Friday, 12 November 2010

So my youngest is four, highly cute and loves ALL things music. She sings along to the radio, sings nursery rhymes and pretty much is forever singing. (help me)

But as she is four her words sometimes get a bit muddled up.

So imagine both my horror AND amusement when I heard this little gem.

A mouse lived in a windmill in old Amsterdam

A windmill with a mouse in is hardly surprising

He sang every morning, "How lucky I am,

Living in a WINDOW in old Amsterdam!"

Now firstly, who knew?

Secondly. LOL

Thirdly, it is a WINDMILL in old Amsterdam Scarlett, a WINDMILL.

She still prefers window!!! Looks like I am going to have some explaining to do at the in-laws.

Look at this mouse, do you think it doubles as a part time hooker? I think NOT.

But it got me thinking, what other songs do you get the words muddled up to?

Is there a song where you thought they were singing something rude and it turns out they weren't. or you just got the words COMPLETELY wrong.

Let me know x x

Big Fashionista x


  1. A friend of mine thought KD Lang was singing 'cant stand gravy' instead of constant craving!

  2. LOL WBB I was just going to say that one!! Great minds eh?

    Poor Scarlett, you probably spent ages willing her to speak as a baby. Now she speaks and sings, you want her to be quiet. hehe I think this is so cute x

  3. i work with children and they are always singing funy things

    apart from a 4 year old singing "they tried to makeme go to rehab"

    there is also
    "the bad boys, they're always eating pork pies"

  4. When I was 4 I thought Grease' "I've got chills, they're multiplying" was "I've got cheese and meatpie in" - my lovely mother reminds me of this very often...

  5. My stepmum thinks Shania Twain sings 'I can't believe you kiss your cock at night'... it's actually 'I can't believe you kiss your car goodnight'!! xx

  6. All the time. You know the advert for Cadburys Whole Nut "nuts whole hazelnuts huuurrrr Cadburys take them and they cover them in chocolate" until very recently ie last month I thought it was "nuts whhoooohooo hazelnuts etc" realise this may not be translating itself well on in typing! The Stranglers song "walking on the beaches looking at the peaches" for me that was "walking on the beaches looking at the beaches" again, until very recently. Infact my OH who is clinically deaf in 1 ear (ie actually deaf rather than switched off) has to correct me when I am warbling away! Thanks for making me laugh today. Jan xx

  7. i want that mouse in the picture. it's too cute. x

  8. Oh I still get the words wrong sometimes, I don't think it matters some ageing famous singers forget their own lyrics. I think if it makes you happy to sing weather your in tune or not, weather you know every word and the dance doesn't matter ..... Unless you are going on XFactor :) but even than they don't write or sing their own music. So I would much rather hear your little one sing 'window' (bless so cute) than any of these so called crappy 'stars' ! ? That grace the charts. I'm sure there is far more passion in it. Great post, loving the mouse :) xx

  9. When I was little I learnt to sing the song "O Christmas Tree" but whenever I came to the line "how lovely are your branches" I used to sing "Bwanches" instead (probably need to point out the fact that I could sound out Rs with no problem whatsoever usually).

    To this day my parents find it hysterical and crack up whenever they relay the story to anyone! Bit harsh I think! :D

    Beckiem3 x

  10. I use to sing "Shirley we must be inside" instead of "Surely we must be in sight" when Take That came on singing Pray, my daughter believed me for years. So funny when she finally twigged,
    My 2 yr old Grandson recently told me it "Tickles toast when you put jam on it"


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