Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Sureslim UK Week 7 Weigh in

So i'm hoping that before you all read this you caught up with yesterdays post about self-sabotage.

I really think that this 2 stone marker has put a spanner in the works somehow. I don't know why, I just think i need to move past this milestone and think about it a different way.

So lets go straight to this weeks results.

I LOST 1 pound.

I have to admit part of me expected it. Although i wasn't BAD. I know that i wasn't following the diet very well last week at all.

And my water intake for the whole week consisted of the ice that I put in my wine!!!!

Bad Fashionista.

I really think that not drinking the fluids this week made a HUGE difference. I felt hungrier this week than ever before. Which coupled with the milestone that was facing me made it easier for me to make excuses.


That week is OVER, gone, finito and all that.

This is a new week. with a new outlook on life. So I didnt reach the milestone I was hoping for. But this isn't a sprint, its a marathon. No-one told me it was going to be easy and surely, if I give up at the first sign of trouble then that just makes me a quitter.


Come back next week and I will be posting a better weight loss than this week.

Lessons learnt this week.

Drink the water.

Changing the outside will not have an impact on the person I am inside.

Man up a bit and lets do this.

Big Fashionista x x x


  1. Well done you! It's fantastic that you still lost 1lb this week. With your new positive outlook for the new week ahead I'm sure you'll leap over your 2 stone milestone.

    Beckiem3 x

  2. Some weeks you walk, some you run, remember you still achieved something this week.
    Loving the new positive outlook x

  3. Congrats hun! A loss is a loss! The slower you lose the weight the easier it will be to maintain it. I totally agree with you about fluid intake. Drinking lots of water is great for keeping you non-bloated and sometimes your body mistakes thirst for hunger.

    Have you tried drinking green tea? I found that it really helped my weightloss. It's disgusting at first but you can grow to love it! It might be all in the mind but I love the feeling of it "flushing" the bad stuff out of your system.

    Good luck for next week! xxxx

  4. Well done on the loss. Chin up and stay positive.

    Rachelle Xxx

  5. Absolutely- it's a loss and you'll move on. I need to do this at the minute. Things were going so well and then I let things slip with being busy moving house and job and I'm already getting out of my good habits. Good luck with a better week this week, with lots more water.

  6. A loss is a loss, so well done. Keep up the great work and remember to be kind to yourself. You've achieved so much, so yey for you!

  7. Wait... You put ice in your wine? Lol anyway 1 pound is still a loss and you should be proud of it! As you say here is another week. Best of luck for the next weigh in! x


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