Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Sureslim UK week 8 results

So after last weeks disappointing result of just 1lb off I decided to attack this week with renewed enthusiasm and make sure I drink lots of water, eat healthily and generally just be as good as I can be.

What really helped me this week was a few e-mails that I got from people who said that my weight loss had inspired them to get back onto their diet or finally do something about their weight. I was so humbled to hear people say things like that. For me it was a conscious decision to share my weight loss journey with everyone, I wanted to share the good times and hoped that by writing about it, it would stop me having bad times. which believe me it has. If I ever think about cracking and having a sneaky pizza or something hideously bad for me the thought of posting a weight gain is enough to make me stop dead in my tracks.

I know i am waffling a bit but I just wanted to say to all those people that said I have inspired them,

Thank you, but really YOU are MY inspiration as without you guys and your support this would be a very lonely journey.

x x x

So my weight LOSS this week I was not expecting (Especially, considering that it is "that" time of the month again) but I lost......................

Drum Roll..........................

FIVE POUNDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

meaning I have overcome my 2 stone barrier that was scaring me so much and basically booted my way towards the 2 and a HALF stone quicker than I could ever imagine!!!!!

my overall loss now is 32lb in just 8 weeks!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes once again I did the happy dance in Boots the Chemist (I swear the security guard now hides when he sees me enter)

So a great result, helped by you guys out there who have really gone out of your way to support me.

Once again.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart x x x

Big Fashionista x x


  1. Well done Babe!

    Keep it going.

    C xx

  2. Wow ! Fantastic ! Keep going girl !

  3. Hmm not sure if my last comment sent but even if it does, I don't mind saying it again- well done you! xx

  4. Fantastic honey! Well done! You have inspired me also!

  5. On the way home from a Christmas party once my friend and I decided that it would be funny to take all the old used spare tyres out of a shed in the local ATS garage and line them up outside the garage doors in a baracade so that they had to remove them all before they could open up in the morning (we were only around 20 at the time and we knew one of the men than worked there so it made it that much funnier when we were imagining the scenario).

    Anyhoo, it turns out that those larger tyres are a lot heavier than they look and as we were wheeling one of them we lost control and it fell towards me resulting in my tripping over the kerb and almost breaking my ankle. We were laughing so much that we almost wet ourselves!

    Also, the Christmas before last my colleague and I thought that it would be funny to put the salt and pepper shakers from a pub table in the coat pocket of one of our colleagues.

    Of course, the following Monday we had completely forgotten that we'd done it but someone had witnessed the act. Apparently our colleague had put his glasses in his coat pocket and as we were the last people to be seen tampering with his coat we got the blame for his expensive glasses going missing. We then had to ring around all the pubs that we'd been in prior to that to find his glasses (we found them in one of said previous pubs, he'd left them on a table!) so that we could prove our innocence. In hind sight the simplest practical joke isn't always a great idea! :D

    Beckiem3 x

  6. That's amazing - congratulations! I'm dieting at the moment and only weigh myself at Boots, too. The one in my nearest Boots is broken though! Not happy.


  7. omg! amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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