Thursday, 18 November 2010

Nom or Vom

I was very interested to receive this letter through the post yesterday.

Dear BF, (its like first name terms!!!!!)

Now that one has managed to offload one grandson  one is reaching out to you for help in getting rid of the other one. (lots of ones in this isn't there?)

He is a lovely boy even if he has a touch of the ginge about him. Apparently he takes after his father.

Could you please do one of your fabulous Nom or Vom posts about him.

There could be a OBE in it for you one day.

Your sincerely

The Queen.

Well who am I to disappoint the QUEEN in her hour of need.

So here it is ladies.

Prince Harry

It actually isn't as bad as I thought it would be!!!!!!!

(No I am NOT getting paid for this)

The serious prince.

 Oh HOW white are those teeth!!!!!

Women do like a man in uniform don't they!!!!!!

I even managed to get a topless shot!!!!!

I am SO going straight to the TOWER!!!!!!!!

I cannot believe I am about to say this..........................

Prince Harry

Nom or Vom?

Leaves shamefaced ;-D

Big Fashionista x x


  1. Definitely nom from me, hope I'm not the only one. There's something about him (not just his title) that is rather lovely. x

  2. Hmm hes a vom and a nom... cant quite make my mind up! Hmmm. lol

  3. I have to admit im not actually repulsed as I thought
    I would be BUT he would be punching way above his weight with me ;-D


  4. Hmmm I'm NOMVOM, I can't quite decide... x

  5. A somewhere in the middle for me. He is attractive and I find the topless shots particularly appealling. But as soon as he opened his mouth I know I'd be turned right off. I'm a terrible one for inverted snobbery and I need to work on fixing that actually.

  6. Agree with Charlie above with snobbery... if he did open his mouth and put me off it would be a huge shame because one of the sexiest red-heads around.
    NOM but keeping quiet for starters please...

  7. Nom, because I am not really into guys with a touch of ginge, but I am open to maybe liking him (he's got money after all, I wouldn't mind making an effort just for that lol)

  8. I wouldn't actively seek him out as a nom but actually, he's alright, so nom from me! (plus he's miles better looking than his brother, wo used to be ok looking but looked pretty vom on the latest stuff I've seen of him..)

  9. I bloody LOVE you for doing this!!

  10. Nom. But he's more of a snare than a bass drum. Know what I mean?

  11. I am slightly embarassed but I'd have to say...nom! He is more attractive than his brother, even with the ginge element thrown in!

  12. Id say he's a Nom, And rather lovely with it too I think

  13. Love the ginge: it's a nom for me! x

  14. Love it - I think he's now the better looking prince and a good example of an attractive ginge. But going to have to sit on the nom or vom fence with this one.

  15. Ahh I can't believe I missed this one! He'd so get it! NOM NOM NOM


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