Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Worlds Sexiest Man?

No, not a horribly twisted version of Nom or Vom but a very serious question that I need to ask my readers.

How the hell does this man get laid?

For free???????

Not only that but by some very beautiful women at that. Sian Lloyd, A Cheeky Girl (No I don't know which one, and frankly I don't care either) and an underwear model!!!!

Now, I'm sure not ALL of these women can be that mentally damaged that they will go out with any man that shows them attention (I'm looking at you Cheeky Girl) and possibly I would forgive them if they slept with him once and then did a long walk of shame back to their own homes before showering in bleach but NO, they all had a RELATIONSHIP with him!!!!!!

The cynical part of me (Its a very large part) is instantly reminded of the fabulous Mrs Merton asking Debbie McGee what first attracted her to the multi-millionaire Paul Daniels (ZINGER)

But I don't think he even has any money? He is an ex MP who on Come Dine With Me seemed quite lost without his parlimentary backing. And in the jungle on I'm A Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here he has seemed to become a figure of fun and is disliked (even Nigel Havers has now said that had he stayed he would've stabbed him-Steady Nige)

So I have to wonder about his lovemaking abilities (What!!!! It's a natural progression) Either the man has some serious skills or he can breathe through his ears.

One gorgeous girlfriend = LUCKY

Two gorgeous girlfriends = SUSPICIOUS

Three gorgeous girlfriends = One can only wonder exactly what Lembit has that makes him SO damn irresistable to women

Arrrghhhhhh, perhaps it is the power of hypnosis and he is targeting me as his next victim through the tv?

Already I am wondering about the size of his man tool!!!!!!

I am off to go wash (in bleach)

I don't want to sleep with a celebrity............... GET ME OUT OF HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Big Fashionista x x


  1. He freaks me out. Whats wrong with his mouth? Imagine that drooling on top of you! *barfs*

  2. We had this very same discussion last night.. but I still find myself almost feeling sorry for him - WHY?!?!?

  3. As someone who is promoting curvy you not think it is a little hypocritical to judge him by how he looks?

    Everyone knows that attraction is based on chemistry and a relationship is built on how you interact with someone...I am sure if what you have just written was written by a man about a lady, you would be quick to judge the writer for being sexist or wrong. Imagine if it were a post about a fat lady...

    At the end of the day he can't change his face...

  4. Oh the power of 'celebrity'...

    or perhaps he has a secret 'pheremone' spray that makes him irresistable to women...

  5. It must be a "power" thing, or maybe he IS a firecracker in the sack (GET OUT OF MY BRAIN).

    From what I read in the paper over the weekend, it appears he dislocated his jaw in a paragliding accident or something and it's never set properly?

  6. Alicethink

    If you could just point out where I judge him on his looks?

    I'm actually judging the WHOLE package and trying to work out what he has that makes beautiful women flock to him.

    I think YOU were the one that specifically mentions his face.

    Re promoting Curvy Women?

    I promote ALL women as we are ALL worthy of promotion, Big, Small, Curvy, Thin. I don't discriminate when passing out the BF love.

    And re if it was about a woman?

    You may not want to stick around for the Ann Widdecombe post :-D LOL

  7. He looks a bit odd granted- but I guess he has money (Maybe??) and maybe buy his way to beautiful women? I mean- HOW else did he get to be with a 20 yr old super slim/beautiful cheeky girl?? Hmm..
    I agree = suspicious!

    @ Jo you comment made me laugh so much...

  8. You are saying beautiful women flock to him and you have a picture of him with the question 'How does this man get laid?' If that isn't a judgement of how he looks, then I don't know what is...

    and do you know him in person? he may be a very lovely man...

    I am not sayin I disagree with you...I am just questioning if the shoe were on the other foot...

  9. Of course I have a picture of him!!!!

    An article on him with a picture of someone else wouldn't quite work now would it?

  10. Missing the point.

  11. lol I love your posts! I was having a similar convo status? Perhaps he is really a nice guy...or maybe he has a lunchbox Linford would be proud of???? :oO

  12. Katie Green, the attractive lingerie model ex, says that he laughs women into bed.. Ha, yeh.. I can see that! :/

  13. Don't think he has money - he was only an MP....he's very irritating.

    He does seem very concerned about other people's feelings, no perhaps he has Emotional Intelligence? Kind, attentive, yes, I can see women going for that.

    Alicethink - are you in the UK? Most people in the UK have a similar opinion to Kellie's on Lembit
    I have no idea what the attraction for the glamorous young things is apart from that - hypnotism?

  14. Irritating or just a little eccentric? I don't think he has ever done anything that bad...

    Yes I do live in the UK...

  15. I'm going to gloss over the obvious shallowness of both you and your readers; and I'm not even going to go on about the unbelievable arrogance involved in the comments "How the HELL does this man get laid?" and "I would FORGIVE them if they slept with him once", but I definitely fail to understand the importance of the relative good looks of him and his girlfriends...if he makes them happy then good on them!

    And yes I am too from the UK

  16. Not my cup of tea personally, but he's certainly not the ugliest person ever, I've seen worse haha. I don't watch I'm a Celebrity... so I don't know how he comes across but obviously he floats some women's boats and good on him!

