I think that some people prefer to do their remembrance in their hearts and no one should be judged on whether they wear one or not.

But if you ARE a poppy wearer then you may want to check out


Run and owned by The British Legion they do a huge range of poppies that differ from the run of the mill paper ones.

Top picture is Buckley brooch, this is now out of stock until December due to popularity but would make an excellent gift for christmas for someone who wears a poppy every year. (I want this)

Second picture is an enamel badge which is in stock and is a fantastic purchase.

Third and fourth pictures are suitable for the professional man in your life who would like to show his respect in a subtle way.

There are plenty of other ideas on the website. From poppy bags to scarves there is a way to make a donation and show your respect.

If you are the sort of person who wears your poppy on your heart and doesn't like to wear anything there is also a facility to donate on the website.

Go take a look

Big Fashionista x x


So today I am over on Just Nice Things answering their 20 questions.


I love these girls, Helen & Sheenie literally have a 3 month waiting list for people who want to answer the questions.

The funniest thing for me is reading the part about me loving all food thats bad for you!!! (That's SO 6 weeks ago :-) ) as well as the confession that I have short fingernails (Now they are long and healthy)

Go take a look at the questions, comment and then take a look around the website as it is a great read.

Big Fashionista x x

Thursday, 4 November 2010

Nom or Vom

Its been a while hasn't it?

So let's get this party started with a cracker (Well it is Fireworks night)

Ladies & Gentlemen I give you......

Mr Chris Evans.

Oh god NO, not that one..............

This one......

Yeah baby. This man is as hot as his character in The Fantastic Four!!!!!

You want more?

Of course you do.

Oh my lord thats a bit saucy isnt it!!!!!!!!!

My lord, this guy is not going to do my blood pressure any good is he!!!!

So ladies (and I KNOW there are guys out there that find Mr Evans HOT)what do we think?

Nom or Vom????

Big Fashionista x x

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Weird Crushes


We all have them. (It's true, we do)

I did a poll on Facebook earlier (It is the ULTIMATE research tool) and asked everyone who their
"You know you shouldn't but you SO would " crush was on.

The answers were to say the least, interesting!!! (and if I may say so, slightly disturbing)

Ranging from Margaret Thatcher (WTF-wierdo) to Larry Lamb (I agree with you ladies, as long as he brings George along for some fun too) with everyone from Rick Parfitt, James Frain and Dick Van Dyke (That one MAY be mine!!! WHAT!!! It's the snow white hair) in between, I get the feeling that there are a lot of embarrassing crushes out there that need to be addressed (Or undressed, whatever lights your fire)

So what I want from you TROUBLED lot is you to let me know how bad you have it.

I want, My name is...............

and my celeb crush who I shouldn't but SO would is............


Basically this is to make me feel better about my Dick Van Dyke love-You know that right?

And GO........................

Big Fashionista x x x x

Dear O2

Dear O2,

I'm not sure if you remember me. I've been a customer of yours for many, many years now and lets face it, our relationship is on the wane. You don't call me unless you want something (paying) You don't write anymore. Frankly I am starved of your affection and this cuts me deep.

So imagine my surprise when I received a text from you today saying my bill was ready! (you little tease, you) and it seems like you had made a mistake and charged me too much. Dear O2, if you want my attention, send flowers, even chocolates. But lets not muck up my bill. It puts me in a bad mood and quite frankly I'm a bitch when it comes to money.

I spoke to one of your customer services (I use the word service loosely, VERY loosely) representatives. who informs me that you have changed your tariffs and now we are charged individually for MMS messages instead of them coming out of my text allowance!!!!!

Ah O2, is this your way of breaking up with me? Are you trying to make me hate you so much that I leave you? You don't have the strength to do it yourself so if you can make me hate you then it will be less painful?
(You remind me of an ex I once had)

The customer services (LOL) rep then decided to tell me that it wasn't HER fault!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ah bless, O2, your agents need a leetle more of the training courses that you supply if she thought that I would stop talking in an articulate and quite frankly restrained manner and partake of a group hug to make HER feel better. In fact I was surprised she didn't invite me into the loo so that she could sob on my shoulder and tell me all the bad things O2 have been doing to her also!!

So after doing a little bit of research O2, it looks as though you are trying to do a bit of a sneaky one and change EVERYONES tariffs so that people are being charged for MMS messages instead of them coming out of their text allowance and NOT tell them!!!!!

Tut tut O2, that isn't nice of you is it?

Quite frankly O2, if you were a boyfriend you would get yourself a reputation. (and possibly a STD or two)

No-one likes people trying to pull the wool over their eyes O2.

ESPECIALLY paying customers.

So O2, I think it is for the best if we just let our relationship run its course. (till the end of the contract) and then go our separate ways.

Sure you will miss me. I will miss you too, but my new relationship will be built on trust (and more minutes)  and a new kick arse phone which lets face it is better than flowers any day of the week.

Farewell O2 my love. it's been fun. but frankly you thought you could take me and all your other customers for granted.

And trust me, you CAN'T.

Big Fashionista x x

Eating with the Frenemy

In case you haven't worked out, I am on a diet (thanks for the Missing You card Greggs) and I know I am doing well but I have come across a problem.


Let me give you an example of a Frenemies work.

