Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Reality TV is dead, long live reality TV

The results are in, they have been counted and verified and I can now tell you that the person next voted off of Big Brother/X Factor/I'm A Celebrity is..........................................................................

One of the ones who won't win anyway.

So settle down people, let me tell you once AGAIN about reality TV. I'm sure I have given this lesson once before regarding Big Brother but some of you all seem to have forgotten the basic rule behind "Reality Television"


Now for some of you, I can see this has come as quite a shock. Heaven forbid I should top that off with Santa Claus isn't real either (Oh my bad)

I can see how you would be fooled. It is a voting system, the person with the lowest amount of votes goes home. BUT, how do they get those votes in the first place.

Is it JUST about the singing? Noooooooooooooooooooo of course not. That would be BORING.

16 fantastic singers belting out tracks each week, bowing and then going off stage only to be wheeled out again the following week? Yawn, I can feel myself switching over to Return of The Goodies on BBC2 as we speak (It's on this week if any of you just felt a frisson of excitement there-It's ok, I won't judge you)

The ratings would sink lower than Daybreak (yes, THAT low)

With ANY reality TV programme it is all about the column inches, ALL about the controversy. The producers want you hooked tighter than a 500lb tuna.

They know who is going to win this, Hell they probably know what order everyone is going to finish in.

Have a read of the Ben Elton book Chart Throb and you will nod and agree and really see how that could be what happens.

Everything from giving someone a "bad" song choice to leaking stories about their personal lives to the press. Even Simon having a go at a contestant can win them the sympathy vote these days.

I can see the producers on X factor treating the book like a Reality TV for Dummies survival guide

Because lets face it, would you Vote for say Matt Cardle if it came out he was a violent wife beater that microwaved puppies for fun (Side note-I am not saying he does, or is, it was just an example so calm your fine selves)

Of course you wouldn't. So it isn't just about who has the best voice now is it?

It was the same with Big Brother, at first it was a social experiment designed to watch people and see what they did. But over the years the producers turned it into a soap opera, designating everyone a character which they then showed on the one hour highlight show every night which was taken from 24 hours of footage. If someone said ONE thing spiteful in 24 hours, you could guarantee THAT would make the highlight shows.

So while you watch your reality TV programmes, try to remember,

There isn't much reality in them any more guys x x

Big Fashionista x x


  1. hi, i love reading your blogs but have never commented but i feel i have something constructive to offer on this one.
    as someone who has been on xfactor, athough i didnt get passed the 3rd round which is when u meet the famous judges (simon and co) i know how the system works. after nearley 12 hours of shooting to get the right angles etc for tv and hours and hours of silent waving at the camera, (they add the crowd cheering sounds later so they can hear dermot talking) i finally got my chance to sing. (i admit i dont have the worlds best voice, although i do sound pretty good in the shower) i got up and sang my lil heart out to jacksons Aint no sunshine when shes gone and didnt do too bad as i made it through the 1st 2 rounds. anyways they actually pick the top 25% or so and the rest are from the bottom, the worst singers but best comedic value just for entertainment purposes. by the time the get in front of the real judges and not one of simons lackys the company know pretty much who will win and in what order, there are some exceptions to this of course but as a general rule of thumb its all predetermined before any of you even get near a phone. im not saying this because i didnt make it but as a matter of fact and some research. i even had a chat with dermot about it(who is much smaller than he looks on tv), he was being very diplomatic but didnt deny anything and ended up saying hey i just work here. so just a thought for all of you who decide to waste your time and money ringing just to pay simons bonus. the whole show and those like it are nothing but money spinners and anyone who thinks otherwise im sorry to say is quite foolish. its a shame that so many people are taken in by it, as entertainment its great fun to watch but if u think u have any bearing on the final outcome you are very much mistaken. i dont know if this helps or possibly even angers some of you but thought as i have some experience in this matter i should share.

    if this comes up as anon its cos im not logged into my account not because im in hiding

  2. Myself and some friends have all attended different xfactor auditions throughout the years, and not even the first few rounds of selection are "real". They have a quota per venue so in most cases during the first phase it's a case of one contestant going through every x contestants.
    No wonder it takes some of the very talented ones to end up in front of the famous judges...

  3. Once again you have hit the nail on the head! I love watching a bit of 'xfactor' and 'strictly' of a weekend (mostly as I am totally skint & don't really go out!) but I am not so naieve that I think there are not strings being pulled along the way. I don't think that there can ever be proper 'reality' tv as people change as soon as a camera is pointed their way!
    People need to realise and accept these shows as entertainment shows NOT real life.

  4. The difference with Strictly is that it is Celebs doing it, so they all know the business they are in. in the first 5 series' the profits from the phone calls went to Children in Need!

    In contrast X-Factor really can change the lives of those who get through to the final rounds.

    I'd suggest the way they probably manipulate the outcome is via the marketing, media etc. rather than by outright fraud (there are laws and all that!).


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