  17. Never trust a man with beady eyes- thats all what I'm saying xxx

  18. I think the lembit magic has worked on alicethink !!

  19. He seems an OK guy to me, wondering if he's a gentleman, not so manic in private, and he doesn't seem to mind people taking the Micky, but then when he's bedded such an array of lovely women he's every right to be confident. Fair play to the guy, (avid reader and not shallow) And your not saying anything that hasn't already been said or questioned in the National Press

  20. How ironic - a superficial comment about lack of depth......Anonymously!

    Fair enough, Alicethink, no he hasn't done anything bad, and he seems kind. I still find him irritating when he is on my TV! ;-)

  21. my husband wants to know his tricks !

  22. I just wonder if he has a really nice personality behind the scenes - that you can warm to... After all Sian was beautiful - definitely didn't need publicity and was with him for quite a few years if I remember correctly.

    Or maybe... he changed when he met the cheeky girl..isn't that really when he started courting publicity - wasn't he just a normal serious MP before that ?

  23. Maybe my crush just made me angry...!

  24. First would point out that I love ready these posts and I'm not shallow! Use censorship, if you don't like what you're reading them read another blog! I have no idea what Lembit's secret to success with women is, can't really get me head round it. The sad thing is that his success with women has overshadowed his career as an MP, what exactly did he achieve in work?

  25. Oh NO, anon, he has you in his grasp doesn't he!!!

    It's ok, you can admit that you love him. Don't be afraid..... Embrace your love for all things Lembit.

    And by the way, feel free to call me shallow, it's not a problem, as I am also arrogant I also don't really give a flying.........

    But the people who read my blog are anything but.

    Caring, decent, giving people and you having the audacity to call them shallow truly offends me.

    So don't let the door hit you on the way out, ok, thanks, bye.

  26. Ah AliceThink, it's ok..... You are in good company, Sian Lloyd, an underwear model and a CHEEKY GIRL.

    We can't help who we crush on

    thanks for taking it all in the tongue in cheek way it was intended x x

  27. I do have a sense of humour...just like to see a little debate, after all isn't this why you wrote it?

  28. Exactly Hun. At least you didn't resort to name calling like Anon above. I am a nice friendly person but no need to call my readers shallow.


    What do YOU think makes Lembit irresistable to women?


  29. I'll let you know after our date...

  30. but quirkiness and glasses will normally do it for me...!

  31. @Alicethink I have to say I don't understand why you are being so antagonistic. BF didn't even mention his face. She is simply asking how this guy gets attractive women? Right there is your debate. No need to twist the words to create an argument. To be honest it's very troll like (forum troll - I wouldn't want you to think I am judging you by your appearance) to feel the need to act this way towards someone you don't know.

    Anyway he may be a really nice guy thats true. But the reason this blog is so topical is because he happens to appear on our TV every night of the week so we get to see (to a certain extend) his personality, his sense of humour as well as his physical appearance and mannerisms. Some people get turned off by toothpaste handling so it's each to there own. You like him, find him attractive etc. That's great. Good for you. Truly. But if we took a poll on this I bet you a fiver your in the minority group.

    Totally agree BF apart from the mention of an attractive cheeky girl. I've seen both and I'm still trying to figure out when the third attractive ones gonna show…

    My guess to the actual question at hand is that he must have a really big tongue.

  32. maybe he wears Lynx, haha...! Seriously though, i really would like to what these women love about him!x

  33. I'm dying laughing!! hahahahaha! His face, im speechless! lol1

  34. I do not live in the UK, have never seen this guy or any of the ladies he has been with but I agree I have seen worse than him. He reminds me of a guy that could be everything a girl is looking for but gets brushed off because of his looks may not match what you have envisioned for yourself. Or he might say something he shouldn't because he is nervous. Maybe his girlfriends love that he is honest and treats them right after a day of being around people who just want to make money off their looks.
    Whatever he has is working for him.

  35. @StevieSteve The reason the post inflamed me was because it wasn't simply asking how this man gets attractive women and it wasn't a critique on his character. It was a post all about physicality, with emotive language that was bound to provoke a reaction. BF didn't just asked how is this guy attractive, she showed in no uncertain terms how unattractive he is to her...I'd also like to question what is so great about a cheeky girl? Surely the cheeky girls were figures of ridicule at one point too; maybe this is their common ground?

    As I said in my previous post, attraction is a very personal thing...Lembit may not be your typical heart throb, but he may be great in a relationship, after all, how many of us could actually date Brad Pitt/Colin Farrell/insert celeb crush here?

    I also realise this post was tongue in cheek...I just like to have a little debate. Like attraction, where is the fun is we all agree with each other? The world would be a very dull place.

  36. I think he's hot.

    I like his wonky smile, posh demeanour and general weirdness.

    Now, I am not sure I have a full justification. But I know we'd be great together. I am roughly the same age as a cheeky girl, and I weigh as much as half a dozen of them, so he'd be in his element.

  37. Oooh, and RE: the jaw... he had a near fatal paragliding accident a few years back which broke it :(


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