Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Sureslim Diet Week 9

This week is all about resting on your laurels.

Let s get this bit over with and then I can fill you in on the true moral of the story.

Weight wise, I stayed the same........

No weight loss this week.

But no gain either so I am a Happy Fashionista.

I can see exactly what happened this week, I tried on my "target jeans" and they fitted!!!!!

Now some people may say YAY, but I'm not at my target yet so it just seemed too soon. But part of me must have just thought............ Dooooooo it, Reward yourself....... (Those evil voices in my head that keep telling me to do things I really don't want to do are going to get me in SO much trouble soon)

I can't say that I was BAD. But I certainly wasn't the best that I could be. I know that. (wine may have been drank)

It was though I felt I didn't have to try as hard when I fitted into the jeans I had been dreaming about fitting into for so long. I thought it would take another stone to fit in them so fitting in them now just seemed too soon and I went a little crazy (chocolate may have been consumed)

So what am I going to do about it? (Ok, ok Starbucks Toffee Nut Lattes MAY have been drunk too, god you lot know how to weasel it out of me don't you)

I have today bought a smaller pair of jeans (New "target" jeans and I have also set a weight target to lose, just another 1 stone 3lb will probably do me)

A week on Friday I have the beginning of a huge amount of xmas parties to attend throughout December, So I am going to make double-y sure I have a very good week this week.

(Yes, I had an Indian!!!!!!!! How did you KNOW!!!)

So nose back to the grindstone and I hope when you join me next week I can tell you about a superb weightloss.

It is a long journey and it isn't just about changing my body, I am finding the hardest obstacle to overcome is actually my OWN mind!!!!!!!

Till next week.

Big Fashionista x  x


  1. damn those evil foods enticing left right and centre! im on the hunt for a sexy dress which hides all my bumps whilst eating choccy fingers.....xxx

  2. Keep going lady. Very proud of you and your fabulous (and ongoing!) achievement x

  3. I stayed the same too for very similar reasons. My failings were thai, KFC and um roast pork but I'm the only family member who likes crackling...

    keep trucking! I'm back on it with a vengeance!

  4. You have done so well! I'm afraid my experience of Sure Slims not so good, I spent £500 for a rushed 10 minute consultation each week plus a plan which I found super hard to stick to. Good on you for making it! I recently lost 16lb of weight through stress though and that cost me £0!! Love your story and your honesty and you clearly are determined...I think I may have had a packet of space raiders earlier..oopsy xx

  5. Keep going we are all behind you x


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