Monday, 27 December 2010

Are we done yet?

So hang on, is that IT??????????

almost 6 months of preparation, saving, blood sweat and sometimes tears and now that is it for another year?

I've decided we should at least get a certificate!!!!


From family fueds to children not getting what they wanted.

NEVER ask your children if they got all that they wanted for christmas, you will not be happy with the answer. TRUST ME.

and the food.......... oh my lord the food. I swear I have a fat girl inside me that has just been waiting for an excuse to eat christmas pudding (I don't even LIKE christmas pudding) at one stage I thought I would pass out if I ate one more thing....... I didn't. I tested the theory thoroughly.

It is like we have a ready-made excuse for everything in just one handy sentence.

But it's christmas

Drinking wine at 10am? It's ok, it's christmas

Eating quiche at 8.45am? It's ok, it's christmas (That was me on christmas day I must admit)

And then, just like that......... it's over for another year. leaving us in debt, weighing significantly more than we did and ready to go sales shopping.

So Happy Birthday Jesus, hope you got lots of pressies. I promise next year I will try to remember the spirit of christmas a little bit more.

It's 12.O'clock lunchtime........ anyone care to join me in a bottle of wine?

It is christmas

Big Fashionista x x


  1. My thoughts exactly... what an anti-climax! mind you,tis the same every year! :) we all love it really...
    great excuse for counting shortbread and chocolate fingers as a MEAL... good old Christmas! xx

  2. Why is it that after 11 months and 28 days of drumming the healthy eating mantra into my little man do I not feel bad about letting him eat jelly babies and christmas cake for breakfast? Because that means I can do it too :) xx


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