Thursday, 11 November 2010

Follow me

Take a look around my page, something is missing. You may not notice immediately, in fact you may not notice at all. Or you may be one of those people who, before you even look at the content of the blog your eyes are immediately drawn to how many followers the blog has.

I've removed mine.

Now you can all look at the content instead.

Seriously, does it REALLY matter how many followers a blog has these days? Would it affect your decision to read a blog if it only had 5 or 6 followers?

I know that it wouldn't affect how I wrote if I was writing for 5 followers. I would still write the same words (Hell, i'd write it even if I got no hits-and trust me, at the beginning I was!!!)

There are blogs out there with not very many followers who get a huge number of hits each day and it also works the other way around.

The word followers makes me feel like I am a cult leader anyway!!!!

(although if you WOULD like to all send me your money each month I would be very grateful)

If I would have carried on having followers I would've had to have come up with a name like, The Church of Words or something, designed a flowing robe and commissioned a velvet lined pulpit to preach from (Ok, I've thought about that a little too much)

I don't want "followers" I want readers, people who interact and comment, even argue with me on my blog.

So followers are no more,

(and if you DO want to know how many "followers" I have, drop me an e-mail....... go on, I dare ya)

So lets hear it for quality (hopefully) over quantity

What do you think about it all?

Let me know

Big Fashionista x x


  1. I agree with you that actual readers are more important than followers however I love the follow option simply because it makes it really easy to keep track of all the blogs I like. I tend to use the blogger lists of new posts from the blogs I like and have followed rather than bookmarking pages. Unless they don't have a follow option incase I usually subscribe by email. Am I making any sense? Probably not... x

  2. Now that's a brave thing to do! I truly appreciate that, and may be one day I'll do the same!

  3. Followers mean nothing really, people can sign up and never come back. I think the number of readers you have is more important, as is the number of people who comment. If you had tons of readers but nobody ever left a comment blogging would still sometimes feel like a pretty lonely experience. I was awarded Blogger's "Blog Of Note" last December and my readers and followers went through the roof, but it only lasted about a month. Now I have tons of followers but it just makes my blog look much more popular than it really is. I've thought many times about removing the follower widget, but following does make it much easier to track all the blogs you read so I've never quite gone through with it.

    Funny, isn't it. We all start blogging with no readers and somehow, out of nothing, this whole complicated structure springs up by accident in front of our eyes. There's something quite beautiful about that.

  4. I have not put one on my blog either . I think if you click the blogger top bar my readers can still follow me ;-). I totally embrace the readers not followers terminology

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Hi Eyelining, People can still follow me as Joanna said by pressing the follow button at the top of the page, It just causes a distraction I think now. x x

    MrLondonStreet, it is a beautiful thing, i remember seeing my first hit on my page and being so proud of it. like i said though, I would write even if no-one was reading, If you write for yourself people appreciate it i think.

    Spider Girl, I don't think it is brave. On wordpress you can't see how many followers a blog has. Now people can concentrate on the words and not be swayed by how many followers I have (or haven't) LOL

  7. YAY! I'm giving a massive thumbs up! I too have the same opinion about blog following.

    I started my own blog because I wanted a vent for my excitement over beauty products et al. I've never been bothered by how many people follow me and as such have never asked anyone to follow my blog (apart from my first competition where I asked people to follow and comment to enter it, I guess that makes me a hypocrite?).

    I have tweeted the occasional "new blog post" but at the same time always felt a little embarassed for plugging it. After all, I'm nobody special to anyone but myself and the people who love me. And I'm not blogging for blagging (not saying all others do, but there is a minority out there that ARE blagging bloggers).

    I think its great that you've brought your opinion to the floor and I for one stand by it 100%.

  8. Interesting - I may do the same! I appreciate my followers but it wouldn't make any difference to me if I had 1 or 100, at the moment I have 54. What I do appreciate is the comments that people leave, for me taking the time to leave a comment is golden and I try to always leave a comment, because I know the effort that it takes to do a post. However I always try to leave a comment that means something. Thanks K. Jan x

  9. Took mine off last week.

    I very quickly sussed out that my readers weren't the kind of people to follow blogs - most of my views come to me directly.

    The amount of hits and page views I get are not reflected in having 200 or so followers.

    Focus on the content not the numbers!

  10. This isn't something I have ever thought about really... I guess it doesn't matter. Hummmm, I'll have to ponder on this one.

  11. You know, thinking about it, you're right. I don't 'follow' every blog I read, and I know people read mine that don't follow it, and who am I trying to impress anyway? In the end, the Unorthodox blog is about promoting the shop, the products, and keeping everyone up to date on our news. It's not a popularity contest I'm entering! Removing the followers box as we speak.

    Brilliant blog!


  12. What a great idea, though I read blogs for the interesting/funny posts, not because of how many followers they have. If anything, the more followers, the more likely the blog is going to be packed with uninteresting posts and the poster won't return comments!

  13. Being on a different platform, a "follower" widget wasn't an option. But, like you K, I write what I write no matter how many folks click over. I address everyone as if they've been reading me from day one & come back routinely, whether they do or not.
    I can also say that I never clicked thru any of the followers pics to their blogs from your widget. It was more of an annoyance - like when it caused a slow page load trying to load all the pics & still ending up with red x's. So, yeah, thanks for taking that off. ;)

  14. Here here! I love your blog Kellie. You always make me giggle with your hysterically funny posts and I find the updates on your weightloss journey, to be very inspirational ;o) Keep em coming lady... x

  15. So... How many followers have you got then?? :D xx

  16. I love your blog :) And good point about the followers - I get addicted to stats too easily - "what?! Someone UNsubscribed in the RSS feed? Noooooooooooo *sobs and drinks wine* ), and really, as you say, interaction is the key.
    And yes - how many you got. :)

  17. I agree with you. I started mine because I thought it would be fun for me to look back on a year of my life in photographs. There are only four people who look at it and I'm one of those :)

  18. Thr blogs I read and interact with the most are the ones with fewer followers, i tend to skip over the ones with thousands as they don't interact with their readers as much!

  19. So many comments, thanks guys for your input. I really feel that sometimes it draws away from the quality of the posts when you can see whether a blog has thousands of followers or just a few.

    I agree with you StyleFrost about interacting, and i'll be honest, thats something I personally have been negligent about, replying to comments. I am going to make sure I reply to people as much as possible x x x

    Thanks everyone for your words of support x x

  20. Think I will take a leaf out of your book. Mine just irritates me & you have motivated me to delete mine. As you said, people can still follow. I enjoy blogging and I have not changed the way i write as the numbers increase.


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