"Oh go on, have a treat"

"One won't hurt you, you're doing so well"

"We will go to Pizza Express, you can have a salad"

Now I am SURE they are not DELIBERATELY trying to sabotage my hard work (Although one might be) but they are trying to sabotage me all the same.

Is it a case of I am changing my position? Maybe up until now I have been the "fat friend" that everyone has and uses as a yard stick to judge theirselves by. "Well I am thinner than so-and-so so i'm doing ok"

Oh you know we all do it :-)

Frenemies in general are the bane of every womans life, they love ya, but if you fall flat on your face you know damn well that pic is going to end up on Facebook, tagged with your name for everyone to see.
(I tripped, I was NOT drunk)

Maybe I am being paranoid but it seems to me that my Frenemies are coming out of the woodwork. If I had a pound for every time someone had said to me over the last couple of weeks "Just have one" I'd have £19.75p (one was my daughter-Beyatch)

Do Frenemies WANT to see you fail or will they then swoop in at the last minute and save the day?

What is your experience of Frenemies?

Let me know x x x

Big Fashionista x

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Sureslim Diet-Week SIX

I have a cold............ (Well, officially it is a cold but i'm thinking MAN FLU!!!!!)

I'm feeling VERY sorry for myself and lets face it..... how well can a diet go when you can't taste anything?

(Which did cause an unfortunate problem with the chilli marinade made last night! If I can't TASTE it-how can I check it? Note to self-LESS chilli next time )

Well it seems like snot weighs less than I thought it did as I lost another 3lbs!!!!!!!

Making it 26lb in SIX weeks. 

I'm 2 pound off of 2 stone!!!!! I can't believe it. I don't think I have ever lost 2 stone SO easily in my life!!!

My friends were asking me if I was craving chocolate or anything "naughty" this week. And I was surprised that the answer was NO. No cravings at all this week, which is fantastic news. It shows that occasionally like last week I can indulge in the Hot Chocolate Fudge Cake WITH Ice Cream and then just carry on as normal. and this is now NORMAL for me.

I can't imagine myself eating any other way now. This has been so easy for me that I definately see it as a lifestyle change not a diet. more of a healthy eating plan with weight loss as an added benefit.

I'm being creative in the kitchen too, Lots of herbs and spices-NO bland food here.

I also lost half inch off my bust (Thank god THATS slowed down ;-) ) as well as half inch off my waist AND hips.

So my inch loss is slowing down, which is to be expected now I am thinner. But my weight loss seems steady at 3lb a week, which I am MORE than happy with!!!!

And these lumps that I can feel on the side of my body are apparently HIP BONES!!!!!

Who knew!!!!!!!


Big Fashionista x x

Monday, 1 November 2010

Stephen Fry

Whether he was misquoted or not Mr Stephen Fry has bought up an interesting subject.

“If women liked sex as much as men, there would be straight cruising areas in the way there are gay cruising areas. Women would go and hang around in churchyards thinking: ‘God, I’ve got to get my f****** rocks off’, or they’d go to Hampstead Heath and meet strangers to shag behind a bush. It doesn’t happen. Why? Because the only women you can have sex with like that wish to be paid for it.”

Um Mr Fry, I take it you have never been to a bar, club, pub, hell even stood outside a kebab shop at 1am and seen the veritable meat market that is men and women cruising for LURVE.

The whole bloody world is a cruising area, whether you are straight, gay or whatever. Surely there are opportunities everywhere you go?

Lets face it, exactly how ugly do you have to be to NOT pull outside a kebab shop? Ok They won't exactly be catch of the day and chances are not someone you would want to introduce to the parents but hey, are we talking SEX or LOVE here?

Surely asking Stephen Fry his opinion on women and their sexual preferences is like asking Nadine Coyle her opinion on high calorie food? They are aware of its existence but not exactly top of their to do list.

At the best it was a miscalculated attempt at being humourous (we all do it Mr Fry, Sometimes the deafening silence on one of my blog posts says it all) But now Stephen Fry has added fuel to the fire with his latest tweet that just reads  Bye Bye.

What do you think about Stephen Frys' observations about women and sex?

Do women like sex just as much as men?

Not only that but surely he is generalising gay men in general? Surely not all gay men like to cruise Hampstead Heath and have a bang in a bush do they?

Let me know what you think x x x

Big Fashionista x x

Dear Santa

Basically you may be seeing a lot of these posts from now until December 24th. Think of yourselves as little elves who will be passing on my wish list to Father Christmas from.........................NOW.

Dear Santa,

I've been a very good girl this year (mostly) and if it isn't too much trouble I would like to request these in my stocking (If you ever want to see ME in my stockings again)

Now just in case you weren't watching the X Factor Saturday night Mr Christmas. These earrings were worn by Mary Byrne on the live show (Pardon? .........Yes, Tescos Mary, clever Santa) and I then spent the whole weekend drooling over them.

They are from Butler & Wilson. http://www.butlerandwilson.com/ and are £48.00

If it is easier Santa, I really don't mind going and getting them myself and you just giving me the cash but I would love to see them dangling in my ears on Christmas Day.

Thank you.

Big Fashionista aged 34 and three quarters.


Dear Santa, if you are struggling to find these earrings check out Accessories Online UK.

I have it on good authority that they will be getting them in VERY shortly.

X x x

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