Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Weird Crushes


We all have them. (It's true, we do)

I did a poll on Facebook earlier (It is the ULTIMATE research tool) and asked everyone who their
"You know you shouldn't but you SO would " crush was on.

The answers were to say the least, interesting!!! (and if I may say so, slightly disturbing)

Ranging from Margaret Thatcher (WTF-wierdo) to Larry Lamb (I agree with you ladies, as long as he brings George along for some fun too) with everyone from Rick Parfitt, James Frain and Dick Van Dyke (That one MAY be mine!!! WHAT!!! It's the snow white hair) in between, I get the feeling that there are a lot of embarrassing crushes out there that need to be addressed (Or undressed, whatever lights your fire)

So what I want from you TROUBLED lot is you to let me know how bad you have it.

I want, My name is...............

and my celeb crush who I shouldn't but SO would is............


Basically this is to make me feel better about my Dick Van Dyke love-You know that right?

And GO........................

Big Fashionista x x x x


  1. My name is Sophie and my celeb crush who I shouldn't but SO would is Simon Cowell.

    I know that you think it's a bit wrong, but I am sure that millions of women out there agree with me.

    He is handsome, sexy, nasty and has nice teeth.. Oh, and honest <3

    That is all.

  2. My name is Aysha and my celeb crush is........

    Alan Rickman!!!!

    Goooooood wrong on sooo many levels, main one being he's old enough to be my dad or even grandad! but.........aww its that voice!! so deep and intelligent & "drooooool" lol!

    this should deffo make you feel better hun..... :|

    Aysh xoxo

  3. My name is Lindsay and my celeb crush who I shouldn't but SO would is James Spader in his Boston Legal years. Now before you say 'but James Spader is a bona fide hottie' hear me out! I know he was in his younger days, but I never noticed him then. But in Boston Legal, middle aged & with a little middle aged spread...he just really does it for me!!

    I guess it's partly the character he plays - he's so intelligent, erudite and, well dirty!! - but it's mostly James and his wicked twinkle (that promises so much!).

    I also have a bit of a crush Jack Black!

  4. My name is Mandi and my celeb crush who I shouldn't but SO would is Jeff Goldblum.

    There's soemthing about the chocolate brown eyes, the lop-sided quizzical smile, the height, the slightly stammering speech delivery, and the sense that 'this guy is seriously clever - and funny too' just makes me go weak at the knees.

    Though thinking about it, I have to agree with Aysha in that I would definitely not climb over Alan Rickman to get to... say... Matt Damon (nice guy, I'm sure, but he just doesn't DO it for me). It's something about that voice, for sure.

  5. My name is Kimberley and my celeb crush who I shouldnt by SOOO would is..... James Corden!

    I dont know what it is about him, but I find him really attractive!!!! ha ha.

  6. Ok here goes...

    *Sting - yes I know he's a douche but I love him. And even in Quadrophenia.

    *Alan Rickman - that voice!!!! smooth and sexy. He ain't a looker but I would

    *Trevor Eve - He just seems so charming! (apart from when he's being a perv in that programme he was in not so long ago)

    *Lee Evans - Makes me laugh, but sweats a lot. I'm confused by this one.

    And most recently Benedict Cumberbatch (not sure if more because of his name!!)
    And there are a whole heap more.

  7. My name is Hazel and my celeb crush who I shouldn't but SO would is Jimmy Nail from his Spender era... I don't understand it either.

  8. Ha, so funny that James Frain is in there... he's a bit of a shouldn't but would for me too, but I can't put my finger on why? (That's not really true, I like pasty men who look like they need a good dinner)

    Ok, now for the confession,
    My name is Penny and my celeb crush who I shouldn't but so would is Mark Strong. I don't even have much shame about this one....

    Crafty Nell

  9. My name is Becky

    My celeb crush who I shouldn't but SO would is Sylvester Stallone.

    In my defence it started during the "Cliffhanger" era but despite his looks ranging on borderline just plain weird these days I still definitely would! (Oh and same goes for Steven Seagal!) To put it a bit more into perspective I am only 29 :D

  10. My name is Laura and my celeb crush who I shouldn't bus SO would is well it's a three way toss up with

    Simon Cowell
    James Corden
    Russel Brand

    All so wrong but they just have something!


  11. My name is Hayley and my celeb crush who I shouldn't but SO would is

    Jimmy Carr.

    OMG. I find him physically attractive, especially in those suits - mmm.
    The sense of humour, just everything.
    tastyyyyyy. x

  12. woohoo! what a relief! I'm not the only one who feels this way for Mr Rickman!! Now I don't feel so wierd! lol! Though it looks like I'll have to fight for him...;) Its not just his voice...I actually think he DOES look hot in Dogma & Robin Hood ;) that black hair...ooooooo ;) I'l stop now....

    Aysh xoxo

  13. My name is Jo and my random celeb crush ( in the past, not now...)
    Richard O'Brian!

    he is old, he is gay, he is weird.

    I feel cleansed for sharing...;)

  14. I've just found out my weird crush has just undergone a gender reassignment operation, when I was googling for the correct spelling of his name for this comment. I think I win ;)

    It is Areyh Nusbacher who is a military historian who appeared on the programme Time Commanders. I liked him because he knew a lot about war and military strategy, and I found that sort of alluring. Not sure what that says about me...

  15. I am very late for commenting, but here goes:

    My name is deirdra and my celeb crush is current James Spader. I fell for him as Alan Shore on Boston Legal and then saw him on Broadway. Even in person he gives off a sexy slightly creepy vibe and seems to be very intelligent. These were some of the reasons I loved him as Alan Shore and then found out they are part of the real man. Add to that he was very nice to the fans after the show and I am now hooked for life. Of course young James Spader was definitely a hottie in the 80's and 90's, but it is today's version I fell for.


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