Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Sureslim diet week 10

Week 10!!!!!!!

How the hell did that happen so fast?

Ok, TEN weeks is a long time. so thought it might be time for some before and after shots of how I have done so far.

Excuse me while I die of shame.



Shall we go for the after pics?

and this one was taken this morning, excuse the lack of make-up I was excited to get out in the snow

I can see a big difference I have to admit. It is great to see a noticable difference in my clothing.

For example, I am going out friday night with some friends that I only see at xmas.

Last year I wore a size 20 dress and hid at the back of the room feeling self conscious.

This year I have a size 14 dress that I have had in my wardrobe for at least 5 years which I now finally fit into (Expect lots of pics to be posted next week) I have ACHED to wear this dress and now it is a possibility!!!!! In fact give it another month and it may be too big!!!!!

Oops, I nearly forgot, It's weigh in day and I lost another 2lb this week, making a grand total of 2 stone 6 lb.

1 more pound for 2 and a half stone!!!!!!!!!!

I feel great about it and for once I am going to celebrate the party season with style !!!!!!!!!!!!

I am out this Friday but that doesn't mean my diet goes out of the window. I will still be watching what I eat and drink as I don't want my hard work to go to waste but at the same time, to maintain my weight and keep up my healthy eating plan I have to be able to go out occasionally and have to learn to work it into my healthy plan for the long term.

So this is going to be a great week x x

Enjoy the pics (eeeeeeeek)

Big Fashionista  x x


  1. WELL DONE! I'm so so so proud of you!
    I need to jump on this, it must be an amazing feeling!

    You rock girl, and you look bloody beautiful!!


  2. You are a legend. I need to sort myself out. Every day I wake up thinking "maybe the extra weight will have dissolved in the night...?" and inevitably it hasn't.

    Am so glad this is working for you - you look amazing. Cant wait to see the dress!

  3. thats super! you have done amazing..and looks fab x

  4. You look absolutely STUNNING! Well done! I have lurked for some time but not commented before, but felt I had to on this because you are an absolute inspiration. I'm currently an 18 pretending to be a 16 (I know I know, clothes that fit look better but I'm not bloody buying any as that means acceptance) and reading your story has really made me think - especially when you talked about the self sabotage and 'fear' of being happy. I have looked into Sureslim and in the New Year I'm going to do it. Sadly will have to do it online only as live in the arse end of nowhere and my nearest centre is 2 hours away, but I am going to do it and whenever I feel like cheating/sabotaging I am going to come back to this blog and use you as my inspiration. Congratulations, here's to you!

  5. Well done. I need to know where you got that black and white jumper dress! I want! xx

  6. Aw, you're gorgeous in both sets of pics - I'm so pleased it's working well for you though and you're happy with your weightloss, how long has it taken to lose all that weight?

    Are you going to have to chance the name of your blog to Slim Fashionista?!

  7. Holy Cow! You look like a different person entirely! Amazing , you look like one hot ladee!!
    Wow, well done :claps:

  8. Wow - you look amazing! Well done - it takes so much self control (more than I have) to grasp control of your eating habits and get to where you want to be, and you've obviously grasped on tightly! Can't wait to see the pictures of this dress!! x

  9. WOW! Well done, you look fabulous!

  10. Wow! Well done, you look amazing, gorgeous!

  11. You look amazing lovely! Well done so far - it's great to get into that dress you've had hidden away isn't it? I've got one I'm planning to wear - I'm at least a stone lighter than the last time I wore it and I felt soo fat in gold sequins. This Christmas I'm going to feel really svelt! XXX

  12. Congratulations! I'm sure you will rock the hell out of that dress :D and I have already waxed lyrical about your jumper outfit. You look so gorgeous!xx

  13. OMG you look amazing! You look a totally different shape. Look at your waist! And your face is different. Wowza. Well done you! xx

  14. Well done, you are a star! *gets up for a standing ovation*.
    You looked beautiful before and even more fabulous now.
    You have the will power that I wish I had.
    Enjoy the party season.... you deserve it!

  15. I already said this to you on Twitter but I want to say it here for prosperity, too: YOU LOOK GORGEOUS. Congratulations, lady! x


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